New experimental patch notes (ashe, sigma and Ball Nerfs, Hanzo buff)

cause you keep expecting her to get a buff and its letting you down everytime because you keep thinking and hoping she will get a buff so you know whats going to happen and she doesnt get a buff nor a nerf.

I feel like even if there is a happy medium, they aren’t going to get there until they error on the side of making things too favorable to Tank players, and then adjust back.

Personally I don’t expect any extra firepower on Tanks like Zarya and Roadhog. It’s more about giving Tanks some self-reliance with that healthpack change. And otherwise adding in mobility/self-reliance changes.

And the other angle is making the game overall be Dive favored. Because Mobility is inherently fun, without dominating duels.

That’s what I’m referring to; giving them self-reliance in different ways outside of shield, and hypermobility. I feel like that could be a happy medium. Or at least something that can help both sides of the SR spectrum.

They should revert the buff from Hanzo and nerf him or prepare for a massive s***storm to happen in the forums.

Hammond is very mobile, making up for his lack of durability. Sigma is not, so he needs to be durable.

Also, double barrier ain’t even the problem right now!!!

BTW, here’s my current list of change ideas.

It probably will be in OWL season 4. And it will take about a week for that to tip things to DoubleBarrier in GM.
And even if it’s not, it’s the main reason that Plat and below has to suffer with “Rein or Lose”.

Because she is in desperate need of a change. She has been at the bottom of the ocean for months & nothing is being done about it.

Her shield is made out of a cardboard box & with her massive hit box she gets melted very quickly with little protection due to her shield cooldown & worst shield in the game which gets dwarfed by Winston.

Orisa in her current state is a massive risk to run with since i have stopped playing her but it doesn’t stop other players picking her just to get obliterated.

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Double barrier hasn’t been an issue since August. I think it’s safe to say that the strategy is no longer dominant.

And also, double barrier absolutely isn’t the reason Rein is the most popular in lower ranks. Do you even know what you’re talking about? I don’t think you do!

Rein Zarya has always been the dominant tank combo in lower ranks!

I’ll respond to you there so I don’t divert the topic here. c:

Tissue paper barriers is almost entirely the reason Sigma and Orisa don’t have as much pickrate in Plat and below as they could have.

And that is directly caused by the threat of DoubleBarrier.

That’s partly true, but also they are significantly harder to play well than Rein is, even when they were at their best.

They will never see equal pick rates to him

Why is hanzo even getting a buff?
Replacing one sniper with another isn’t really balancing anything.

Probably not, but comparable would be good enough.

Still no rein nerfs? Really?

Not gonna happen, and dumpstering them in a way that specifically makes them less fun to play won’t help either

You think making Sigma’s barrier unreliable is going to make more people play him in lower ranks? People already thought it was unreliable!

In a way that’s not really relevant to DPS players who are more concerned about setting up angles to shoot at stuff for as long as possible, but not necessarily focused on living forever if they get pocketed by their entire team.

You really don’t have an idea about what you’re talking about…

I’d say I have more of an idea what I’m talking about than most people on this forum, considering how frequently stuff I suggested ends up in the game.

But then making it less reliable and more punishing to relocate will do exactly the same thing. He’s going to need another shield because it’s uptime is going to drop drastically and his grasp won’t cover that space unless he gets full charge every use.
This change will just force sigma to be locked to double shield. They need to just replace his shield and make him an actual off tank and not an off/main hybrid.

The Sigma and Hammond Nerfs are just going to cement double shield again because every other tank combo gets shredded in seconds. Especially now Hanzo can kill a full HP winston completely alone.