NEW ON PTR: Sym, McCree and Junk buffed. Reaper, Zarya, lucio and zen nerfed

Just in from Geoff:


Is this real?

Very much so


I’m actually okay with those Lucio changes. Thank goodness

So does it mean Junkrat does 140 total damage, nearly one-shotting a Tracer, might be a good change but was looking more into changing the mine falloff damage to be more consistent

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man, this is still not what she needed, neither was it the first time
it’s still a welcomed buff, but it’s just unnecessary in comparison
getting there isn’t the problem, it’s staying there at that range without dying, holy BUTTS


The junkrat change will make him much better at breaking shields, goes from 600 damage per clip to 700. That means if a junkrat is being power boosted by a Mercy he can break an Orisa shield in a single clip (910) damage. This is actually a hefty indirect-nerf to Orisa.


They knew how to nerf Lucio’s speed without upsetting the Lucio mains.

Lucio himself is actually getting buffed as the individual, but his speed aura for his team is getting nerfed.

I can still be a fast frog boi that annoys enemy Widowmakers without making my team fast enabling GOATS.


Bro his wall ride speed is gonna be sick for rollout and stalling

Unfortunately this means I have to re-learn all my rollouts.


For the third time.


He will be much faster with the hp aura up, but what will the net change to his speed aura movement be?

Honestly I like all these changes, except reapers?? He didnt need a nerf at all, maybe they’re looking at changing shadow step?


im more upset about discords nerf because it means its not consistent with mercies damage amp anymore, and I feel like there should be at least SOME consistency

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I don’t think they’re actually upping his damage to 140, just altering splash/impact damage, same as they did for Pharah a while back. His total damage will probably still be 120.

The wording doesn’t suggest anything but a net buff, we’ll have to wait and see though.

Nearly 1 shotting tracer doesnt matter, if it doesnt kill her she just recalls.


There was not a mention on splash damage changes

While on Speed song he is gaining a bit of movement increase (10% or whatever the math ends up working out to be). He should be about the same speed during Amp it Up during speed song.

So Lucio will be faster out of Amp it Up, but about the same speed during Amp it Up when wall-riding.

I’m not able to do the exact math right now, but by channeling my inner QuickMaths.jpeg. I can determine it is a buff for Lucio the individual, but a nerf to Deathball/GOATS.

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Yeahhh because giving one person 30% dmg increase was the same as potentionally giving your whole team including the zen 30% increased dmg :woman_shrugging:

Its a welcome and needed nerf

I suspect they just forgot. I mean, by all means I may be wrong and feel free to say ‘I told you so’ if that turns out to be the case, but I doubt they’d give him 140 damage.