Nerf antiheal or remove it

So she’s got an Ult level impact ability, with an explosion radius 1/3rd the size of the objective, on a normal cooldown?


Most Ana players dont use bionade as soon as its off cooldown

As for it being an Ult level impact ult. Some abilities can also be catagorised as such.
Like orisa pull

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Because it needed a counter and the game is better for it.

They role Zen, you role Ana.

Heroes countering your main isn’t a good reason to nerf or remove something.


Well, to me the bottomline is

  1. We need more tank players
  2. AntiHeal is one of about 4 things that gets very problematic when there’s low/no barriers, and is due for strong nerfs in OW2
  3. Ana accounts for 33% of all healer picks, and could easily lose some pickrate and still be just fine

If we nerfing ana, we need to nerf mccree fth

Sounds good to me.

No shield tanks in Overwatch 2 on defence like Kings Row?

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maybe if anas nade has 100% anti heal on direct, and 50% antiheal on splash

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with how strong healing is in this game? no. anti heal is a necessity to help counteract from targets living forever


I figure more like either

  • 100% on direct, or 20% on indirect
  • Or just 50% for all of it
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That shouldn’t be a problem in OW2.

Things are gonna die a lot easier.


Imo the real problem with Ana is that she’s a DPS healer, and a main healer, AND has utility. She does far too much.

If they want to maintain Ana’s character without being OP, her healing potential needs a massive nerf. Buff her utility if necessary, buff her damage, but she can’t have all three






They did say theyre gonna nerf the general power level of the game entirely, so we’ll see what happens in OW2.

Thats a funny way of spelling out “Bap.” I will admit ana is strong but bap is the stronger support in this regard.

Hmmmn have mixed feelings about Bap.

For one, I’ve never had a game where a Bap has comfortably done the bulk of the healing work AND his team win. Almost always, he has to be supported by a heavier healer like Mercy or Moira.

That said, I play only console so maybe it’s different on PC. In which case I would say the same arguments with Ana apply to Bap.

Indeed, Bap has been accused of being too strong ever since release.


You say that but Ana’s stars are much better than Baps

EDIT: Also I wanna add antiheal has less counterplay than Baps utility. Like the lamp can be destroyed, the window you can just move out of the way. And all of those are very simple actions any character can do.

When Ana nades you, unless you have Zarya you’re just not getting healed for 4 seconds.

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Most tanks have mechanics to defend themselves. Not having direct hits helps Hog as well.

Anti counters Zen’s ult, poor guy :yum:

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:pleading_face: ikr my poor cutie

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I can play this game too, see I like playing Zarya and I often wonder:

How come Zen’s ult can completely negate my grav?
How come baptiste can counter grav with immo field?
How come lucio’s beat can counter grav?
How come Moira and Reaper can just straight up warp right the heck out of grav?

It used to bug the hell out of me… but now I just press tab and see who the other team is using and bait out any of their abilities that might counter me.

You should do the same with Ana, problem solved.

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That’s precisely the rework I defend. 100% on direct hit, 50% on splash. Add a visual indicator like odor lines to the direct hit one.

It would work perfectly against tanks, and Squishies with 50% healing are still at a big disadvantage


It’s still BS that that there’s no reliable way to cleanse it.

Hell, it’s BS that there’s no reliable cleanse ability in this game at all. You’d think Mercy would be able to (since she’s a doctor and all), but I guess the Devs were sleeping in that day.