New sym today? next week?


Well that is fine and dandy. I am merely stating that the beam is working correctly/comparably.

I would like Sym’s beam to be extended though to be 16m like Zarya.

Syms beam ramps down in power lvls too, just not a smooth linear ramp like Zarya.


Regardless they need to fix the orbs. Since far as im.concerned that is her primary fire now


I agree. They should make sure she is completely fixed (known issues obviously) before releasing her to live. I assumed it wouldn’t be till next week at the earliest anyways.



Next week at the earliest.

More likely the week after. She has a lot of bugs.


I was really hoping that we at least got the new community features this week.

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We’re still working out some issues from the PTR. We have bug fixes coming for LFG, Endorsements and Symmetra. So we’re not ready for that patch to go live yet. We appreciate the enthusiasm and we’re as excited as you all are for it to go live.

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Have you considered changing the amount of turrets she has to 4 or is she still going through with three?


Yeah, like the devs said she has a lot of bugs and I’m not sure which ones they’ve fixed or haven’t fixed yet. For example, her turrets did the same damage as her old ones, when they’re suppose to do more. You do more damage to someone if you spam primary fire instead of holding it. Then there are a couple of other more minor things.

I’ve been watching some PTR footage, because I’m really looking forward to the new Sym.


Thx m8. Safe to assume this will all be ready by next comp season at the latest? Season 11 that is.


while i have you here, is there a possibly for electrifying her ultimate shield? It looks electrified and i think that would enable a bit of counterplay so they cant just walk thru it no harm


Personally I’m thinking it’ll be out next week or the week after at the latest. I think it’s safe to say we’re going to see Sym 3.0 in S11.





Thank you for taking the time to work through the bugs! I’m excited for the changes, but I definitely want the famous Blizzard polish on them. I’m willing to be patient for that.


Is Hero 28 going to be teased soon? Or is the new Sym taking up all resources?



For the OWL finals or not. :grin:


Probably next month.


Jeff, I know you’re happy about the changes but can you tell us why you decided to give up on Symmetra being in the support category?

A long time ago it was stated that not all supports need to be able to heal too support the team. Was there no alternative too buffing her shields to act different from “Normal” shields?


But we should see a tease or something very soon, within 3 weeks so that Hero 28 can hit the PTR early July and have 3 weeks on the PTR before a July 20-31 release. Brigitte was revealed late February and hit the game live in late March.


Don’t forget poor Doomfist; his ult sometimes doesn’t do any damage. There seems to be an issue with AOE attacks in general, Junkrat’s tire doesn’t do full damage, Symmetra’s right click doesn’t do full damage sometimes, etc.


Lately we have been getting the teases the week before they release it to PTR (at least with Moira and Brigitte).