My God I've Never Seen Such Terrible Matchmaking

And this required amount would be…?

because this isn’t like any other fps. Its not CoD. It’s not Battlefield. Its pretty unique, the problem is similar to MOBA games. Where people like you cry about how it’s everyone elses fault.

Not true. My smurf has placed diamond and my main account (this) has placed plat in the first season i played.

The MM system is Extremely flawed without a role queue tough.
When “low-skill” heroes that dont even require game awareness is buffed into oblivion, it will cause havoc for those ranked in the middle, since the actual skill levels of the fotm ontricks are ridiculously low, witch applies to most players in that region, since onetricking was/is encouraged by the current system.
If there is no role select, every hero need to be on tracer/genji level of “depth”.
Witch won’t happend, so role select and a induvidual skill rating for each role(tank, dps, healer) would create the most accurate MM and the best competetive envoirment.
Just make it complex enough, on the players end of it, and a “forced” 2-2-2 won’t be a issue

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It’s where you start before placements not finish mate

I have…in starcraft 2…lol yay…I was platinum in SC 2 and used to get matched up against Master players, and thats a 1v1 game… Bad Matchmaking, Its kinda a theme in Blizzard games

Of course, the big bad Illuminati Blizzard wants to target YOU specifically, because you’re so important and influencial, you could be a threat to the OWL if you rank high! Makes total sense!

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They don’t have to know someone’s name and address to detect that they’ve won 5 games in a row, to stick them with some thrower or something in order to take some SR away, keep them grinding, and possibly buying some loot boxes.

I mean, hey, if everyone was happy with their rank… they’d stop playing. This is what Blizz knows, and so the SR system is designed to rubber band you around some hidden MMR. But that’s meddling with the matchmaking in a way that punishes winning players by forcing them to play with the worst players in the match at that time.

It’s not personally directed at anyone. It’s the system matching winners with losers and trying to make sure that carrot is always dangling just out of reach.


On a huge losing streak and then I remembered this thread! :smiley:

This matchmaking will never get solo-q players anywhere. I’ve gotten so toxic and am almost done with this bs lol


That’s how every single player i talk to about Overwatch feels.

I honestly can not believe Blizzard finds this acceptable.

If they don’t want to lose out on millions of dollars, they need to fire the team who’s in charge of this MM and SR system and start all over.


the mm is such a joke. i got in games that were rigged so hard for me to lose.

anyone who says ‘forced losses aren’t real’ is blind because the game starts putting you in unfavorable matches with people who also play your mains. there is a pattern and a system to weeding you out of ranks so you end up wasting more and more time trying to catch up

and it sucks so much on support. you lose because of your team SOMETIMES and then you lose more sr than you can gain and it’s a slow decay

at least make playing healers/tanks somewhat valuable since no one wants to play them.


*I am sorry for late reply, I have this in draft and did not send

I think maybe the matchmaker is not as bad as we once believed. Were the two level 25 so bad that it is obvious they are noob? Or did they seem like they had new account and have been played well? I think that this matchmaker actually looks at quickplay before competitive and it determines if they are fit for the rank they are placed in. For instance, let us say that some GM player creates new account and ranks to 25, it would not be fair for them to place this rank 25 in bronze tier just because he is bronze. It would be more fair to look at their performance and see if they are qualified to play with you. In this way the matchmaker does a good job.

Noted on March 4th this is the worst season by far and I’m back to state that it still has been. I’ve had the occasional good game. Where my team communicated well, had good hero choices, and the match was good. But by the vast majority it has been filled with toxic players, people not communicating, 3-4 DPS all stars who never swap or one tricks who never swap even if they are being hard countered or not doing anything even if they claim “If it doesn’t work, I’ll swap”.

I seriously question what good reporting does. It helped when the feels good message of “Your report did something” started to appear, but that help didn’t last long. I mean what are the actions that are usually sent out? A simple muting? A ban? A stupid little “Please be nice” slap of the wrist message?

And that’s not even going into hero changes and new heroes and the effect that is having on this game. Things need to change, real action needs to be taken. Streamers are already starting to add other games to their lists because of how its turning out

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some 25 levels can do good if u communicate with them and throw some tips here and there.
i was once level 25 and i played with ppl who was okay with that, they gave some tips and as long as i did my best no one complained.

but yeah they should put an algorithem in the MM that match you with people the same SR as you but also the same level as you.
cuz when level 100 gold plays against a stack of levels 600+ sometimes even 1200+ even if they the same sr as you’ they played the game longer and have a better game sense so its a bit unfair

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touché… well said my friend, well said.
i am tired of being draged into matches with low lvls.
i am lvl 900+ and i get in competitive matches with gold/plat lvl 30-50 and that it’s not nice.
in 1 match i had a prtscr and i was lvl 800+ back then, and got in a match with this team : widow lvl~27 , hanzo lvl~35 , genji lvl~30, lucio lvl~100 and zarya lvl ~330.
How was this match ever going to be “FUN” ?
i am a competitive person and i always want to win no matter the game.
i am really thinking to leave this game forever because no one gives a fk about our reports against trolls, toxic players , noobs that won’t change the hero when he is heavily countered, rage quitters and so on…


That’s just how their matchmaking works.

You win a lot, you get people that are not winning, i.e people that are new to the game, people below level 50.

It happened to me when I played with a friend and climbed about 300 SR in one night. We were both at around 2600sr, got up to 2780sr and that’s when trouble began. How are these people higher SR than me baffled me…

I ended up with 83 kills in the game. I had to kill everything because my team couldn’t. Blatantly broken matchmaking.


love the people in denial, tons of people have left the game youtubers , streamers and pro players all say its broke and OWL can’t even beat ninja on twitch . but ya its all good, just bads complaining.


Played last night. We’re playing with a 1700 3 stack for some reason.

They all throw. In the 3v6 game we get payload 2/3 of way to first point as opposition pretty bad.

I lose 26 Sr for a loss that was not my fault at all. Reported all 3. No response yet. Not expecting one. One’s dropped 800 Sr in 4 days. Obviously serial throwers and still going.

Did the system think that these 3 guys were unlucky and needed carrying by far better players?

I’m playing vs. 2.1k to 2.6k players in qp, so I guess that my natural skill level is around there.

Can’t win games at 2k in comp as given idiot and thrower team mates


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I don’t even care about my rank anymore. I’m just tired of wondering what team comp I’m gonna get the next game. I’m tired of begging people to make a proper team comp and I’m tired of knowing its going to be a loss before the match even starts.

Blizzard needs to pull the stubborn stick out their you know what and just give us role select already and force a balanced composition for solo players. May still lose, but at least it will be less one sided because both teams have balanced comps and the headache and fear of every match will be mostly gone.


Dunno about balanced comp… Moira meatball is 4 tanks and 2 support and is a legit comp.

Just been playing qp and arcade tonight. Got smashed by some smurfs a couple of games, but was very educational. Am losing games vs. better players, not losing due to being given idiots or throwers to drag me down.

Is real fun. A real mix of ranks. Played a game including a 3.5k player and a 1.6k player. I can generally guess the Sr range by how often they die (or not).

I’m getting exposed to quality players and learning far more than banging my head against a wall losing constantly due to the vagaries of the comp matchmaker and where it decides it wants me.