My friends and I are being punished because we're GM?

This will be the end of my time with the game at least. Both myself and my primary friends and playing partners are GM. I’m not being punished, told I could only play with one of them, the people I’ve played this game with religiously for years with.

Maybe the worst approach I’ve ever seen to a multiplayer game, purposefully dumbing down the highest levels of play. Truly awful.


They sort of had to, it was unreasonable for Top 500 6-stacks to go against GM solo Q’s


But now, if we keep playing we’ll just smurf to high master and destroy those people, it won’t be fun for them, it won’t be fun for us.


If they could do it in more ranks than just gm too though…


found the 6-stacker that queue’s at night that totally deserves a spot on the t500 leaderboard


It’s only just comp, you can always do QP-arcade-custom-ai with friends


Nobody that has ever touched Grand Master ever plays quick play, dude.


then dont? just duo stack then.

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I don’t even play with a freaking six stack! I play with a three stack. The same three stack I had back when I was an sr52 in S1.

How would you guys feel if you were told you couldn’t play with your friends anymore? This cause is going to gain no sympathy because GM makes up such a tiny percent of the population and we’re already looked down on.


Bold of you to assume I have friends!



Hopefully they split comp into soloq-only and six-stack-teamq-only modes across all ranks.

Until we have a true teamq and team based leaderboards, or some sort of real team/clan/guild system in game (without having to rely on third party systems like battlefy, guilded, open div, contenders, apex, owl, etc.) I really dont consider OW a team game.

Teambased game with solo based leaderboards sends quite the mixed message.


3-stacks or more shouldn’t be in GM, period. Doesn’t matter your intentions, the matchmaker literally cannot create a balanced match at certain times and people abuse this.


“High skill teams shouldn’t be competing in the highest skilled rank of our competitive game that’s built around teamwork”

That makes sense.


Did you seriously just tell us that GMs are looked down on?


If you want, you can reread my point. People abuse the fact that it’s impossible to find a fair match at 3AM, so they stack for SR. What’s competitive about that? They’re getting high rank by cheating the system.

If you’re gonna 3-stack or 6-stack, take that crap to a scrim and do it against an organized team. As a solo queuer, I shouldn’t be forced to play against a 6-stack that is forcing GOATs because Mr. Temdee here wants to play with his friends!

Take your 3-stack to quick play or a scrim. Woah! Look how fun this looks! I really want to play against this as a solo queue player! ah yes, this game was a stomp, i remember this game! Oh, look at those poor solo queue players on the enemy team. They have to coordinate against this comp! Coordination is nowhere to be found in solo queue.


I don’t believe the mechanics should even allow a solo queuer, outside of the VERY best, to reach grand master.

I’m also a diamond in siege and that’s nearly impossible. You need a level of teamwork to be a diamond player. They’re dumbing the rank down to satisfy people who solo queue. The overall skill level of play will drop.

I don’t have any comment on 3am play because I don’t play at 3am. Also maybe I’m dumb but your screenshots didn’t work.

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Nah, theres a LFG tool. Use it. If people have a group they play with, let them play together, thats kinda the entire point of this game.


Why not, the games are just too messy or what?

Wait, are you saying that you should have to stack in order to gain GM? Or are you saying that it’s impossible to reach GM by purely solo queue?


That’s absolutely what I’m saying, you should not be able to reach gm solo queue unless you are just an absolutely incredible player.

The rank of GM should denote a level of skill AND TEAMWORK that can’t be found at any other rank. It should be the most coordinated as well as the most mechanically skilled. Now it’s just the latter.