New Experimental Patch for April 1st - Demo Video Now Available

Make this happen, Blizzard.


something is telling me this is a small sneak peek to some abilities from the skill tree from overwatch2


So meister thighs are 15% bigger :star_struck:

Bruh, these sound like meme changes but about 70% are actually good changes that should make it to live. Moira, Junk and Bastion ones especially. Why is it the silliest balance ideas that actually make sense?


Did anyone find what these are?

Please don’t tell me Sombra is the only hero without any changes Sadge

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Should be up until Monday. glhf!


The soldier changes are pretty good btw I hope they push it to live :man_shrugging:

This experimental patch is more balanced and fun than the live game. Please keep all of it.


she moves faster in stealth and can hack/emp/primary fire out of stealth much faster! honestly feels pretty great

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Please consider keeping Mei as a Tank.

Should make it a ton easier to balance Tanks, and Mei.

[✅] Mei should be a Tank


Honestly half of these I can see in game, while the other half I can never see in game :crazy_face:

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Bro why do you spam your posts and reply to every single developer. Chill.


Please keep some of these changes, Josh! A few are actually really good and what we’ve been asking for…


This is unironically the most fun i’ve had in the game for a while. I hope they do this again in the future cause this could easily count as an arcade mode imo


The Reaper changes are pretty lit.
They would fit the live environment pretty good.


Why even post on the forums, if you’re not trying to get the attention of the developers?


Are these all supposed to be jokes or 50% JKLOLSXD and 50% ye actual viable changes. Because yea, some of these are actually S+ tier balance changes that should stay.

Some of which would need mild tweaking to be decent. ie: Ana since she’s the ONLY Support who doesn’t get to directly benefit from her Ultimate in some way. So allowing her to get a mild damage/healing output boost and defense boost would be nice. Like, even if it’s just 20% dmg/hps output and 20% def. Maybe 15%/10%. Very mild but fair.

As a side note, there should be an Arcade Mode as a parallel to Total Mayhem, perhaps called Total Fools. Instead of boosted bulk and lower cooldowns, nearly every ability is stupid-silly and/or stupid-powerful.

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I legit thought they were proper lol, I started wondering whether they also fired some balance change employees. Then I realized it was April fools

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This Experimental patch is miles better than the pro Experimental patch. These changes are truly meme-worthy, and some of the ones that aren’t quite meme-y enough are actually decent changes.


What are the sombra changes is she visible in stealth now or something?