New map ideas ??

I would love to have an underwater control map, a military hybrid war map in israel or afghanistan where we will have to push a military tank, a mountain payload map with waterfalls where we will have to move the payload in a zigzag way, A 2 cp forest map in amazon or african jungle

EDIT :- If we get an underwater map it would be super to have an underwater city/base guard with artificial gills weilding dual water bearers and crystalline hidden blades who can block incoming attacks holding 2 swords crosswise…an underwater map with an interesting lore will be supercool

Full Assassin hero details =


Ok those are some really good ideas and I’d love to see them in game.


What about…like a a suburban map, kinda like nuke town from cod?


I want a map on a space needle with like tech all over it and you push the payload up and elevator


I’d like to see a different layout on new maps, possibly one which would make certain heroes (low picks) stronger picks than others and so on.

Have no examples unfortunately but that’s just a wish of mine.


Utopaea, Rio de Janeiro, Seattle, and the Swiss headquarters would all be nice.

The first two would be nice to expand Sym and Lucio’s roles in the overall story a bit, and the last so we can get some details on what happened between Morrison and Reyes.


We already have lucio ball on rio dont need another

We already had Anubis, so why make Necropolis? We had Eichenwalde, so why make Black Forest? Dorado and Castillo?

That’s not a good reason, especially if Rio actually matters to the story outside of Lucioball.


I would love to have Control point map on Kaiju Omnic. Imagine map that is basicly shadow od the colossus/god of war style where different parts of point and map itself are moving making dynamic changes to positioning.
I can only dream.


A forest or a beach. Raining/windy.


I want a Stadium control map based in Seoul Korea


An underwater map would be cool! It would be interesting if:

  1. There are sections of low water which push Heroes around the map in the direction of the current (main idea I would like to see in this sort of map)
  2. As the map progresses, areas slowly flood, and if they flood enough it becomes impassible, as such forcing both teams to adapt (only certain areas will flood, so even in the very late game there will be a few options) (could work, but may not be liked)

This could be implemented with an underwater city that is being flooded, and could be quite cool.


Water gameplay should be avoided… Players will fight in an water less area


I’m not saying that the Heroes will be swimming in water. I mean low streams/flooded, impassible, regions. That should be fine and mix up the strategies a bit. In addition, I doubt that it would break the game as much as low-grav like in Horizon.

I reckon a payload map going through the Las Vegas strip would be nice.
Also, a dark, moody night map in Paris/Venice (Like King’s Row but less ‘dystopian’)


I really want more city based maps, like Kings Row. I like seeing how the art team imagines various cities would look like in the Overwatch universe. One that I’ve wanted for a while is a Paris map with the Eiffel Tower shown (not entirely sure what game mode this would be for though)

I’d also really like to see a map underwater like the original poster mentioned but more like how Rocket League did their Underwater Arena (a dome for where the playable area is with an underwater environment outside) I would post an image/link in order to show what it looks like but I cant do that just yet it seems… Just search for ‘Aquadome Rocket League’ in Google Images. :slight_smile:


Search for ‘Galapagos Overwatch’ :wink:


Searched… Thats so cool… I also wanted the same… Aquatic lives can be seen through the glass walls… Spawn location can be like that… Glass wall surrounded by water and fishes

I know we have a Hollywood map already, but I’d like to see an “Old Hollywood” map where everything is black & white and old timey looking like one of those detective themed noir films.

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great idea that seems cool