My Last Hope For Appeal

For about 5 games now, It says I joined, freezes and bans me for an amount of time… please unban me and fix this.
example A - Twitch

@ the 49 min mark you will see what happens… every time.

I cant seem to find a way to contact anyone about this so posting to this forum is my last hope to an appeal.

Update- same thing on my second account now. Im now banned on all accounts because of this glitch. Thank you for helping me through this Blizzard.

The notification in the chat box says “Failed to connect to server,” which means there is a connection problem either locally or on the way to Blizzard. We know it’s not the match server, since others players connected to it and are talking to you from the match over chat.

Unfortunately, Blizzard doesn’t overturn bans for disconnections, but I highly recommend that you stop queuing for Competitive modes until you find the cause of the connection issue.

Using a WinMTR is a good step towards finding where the problem is happening.