My God I've Never Seen Such Terrible Matchmaking

This is beyond pathetic right now.

I’ve literally had 10 games in a row where i’ve earned myself the worst teammates you can possibly imagine. What did i do on my account, that i deserve to play with the TWO level 25s who are brand new to the game and have no clue what they are even doing?

You can SEE this happen. When the game wants you to lose, it will FORCE you to lose.

It’s pathetic.

Fix this. It’s not how you treat gamers.


They have taken 2 years to fix Hanzo. I genuinely don’t believe the development team knows what matchmaking is


No, this so far has been by far the worst season I’ve played in. And I’ve chatted with others all getting the same issues in a OW discord.

It’s either no one in chat, or 90% of the time people in chat are being toxic.

People quick to throw. “You didn’t heal me that one time, or you didn’t put your shield up fast enough so I’m throwing.”

A lack of hero changes. I literally had someone pick DF and go “If it doesn’t work, I’ll change.” We played into a Widow and Pharah making him impossible to do anything and never swap. Seen this all around with different characters.


Matchmaking sites such as tinder and eharmony actually benefit from matching you with the wrong people. Because if they matched you with the “right” people you wouldn’t need to use their product therefore creating less revenue for them


Doesnt help when you get the same people every few games. You report them for purposely throwing or abusive chat but then see them in your team a few matches later. Ridiculous.


Ridicolous it takes blizzard over an hour to ban them eh?


they wouldn’t have to deal with so many reports if they just fixed the matchmaking in the first place!!


What is the “fix”. !!


change it up, make a role select or something, anything to make it fair or closer to fair


so you do not have anything besides role select. kek

Not bad. good idea. I dont think mm is broken though


It’s blatantly rigged. The people who disagree are the people who A. haven’t really climbed, or B. it hasn’t truly happened to them.

Bad luck that’s so bad the possibility of it just being " a coincidence" is completely off the table.


i have climbed. I was stuck in gold for 3 months. What is the evidence for it is rigged. I have 200 hours in comp and have noticed nothing wrong


lol whenever i see a group I pick dps because I know that they will flex. THAT is not mm but human mindset


What’s the fix?

Here’s a few ideas just off the top of my head, even though it’s not my job.

Make it so you can’t come to ranked and pick Sombra, when you literally have 7 minutes ever on Sombra.

Make it so there is absolutely no “reward” to throw games. Meaning, some pathetic people out there would have no reason to de-rank in order to get easier games next season. Take their season high, rank them 200 less. Sounds about right.
You should NOT be able to drop 1000SR at the end of the season just to go stomp noobs.

Fix the leaver problem. Somehow. I’m sure other games have ways to do this, but OW does nothing. A buff to the team down a guy? A bot? I don’t know. Anything other than “oh well, you lose 30 SR” Good luck winning two games now to make up for someone else being a jackass.

When you lose 30 SR, maybe you shouldn’t be gaining 19 for wins. The hell kind of BS is that? And how is it decided? You’re too far above your hidden MMR? So, the game is deciding that you don’t deserve as much SR for winning as you do for losing. Screw you. The computer wants to see something else. We won’t tell you what.

How about just raising the entry to Comp to level 50? The level 50s seem to handle themselves pretty well. Unless it’s a smurf, level 25s just CANT play the game at Plat. From what i’ve seen, a level 26 is an auto loss. Get them out of our games.

Maybe put the Gold Guns in other modes, so people can go farm them elsewhere. That might solve things. Get the people out who are just casual and screwing around.

It’s a team game, that relies heavily on teamwork.

What game doesn’t have clans, or some kind of LFG or something?

And i could go on. The forums have gone on, for two years.
I don’t know what Blizz is doing. Making more skins? Creating a full CTF map for a once a year event? Wasting lots of time on everything but trying to fix their SR MM system that everyone hates.


so the problem is that there roles aremnt balanmced


So the problem is not matchmaking but unserious people playing comp? I totally agree with you there but matchmaking is not the problem. You have valid points for unseriousness in comp and I agree

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Match making in my placement games was [Edited by Blizzard] pathetic. 2 utterly unwinnable games (Plat 4-5 stacks that spawn camped my team both games and stormed on attack). Also a terrible Widow that didn’t get kills in another game.
Another game on Hanamura with a bunch of idiots constantly trickling in. Not a single 6v6 on point 2.
I’m scared to go into comp now as my hidden MMR has likely been utterly pounded and I’m bound to get potato team mates for the next few games and end up in silver.

That said, silver may not be so bad. Played some qp with some casual chums (Forcing SR down to circa 1700-1800) and had a cracking game with Orisa. 4 golds with team mates that actually used my shield and confirmed kills that I started on or presented to them via halts). And also healers that healed and rezzed as required.

So I get better teamwork in a silver qp game than at gold in comp…

Comp RNG strikes again…

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Tell me about it, I don’t know what I did to deserve punishment like this. I could go on and on about how bad my teammates were with my recent 5 and 7 game loss streaks; and I’m playing high Master, low gm. I got matched against a team, on console, that was a team of 4. Two of whom were popular keyboard and mouse users, (top 500) 17,23, 36,37. They were 300 team Sr rating more than us, the team of solo que’rs.


Whats pathetic is your inability to tell that you’re as bad as those teammates you call bad and then blame it on some tinfoil hat conspiracy.