New map ideas ??

I really want more city based maps, like Kings Row. I like seeing how the art team imagines various cities would look like in the Overwatch universe. One that I’ve wanted for a while is a Paris map with the Eiffel Tower shown (not entirely sure what game mode this would be for though)

I’d also really like to see a map underwater like the original poster mentioned but more like how Rocket League did their Underwater Arena (a dome for where the playable area is with an underwater environment outside) I would post an image/link in order to show what it looks like but I cant do that just yet it seems… Just search for ‘Aquadome Rocket League’ in Google Images. :slight_smile:


Search for ‘Galapagos Overwatch’ :wink:


Searched… Thats so cool… I also wanted the same… Aquatic lives can be seen through the glass walls… Spawn location can be like that… Glass wall surrounded by water and fishes

I know we have a Hollywood map already, but I’d like to see an “Old Hollywood” map where everything is black & white and old timey looking like one of those detective themed noir films.

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great idea that seems cool

This with the zig zag mountain/payload is probably the best idea ive seen for long


Lots of cool ideas! We always talk about the Galapagos map, because the concept art was awesome and we really wanted to do an underwater map. Maybe someday. We have had a lot of cool forest ideas; however, lots of trees are expensive to draw. The original Eichenwalde started in a forest and moved up to a castle. Was just too much, but also could be possible at some point.


How is this so? What would make rendering something expensive?


How about maps that have multiple active objectives?


Expensive in terms of CPU/Memory I assume.


Expensive to the game/hardware, not in terms of development time/money. Decent-looking trees have a lot of moving parts and details, unlike human architecture that’s usually a big rectangle or triangle with some texture on it.


Venice Italy map where the payload is a gondola and you ride it down a canal


A map in Rio, with more lore about Sym and Lucio


I suppose that eliminates the likelihood of getting a forest/jungle map.


Maybe a map where all the foliage gets stripped by chemical warfare or radiation?


I think a cool map would be one that had more environmental obstacles/hazards other than falling. Think Sawmill or Freight from TF2. We have Oasis, but that’s about it, and the cars are very out of the way.


Canada map will have a lot of trees.

Will coincide with the release of Pharah’s father as a hero.

Right? :open_mouth:


I’d like to see a giant orbital space station payload map. Add sections where the map goes outside for extended periods of time with a nice view of Earth. If we dare to fall off let us catch on fire like in the Sonic Adventure 2 space stage.


In the context of CS/software engineering, being expensive means it will take significant computational resources. Basically, they have to be careful on making a map that will provide a lower FPS that is inconsistent from the rest of the maps. Having maps or areas in game that provide a drop in performance can be kinda frustrating. CSGO de_Nuke and Kakariko Village in Breath of the Wild come to mind.

Maybe implement DX12 or Vulkan to improve the performance so you can draw more?
Would a mode with multiple active Objectives be an idea? Design a mode around it and maybe a map if you feel like the game mode is nice.
Or even design a map where you move a payload to an objective, then you have to capture (a door) the objective in order to move the payload again.
I would love to see a map that is based around the Overwatch HQ.
With Brigitte IMO there should also be a Swedish map.
Another FFA only map would also be really nice.
Maybe a map designed for Total Mayhem.

Or make existing maps into other modes, like the payload area in Hanamura. So like Hanamura payload or Hanamura HoTH. Pretty sure peope would not mind seeing a Kings Row 2cp or KoTH. Ofc these maps should have a different name.

I know everything takes a long time to create. I hope you find time somewhere to go through these comments and consider a few ideas.