My game crashed the moment i joined a comp game

as the title says my game crashed immediately after I joined the game and received -50 sr and a 15min suspension for something that I can not control. its the games fault for crashing why should i get punished for that. I demand that my sr be refunded back to me

I couldn’t copy the entire crash code but I got some of it: 2602D32C25B5

edit: it crashed again here is the code that i got

Crashes of the client are due to local issues/conflicting software on the PC. But either way, SR is not refunded for any reason, per the thread at the top of this forum: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties.

We can look over a DxDiag to help you spot errors, but most members of the forum can’t read those error codes unless they are staff.