New ptr 1.46 LIVE, mei wall nerfed

DVA booster ist now on 4sec Cooldown

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Come on man, let’s be objective.

Mei has been harassing both Tanks, DPS, & Supports alike.

Nobody likes hard CC the likes of Mei going around and with how much presence she has in OWL something was going to be done.


So you’re telling me, the meta has not changed?


If hard cc is the issue, then they should have gotten rid of multi freeze.

Wall has been in the game since the beginning, but issues only started to arise when multi freeze came. Yet, people cling onto the idea that wall is the issue :confused:


As a Mei main, I’m ok with this. But I have a bad feeling people will still want additional nerfs similarly to when Mei had her primary nerfed, people wanted more. I think the collision change is a good one for tanks.

~ Respectfully, a friendly Mei main :snowman:


This is what really happened


This nerf is not what I wanted, theyre still going to be OP as hell, and mei in general will still roam freely getting EZ traps and headshots.

Mei’s wall is so useful, especially with barriers in the state they’re in right now. A little nerf isn’t going to change that; it’s just going to make her less oppressive.


I’m pretty sure nothing changed when multi-freeze arrived. Mei was competing for a tank slot goign back to the GOATS era, with and without multi-freeze. She was mostly overshadowed by at the time, until the Halt-Hook meta shift made Mei the better option.

Fast-forward to role lock, and Mei doesn’t occupy a potential tank slot anymore. Having perhaps the most literal interpretation of “creating space” as an ability, without taking up a slot in the role that’s normally responsible for that, makes her a pretty obvious pick in 2-2-2.

The last time Mei was relatively weak was when the norm was to play an entire composition that monkey-piled on Zenyatta and didn’t care about walls or barriers, but there are an abundance of answers to that playstyle now.


Can someone please link me the patch notes?

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Oh man still no 250 shield for Brig? they really hate her


Yeah. The blatantly overpowered hero with an overpowered ability got nerfed… and its only because of whiners.

People who make comments like this are insufferable to me


Mei doesn’t need direct changes. What needs to happen is cc in general needs more answers. Blizzard needs a response for when its active somewhere in the game other than one Zarya bubble. Bring in some cleanse sort of abilties and Blizzard can be still useful but actually answerable. Just don’t get to happy and put it on a million people.

Stick around. I’m full of em.

Wall was fine. Its been fine. The issue is multi freeze, and people will begin to complain about it when they realize this PTR isnt the unicorn they’re hoping for.


Yea I guess the pros just don’t know how to deal with it since it’s so fine

Cmon man. Use even a little logic

Just because something has been fine in the past does not mean it will always be fine. The game is different now than it was last year

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We got wider pillars and a longer cooldown. Pretty sure a lot of people have been asking for this specific nerf for years. Tanks trapped on the other side have a better chance of survival now. I’d say it was needed.


Ok, i’ll explain a bit of logic then

First off, pros =/= being a pro game designer. They simply want nerfs to what seems powerful rather than evaluating what caused an ability or hero to rise in power.

Meis wall is powerful, yes, but it has been roughly the same since the day it came out. But, when she got more damage on her M1 along with multifreeze, it suddenly made her kit stacked, which made her a CC monster.

Nerfing wall wont stop her current CC. She can simply punish any dive or push just by pressing M1 since it 1. Can’t be reflected, 2. Can’t be avoided unless using a shield.

They should have looked back when the pickrates spiked and toned down her M1 since her damage got increased with the global beam changes that affected Zarya/Sym (Yes, even though its a cone, Meis damage DID increase with this, along with the flat buff earlier in the year.)

And considering Mei wall both affects her team and the other, its a double edged sword, but it more so favors her right now due to circumstances.

The one thing that countered Mei pretty well in the past was Dive, mostly because almost every hero in dive invalidated a wall by simply climbing over it. But, with multi freeze, the power creep with Reaper/Hanzo/Brig, and D.VA being a complete wreck (In terms of a dive tank since her defense is still garbage), Mei dominates the one meta that was once effective against her.

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A good change, but probably not the last change incoming for her.

It wasn’t really about the “whiners”, but her obscene pick rate in OWL.

I don’t know that I’d call it whining, as she really does make tank absolutely infuriating to play at times.

She’s kind of like old Brigitte, but not on the same severe scale(well, I think…I dunno. Maybe).

Her kit affords her so much value by simply just being on the battlefield(Multi CC in Primary and Ult, objective stalling, trapping tanks for a quick win, sniping).

She also takes considerable focus from a team to eliminate, which is a key indicator that something may be amiss.

It isn’t much wonder why her pick rate was astronomical at higher tier play.

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OWL has spoken, praise be to our overlords above us.

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