My God I've Never Seen Such Terrible Matchmaking

ok…I’m still waiting…

I’m at work, that’s why i said " just let me know when you are streaming and i’ll see if i have time to watch"

sorry, I’m still frustrated with the level of incompetence I’m being tossed being expected to carry

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Here’s hoping lfg helps with this.

I’ve been 6 stacking with some other 1400 to 1900 chums in quick play. There was all sorts of trickling and feeding going on initially. On Gibraltar we got rolled on attack by a 6 stack. Our gold kills was 3.
After a few tries we got coordinated enough to beat the 6 stack, including a 2300 Soldier, and a godlike Widow in other qp matches. Twice.

I expect the quality of games to shoot up very quickly once lfg in place as people with potato game sense can pick up a lot very quickly when in comms.

If you lose 10 games in a row, it’s probably not the teammates that are the problem. You should practice playing some other heroes that you can better fill, or work with communication that you can help improve the play of the people you are grouped with. The attitude you are portray seems like this is something you would be giving off on the team which will have a negative impact on performance.

Widow v Doom isn’t that bad for doom though

when someone can CONSISTENTLY pull 3 or 4 golds end with potg and is clearly carrying and still losing … there is definitely a problem.
this has happened to me this entire season… im constantly pulling 2-4 kills and still getting steamrolled because this horrid matchmaking keeps pitting me with people that dont know what the hell they are doing

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When someone is CONSISTENTLY padding stats instead of playing the game, he clearly is NOT carrying.

When you constantly get 2-4 kills yet still get rolled, you get the kills at the wrong time that’s just plain and simple.

This is the problem with people, they always seek excuses because they think they did a good thing instead of watching their gameplay back with and open mind and actually trying to see watch going on.


its easy to see whats going wrong when a team of 3 is doing well and the 3 randos on the team are trickling in and not doing their part. the big problem is people like you that refuse to acknowledge the problems just for the sake of having something to argue about


Yeah it’s quite easy to see where it goes wrong, the fact there is 6 people in a team. So when only 3 are “doing well” as you state, obviously the team isn’t doing well.

No matter how you put it, if you consistently get 2-4 kills and still manage to lose the teamfight you are getting the kills at the wrong moment.

Which problem do me ander others refuse to acknowledge for the sake of having an argument?

Because 90% of the people that claim to be stuck because of bad teammates are just as bad, i’ve seen a large number of VOD’s from people that i was/am helping improve. Let’s just say that once they lose the attitude and the focus on the team and start opening up to tips they rise rather quickly.

No one at your rank including you, know what they are doing. If you ever want to climb you should improve instead of thinking its all someone else’s fault or some cospiracy keeping you down. But hey its up to you, much easier to do what you’re doing than actually get better.


I am tired of this game
master with golds in a diamond game
-200 sr player in my team
I ranked up to not get match with 200sr less players the skill is very different
and I play little every season but always get like 5 uneven matches like I played against 6stax when I am playing solo why?! I know I am already lost but I have to play this unfair match to the end!

The problem is you only keep taking one person into account when they’re six players on a team, if one person is solely underperforming that’s nearly 20% increase chance that you’re going to lose

It punishes trying by placing you with worse teamates in the solo queue. Don’t sit here and try to tell me I will reach you I can see through walls I know what everyone’s doing I can see roadhog in the back line trying to be a flanker on a suicide mission feeding 600hp to the enemy as ult charge

U gotta start using that brain of yours since its free and stop understanding what you want to instead of what people reply to you, otherwise it’s not even worth bothering with. Smurfing is a problem in its current state because they are rewarded based on the team effort rather than personal, if the smurf would be rewarded with personal progression he’d gain 500+ SR each match unless he goes afk for the sole purpose of enjoying 1 game out of 10 at the attempt of staying low rank. Seasonal resets would remove the countless of bad players that are constantly being carried. I laugh at you thinking that ‘‘it would drive people to pad their stats’’ well, if everyone tried really that hard to have more gold medals than the rest in their team, believe me it would benefit everyone and why would u ignore the objective when the objective IS part of those stats? You keep talking out of your bum as if you knew players or what rank they are stating ignorant claims such as ‘‘if you aren’t climbing is because you need to git gud’’. Again, your last answer is an uneducated guess, I truly do not understand why are you so hell bent on defending a system that is clearly broken for 99% of the player base but I guess being a hipster on an online forum can make someone’s day. I’m going to explain it to you one last time, then I’m simply done. Personal progression will force smurfs to rank too fast to be smurfs, high rank players wont stick around low elo for longer than 5-10 matches as they will gain too much to stick around that rank. There wont be ANY low rank players starting already from 2k and above, stacks wont be able to carry 1 account and sell it unless a skilled player is actually playing that account rather than 5 pro’s and 1 afk , use your brain.


Which is exactly what is happening already and why smurfing is only an issue on consoles because apperently people can make free accounts there.

Exactly how? Only more people will be carried because the pool of good players will become bigger.

This part is just a brainfart out of rage, I suggest you follow your own advice.

What you suggest is a system where somebody can get a massive amount of SR for a win, what happens if somebody gets good teammates and is enabled to perform well?
He will rise mad in SR while he isn’t a player of that level.

I started RB6 as well, finished last season in comp and now a new season started with complete reset. It is one major toxicity fest where all people do is shout at each other because high ranks are playing with low ranks

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Interesting insight into Rainbow 6. How often are resets? How long does it take for players to reach their proper levels?

At low ELO, where you have 50% of player base in 1000 Sr spread, skill is all over the place. So you get some toxicity all the time.

It resets every day.
How long it takes to reach proper levels, i have no idea. I refuse to play a game where the competitive system is pure trash and toxic.
A) No matter what rank, people can queue together. Diamonds with bronze etc.
B) Pure toxic because high level players play with low level players.
C) Not related to comp, but the game is based purely around headglitching

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Like I said, you can keep believing in your fantasies and stay in gold, your choice.

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If you get matched with brand new level 25s it’s because you are equally good as them