My God I've Never Seen Such Terrible Matchmaking

Straight up i sucked when i started this game. But i keep getting better and thats because of team comp. when i finally get to dps becaues a miracle happened, the planets aligned and other players actually jump willingly to supp/tank, oh my god we start winning. I just had 5 games in a row where i see nothing but crappy hitscans, absolutely no tank ( except for dva, cus ppl think thats enough) and no healer, bam. Losing streak. Look at the enemy team, full balanced comp, and everybodys pulling. If you bronze once, youre stuck there. EDIT: i have people i group and play with almost every night, that range from silver to plat, and i keep up with em, theyd vouch. I still make mistakes, but not enough to warrant this kind of crap luck

And just to add to that, if that suddenly changes because i started buying lootboxes, im gonna crap bricks

I agree matchmaking is really bad in this game like in other blizzard games. I believe it’s also one of the reasons of toxicity.

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I think they have creativity nailed down… But as far as actual wisdom/judgement, severely lacking. You’d think with so much fame, they’d know their way around stuff but naaaaahhhhhhhhh

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I understand lack luster mm in qp.

In comp not so much.

So took a break from comp for a few days, thought would warm up in qp today and play till i lost 2 in a row. Guess what, i played 2 matches and stopped till i dunno when will do comp again.

Played 2 matches in qp and won easy. Both matches in comp was like 2 or 3 players on my team were toxic in voip and had the carry me attitude.

Its like have a paid comp system to weed the lack luster players out…

Yeah the topic is real…

Matchmaking sites such as tinder and eharmony actually benefit from matching you with the wrong people. Because if they matched you with the “right” people you wouldn’t need to use their product therefore creating less revenue for them

That is an interesting point but i dont think it applies to overwatch.
How would blizzard benefit from poor matchmaking? Not defending the matchmaking here tho.

Played 2 matches in qp and won easy. Both matches in comp was like 2 or 3 players on my team were toxic in voip and had the carry me attitude.

You use voice in QP? I only do that when im drunk hahaha its so useless. :smiley:

They benefit from poor match making by selling new accounts to players that know they can place higher and climb on a new account…


So true, games are supposed to be fun. You should be seeing yourself rise through the ranks, as you get better. I’ve been stuck in plat since season 4. SEaSON 4. I’ve gotten so much better since then!
The system looks at your quick play stats for your first ever placement matches, and ranks you accordingly.
We should not be held down by how we played when we were so new to the game.


I know %99 of the community would like to kill us for this idea buy I really really would love to have such an option.

I am a married, working guy and I value my time. I really love overwatch, I find 1 game that I love every 5 years or so and stick with it until the game dies and overwatch is “that” for me now.

I don’t care paying some monthly fee to get a decent game most of the time because time is more important than money.

I really really wish they gave us such an option where almost everyone play their best and don’t mess around cuz that’s what competitive is supposed to be after all.


This isn’t reality. EVEN if people paid a monthly fee, there would STILL be trolls. Especially saying that… welp, I am paying monthly fee so why WOULDN’T I play whatever hero I want?

The only solution to this is to change how SR is rewarded. As long as YOUR SR is dependent on 5 other players… this will forever and always continue to be a problem and root cause of toxicity. We can beat around the bush as much as we want :confused:


Of course it’s not a 100% solution but it’d make everything so much better. Just pay 20$ and have a lifetime access, who cares if you are banned or whatever, right?

I hope I don’t sound elitist or something but I really think there are just too many people around playing just to troll or mess around.

I lost 11 games in a row earlier. Up until then i was slowly climbing, about 90 SR from masters

I get
A thrower
GM smurf
Another thrower
Me being the only tank with 3 dps
4 stack on the enemy team vs my team of all solos. Sure we might have been able to win but come on… why would you ever create this matchup?
Smurf widow. Guessing GM again
Another team that was somewhat throwing
And a couple of matches that we couldve won

Out of 11 matches, i may have only had 3 of them i had ANY controk over. I dont think the rest mattered how amazing i played, we still wouldve lost


What this guy said is exactly right. It’s not your teams fault you are at the rank you are. It’s yours and yours alone.


It would help if they were able to understand the simple concept of trying to put equal party sizes together. Going into a game with one or two parties of two against a six stack who thinks their in a OWL game, the small party teams stands no chance.

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Stop the constant complains about teammates lol. Look at yourself. The only constant factor in you losing 10 games is you. People always want to give someone else the blame of their losing.


This seasons matchmaking is terrible. SR adjustment should mean on average your games are close wins or losses. Almost all my wins are we completely roll the other team, and most losses are getting destroyed.


There’s a way to fix this,
Make the punishments way harsher for purposely throwing and things like that

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Wow. Not letting people expand their hero pool and incentivizing one-tricking. Absolutely genius coming from you. Also, how are people going to get those 7 minutes on Sombra if they can’t play her?

There is no reward to throw games. If you put this system in there would be a stark increase in ‘buying’ ranks. People not belonging in ranks would be a huge problem. Do you know how hard it would be to rank down? It would be so easy to rank up with this system. You don’t want a competitive system, you want a participation trophy.

A buff to the team down a guy would be OP. A bot would be too hard to calibrate between completely stomping and being an ult battery. How would Blizz make it so it knows what team composition you’re running? This would also create a culture of “wow you suck, leave so a bot can replace you please”.

This I agree with, PBSR should be removed for all ranks, not just Diamond+. But then again, if you’re losing double the SR you’re gaining/ taking one step forward 2 steps back you probably deserve silver my guy.

Whoah buddy get off your high horse. You’re 2242 at level 100. I placed into 2600 at level 25. You don’t deserve to bm level 25s when you’re in a rank you should be out of by now. You are below average. Raising the comp cap to 50 might make people take QP slightly more seriously and might even solve the smurf problem (very minimally) but honestly I can’t justify it, it would take too long for players to experience a even slightly competitive environment.

Take out the main incentive (besides the competitive incentive of SR) and put it in other modes. What a stroke of genius.

In every game there is a different set of players with different mindsets. Nothing will change that.

Agreed. The LFG on the forums is at the bottom, and a clan system should be implemented.

Going on for a long time with terrible points that aren’t thought-ot at all doesn’t suddenly make them good, it makes them annoying.

Everyone that wants an easy ticket to diamond town to make themselves feel good when they’re not deserving of the rank, yea, they do want that. People that aren’t competitive want your suggestions.


ah yes the 2242 level 100, a true pro. Not casual like everyone else. Seriously, get over yourself. I try not to bring up ranks, but when you’re acting like this you need to chill.

there should be a required minimum play time for each hero in other modes to be able to play it in competitive. I’ve had my share of players with close to 0 playtime on all modes ,refusing to switch and communicate. to me, that equals to trolling and poor matchmaking.