My God I've Never Seen Such Terrible Matchmaking

You really think people are placed correctly and cant be bothered to question the system

Placements are just that, sometimes people get placed under or above it can’t be perfect, who cares. The system is perfectly fine, its just low ability individuals suffering from dunning-kruger.

so tell me how is it fine, with some evidence please?

Yes, where else do you think you think you belong in? Diamond?? Masters??

I’m yet to see any evidence to the contrary. In fact every low elo player on here that whined about bad matchmaking, teammates, conspiracies and what not after posting their vods have been exposed as bad players that have no one to blame but themselves. There have been tons of whatever rank to whatever rank lets plays as well that clearly show whoever doesn’t belong in their rank climbs to their normal rank quite easily. What else is there?


I guess I was bad when I called out how bad matchmaking for multiple seasons sitting at diamond but all my posts are on the old forum

Maybe if you were trying to improve instead of putting the blame on matchmaking you’d still be diamond.
Oh look, it took me 5 seconds to see what you’re doing wrong just based on your stats overbuff(dot)com/players/psn/solowing-118?mode=competitive
You barely heal, your defensive assits are very low (you don’t heal people that are fighting), your zen is literally a throw in every category. You sure like to use pistol instead of doing something useful, been working out great hasn’t it been? But hey, its bad teammates right? Much easier to belive that.

There ya go regardless of what I say you will deflect it back to the git Gud xD

please list off those stats in the forum please

In regards to the posts I read from like March 4th, I wouldn’t be opposed to a role select. World of Warcraft has that for dungeon and raid select and it works pretty well, don’t see why they don’t try that for Overwatch. Looking for group should help a bit at least.

But isn’t that the case?
Like in order to climb, you have to be better than your rank.
In order to get better, you have to improve yourself and practice.

You can hate all you want on the “Git Gud” comments, but it’s the truth. Just like with every other thing you do in life, if you want to be better you have to improve.
It’s not going to fall out the sky or something

everybody says that but no one seems to account for the amount of anomalies that are ramped throughout ranked that shouldn’t be there

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And you know why?
There are two reasons:

  1. They only make up a small portion of your games.
  2. You can whine about teammates and all that, but while you are doing that you are not improving. You’re busy seeking excuses and being occupied instead of focusing on your own play and what you can improve on.

It’s a fact that once people improve or are actually better than their rank that they climb

would you like to see live gameplay? Maybe you have never seen backline reins, or Stationary bastions, or feedhogs. But trust me they are a dime a dozen down here

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You can send me a VOD if you want

not really interested in a VoD after the last incompetent one couldn’t even finish the video

I don’t see a post providing constructive feedback on how to fix the already pretty well done matchmaking

What I do see is people blaming their teammates for their inabiltiy to climb then pinning the overall fault on something that has no control of you inmatch- The match making system

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Correction, a few months. the scatter arrow never presented itself as a problem until early this year. The team responded with reworks.

besides a team can only do so much.

Which is funny because most of them are weak because of Brigette.

Competitive Overwatch is awful because it’s handicapped. Matchmaking Rating is a handicapping system, designed by Blizzard to make Competitive Overwatch addictive, rather than objective or fair.