My friends and I are being punished because we're GM?

Just what I want, a group of high rank GM’s in my arcade matches with us gold rank players.

Yes it happens ALL the time and they steam roll and carry the team most of the time.

I agree with you. It sucks they are doing this. God forbid they do it to other ranks, that’s when I am done with this game. I only play comp in a 6 stack and if they rolled this out to other ranks with out some sort of group que, I would be done.

imagine even defending this decision in a team based game

you mean by making ques faster and less 1 sided (casue TBH a pre-made group of 4 vs 3 groups of 2 have a much betetr chance of winning given their use to playing with each other)

I’m amazed at how many people don’t want a team based game to be just that. What it’s marketed as, what it’s built around.

I actually agree. Its a really poor decision because not only does it not make it a fun team based that you can play with friends, but it hinders who you can play with and how well you can form your team comp. Its people’s choice to six stack or to play with whoever they want. If you find that you go against six stacks at night then don’t play at night. Not a smart move by the devs at all smh

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I already can’t play with my friends in comp because of group sr limits. So we play other modes together.

Stacking = longer queues and less balanced games. The way it’s set up it’s frustrating for everyone involved.

What is happening here, I don’t understand the post.

While I understand the reasoning behind their decision, I don’t aprove it, even if it does not affect me (yet).

I come from another game with a 5v5 conquest pvp mode where you are not allowed to queue with more than a duo in any rank. They started with legend (which would be our Grandmaster) first and extended it to the whole ladder. It’s a pretty miserable experience for most part.

Overwatch is already bad enough to SoloQ. Being able to queue with a few friends make up for a better experience. If they dare to extend this to the whole ladder, I’ll problably just go find another game where I can actually play serious without being forced to SoloQ in a team-based enviroment.

That is exactly what I am talking about.

As much as i hate the fact that i cant play comp w my 2 other friends its perfectly understandable why this is happening

Most GM matches revolve around Widow (if not, then Hanzo (if not, then Ashe)). Before that it was Zarya, or Lucio, or Hog, or Junk, or DVA, or Genji, or Doom, or Brig, or Tracer. On and on forever.
For 3 years now, GM players (or equiv) have been punished just for being gud. If you’re skilled, the game isn’t worth playing.

Scrim. Seriously.

It is better than comp, and you can and will go against people who will challenge you.

I get it is a pain in the booty, and I get that having to organise your own games is not ideal, but, without Blizzard coming to the party, it is the best you have.

This is simply a case of ‘can’t please everyone’.

It sucks for you, the op, but I think it benefits the larger population of GM players. I’m willing to bet a penny most GM players don’t 6-stack at any given time, but I could be wrong.

This is a lame band-aid attempt for the “queue with any amount and matchmaking will figure it out” complete imbalance we have at all elos.

They seriously need to make a a grouped queue and a solo (possibly duo) queue like other games have done. It’s most blatant at GM, but it’s a problem everywhere. :man_facepalming:

Why would having a separate SR system be bad? (one for solo queue/one for group).

A lot of games do that and it balances out well.

It would work out well in this game since alot of inflated SR is given to plays in groups.

Today he’ll find out if he’s the favourite or least favourite friend of the other two lmao


You’re talking to the company who thought hero stacking in competitive was a good idea. We just have to slowly wait for them to slowly come to their senses on each subject I guess? By slowly… on their track record… its years.

So it’s not a team game you play with your friends. Got it. Good to know.