My God I've Never Seen Such Terrible Matchmaking

If you’re not making an argument then why join the discussion? Also, you’re wrong. It’s not common.

I’ll talk however I choose, so quit attacking the manner in which i choose to communicate.

You don’t care if MMR is a part of Overwatch?

MMR doesmt have much of an impact on the average player? MMR affects literally every single game of Overwatch. You couldn’t be further from the truth.

Who cares if people outside of top 500 “rest at their peak?” There are an apparently unlimited amount of player slots for every tier except top 500.

I also want to say that you may take your pick of any of the countless posts in these forums about Overwatch’s matchmaking and discover folks’ individual experiences.


discussions arent reserved for arguments.

Yet it doesn’t
Just another lie people tell themselves to assure themselves they actually belong higher than they actually belong

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You have a really narrow view on what constitutes a discussion.

Also, just saying I’m wrong doesn’t make me wrong. There are real-world examples of people believing things without evidence pretty much every day. Humans are inherently biased creatures whose brains look for patterns even when there aren’t any.

Okay, I’ll rephrase to make the context clearer: MMR doesn’t have much more impact than SR does for the average player, and it does nothing to hold you back.

I don’t. Blizzard does. Me explaining to you how MMR and SR decay work doesn’t count as me arguing in defense of it.

“Hey guys, I know I’m better than my SR, but I can’t climb.”
… “Same here! How could two people possibly have difficulty climbing?”
“It must be rigged.”
… “Ah, I much prefer that option to the idea that I’m not as good as I believe.”
“We’ve discovered something.”

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Lmao you linked all this crap and failed to realize the one sentence that carried the entire OP : WHY AM I FORCEFULLY TEAMED WITH UNEXPERIENCED PLAYERS THAT BELONG BELOW BRONZE ???

Oh you are so cute, infinite reports of players stuck in gold ending up masters with new accounts, tell us more about how great the system is and how people need to ‘‘git gud’’, this is not S3 you have no idea what you are talking about.

Lmao. “Infinite reports.”

I assume your alt is in Masters, then?


Just love how according to Blizzard 4-5% of the playerbase is in Masters and above, yet if you read all the posts of people complaining about the matchmaker. And how they all of the sudden reach Masters after buying a 2nd account.
If what all these people tell is true, 90% of the playerbase would be in Masters.

Which 1 is more likely?
Option A: You’re stuck in gold because you are where you belong.
Option B: Stuck in gold due to the matchmaker, buys a new account and gets masters.

Remember with option B, only 4% of the playerbase is masters and above.


One of the biggest flaws of match making is allowing players that are doing positional games to be teamed up with seasoned players that are there because they deserve it. When you hit lvl 25 and run 10 positional games you should be teamed up with other Bronze players of 1kR and grind your way up AFTER the 10 positional games. I am also a very strong advocate of seasonal resets as there are currently silver players that out skill plats that don’t deserve to be there. ‘’ Yea but smurfs would then be a problem ‘’ smurfs are a problem to low elo’s no matter what, and only personal progression based on personal stats through each match can fix that. Put everyone at 1k each season and if a master plays with master stats on game 1 , have him win 100-200 hell even 500SR to greatly boost him up and away from the noobies.

Wait, so you want higher skill players to actually spend more time stomping their way around low ranks? Because that’s what that would cause.

A Silver that can’t get to Gold doesn’t deserve to be in Plat. Beating someone in a 1v1 doesn’t mean you’re good as a teammate. Also, seasonal resets would destroy the lower ranks by flooding them with high skill players every single season. It would make smurfing irrelevant by just putting the accounts there in the first place.

Then let’s not make it worse by doing seasonal resets.

First off, this wouldn’t fix anything. It would just drive people to pad their stats instead of playing the objective. Secondly, if you aren’t climbing in the first place, you likely don’t have good stats either.

So… what the system does, just, make them spend more time destroying people for fun. How would that be better?

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They should try one season with SR reset, like DBD does. Every 13th in the month they do reset. This might be good for everybody. Like, if you want to be in high rank, you’ll actually need to play the game. As it is now, no one plays in high ranks … placements(which always place at the same rank), and then only like 20-30-40 games for season to not drop rank, and queues are … long.
So, rank reset, no “placement matches”, and everybody starts at say … 1k. That way, people might actually play the game - if they want to get to their “old” high rank.
Ofc, you might need to play vs players who are much more skilled then you, but how are you gonna learn if you don’t play against better players? Now, you will need to play vs worse players as well, but like in other games you need to grind to advance … so there’s that.
I think they should try and see how it goes … they have nothing to lose.

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People already post regularly on the forums about how bad smurfs are. Can you imagine the forums and feedback if they literally just forced everyone into the same pool for an extended period of time?

This, from the guy asking for evidence of terrible matchmaking and MMR. He’ll say anything in an attempt to win an argument, facts be damned. And yeah, it is a HE

when the api is telling me I’m outperforming people by 60%+ consistantly…it’s not a get good problem it’s a team problem

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when you make the statement you are acting like you know how the system works when clearly you don’t either. All I know is that I’m playing far outside of the rank I’m stuck in but the teammates I get keep me stuck here

I always love these threads. No matter what game it is someone is always complaining about matchmaking. Lmao.

Exactly which API? Because there is no official Overwatch API.
All the stats you can get on sites like Overbuff or apps like Oversumo are comparing you to players that are using the app/site as well, which is not a representation of what is happening in your games.

Yes we can see some stats but that’s it.
Also, stats don’t win games.

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so would you mind checking out my overwatch comp stream? This morning I got stuck with a Moira main with 58 minutes on doing 6k heals per 10 minutes I have a average of over 9000 heals / 10 minutes how did he end up in my comp match when he clearly is peforming for below me stat wise over his comp season but somehow is on the same skill level?

I do 8k hp10/m in Quickplay. So why am I being paired with somebody who can’t even outperformed my quick playbstats?

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Sure, just let me know when you are streaming and i’ll see if i have time to watch

I’ll stream right now, speak the word brotha