My friends and I are being punished because we're GM?

I hope Jeff comments on this soon.

It’s a limitation of the SR system. The matchmaking is based around the old chess system, which is 1v1s. OW matchmaking is literally not designed for teams. They really should introduce a team registry system where you can register your 3 or 6 stack and give them their own ladder where the registered team has a single SR rating. Could even make it fancy and let you pick a team name and icon.

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Definitely not true. You need good aim.

This makes no sense. Just because you don’t like something it’s not “dumbing down”.


Couldn’t you theoretically avoid 3 people and have your friends avoid 3 different people and so on and so forth. Till you eventually get matched together on the same team :thinking:

I also happen to think a vast majority will find their rank goes down too.

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With that kind of attitude it kind of shows why it had to be done in the first place…

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I would argue the solo q end up with more inflated Sr than the big groups. 6 stacking while has the team work advantage of playing with each often enough, it does have disadvantage which is why it is rarely used higher up.

If it doesn’t find another 6 stack to play against, it stacks SR against you. Meaning you will face even harder teams that are already ranked higher. Add in that when you win you get less Sr for winning and lose more Sr when you lose.

There have been times where I would go solo q, shoot up toward masters but in 6 stacking it takes longer to grind up. Tho I rather have fun so I stick to 6 stacking over dealing with random people and the utter amount of salt and tilt that people spew in this game now a days.

Every time when I reach High masters (3800-3900 + ) ,every single day 10 am games (in eu) are a nightmare because you are placed as solo player in top500 game where they often have 3+ stack.
Those games are not fun for me.

This isn’t a punishment. The change benefits more people than it hurts.

If u really need to 3+ stack in ranked then just make Smurfs don’t try in QP/Arcade and throw all placements

When you hit the big leagues, you leave behind teammates/co-workers/etc who weren’t up to par. That’s how it goes irl and in anything with seperate leagues, tiers, or positions. That’s one of the reasons I stopped trying so hard… Oh, and the fact fighting the same 25 people using the same 6 Heroes was super restricting and unfun. But hey, you do you, boo.

It’s funny because Elite Smash, a quickplay mode, also feels like a punishment even though it doesn’t bar me from playing with friends. The higher the tier, the more people play to win even if it the actual GAMEPLAY is devoid of FUN and replaced with STRESS. It’s like this for a lot of games. no thnx

You know, the funniest thing to me is that Blizzard makes everything a calculated decision, so when they were going over this idea, they straight up figured that OP just isn’t important here, not in the current way queue works.

If you don’t think you’ll enjoy the game without three-stacking your way through GM, well, best of luck to you. I know I’ll be enjoying the game more.

I do think they need something inbetween. Maybe just have a system where if you group up with more than 2 people, you don’t gain any SR. That way you can play still play comp together with friends.

Are you a diamond player?

I’ll let my friends know that they no longer are GM because they play quick play
(all of which solo queued to GM and still solo queue in GM now).

I personally really like the limit on GM players. It stops trash games where there’s a GM stack on one team with some diamond players, then the entire enemy team being low/mid Masters.

Personally I can’t wait for this to be implemented and neither can a lot of popular players and streamers.

(as I saw someone else mention) Boosted players who can only maintain rank by stacking will fall to the ranks from whence they came.

How is it unreasonable. It’s a team game, why should people who play as a TEAM be punished. This change is awful in everyway possible.

Maybe blizzard should just let 6 stacks go against non 6 stacks. Why are people being punished for getting together a coordinated team. That is ALL this is. Blizzard is just making high level team play impossible and it’s dumb that anyone thinks this is a good idea.

Because a coordinated team of top 500s would beat out any solo queuers with the amount of coordination and communication they have

Yeah, they would. Because they are playing as a team. Just as a team that does use voice comms and shout-outs would destroy a team where everyone had their mic off. I don’t get why blizzard is penalizing coordinated team play.

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