My friends and I are being punished because we're GM?

So you’re actually saying that you abused a 3-stack to hit GM and can’t even solo queue to GM? Yikes. I’ve solo queued 3 accounts from diamond to GM in 1 season, and I don’t even consider myself a good player. Guess it’s time for you to drop to your real rank and stop ruining GM games with a 3-stack. ://


I think they’re saying that they think the top rank should be a rank that requires communication skills to hit.

Currently GM is a bit of a meaningless rank due to how easy it is to hit.

I’m sure they can hit 4000 as a solo queue…


Easy when you play broken heroes sure… Mercy - Brig meta

stop being melodramatic.

you can still play with them, just not in every game.

your “primary” friends are still there, you just need to adapt to the feature to play with either one of them. base your time around that.

custom games, etc. it’s not the end of the world.

Historically you’ve been able to get to GM basically by just existing as heroes like Lucio, Mercy, Rein, Winston or Brig, simply due to how low the skill barrier to play them is and how universally they are needed but underpicked.

It certainly helps when they become broken OP (there’s usually at least one…)

I’m no GM, but I watch my fair share of streams. Three-stacking raises more than a few eyebrows in GM it seems like, esp in the top 500. People do it, so everyone else has to do it to compete. Was it last season or the season before when Boostio and Circci were jockeying for #1? There were several top 50 three-stacks in the final days of the season b/c how else are you supposed to win if there is even one other group doing it. IMO, they should split solo queue comp from stacking comp so there are two separate leader boards.

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Just don’t play competitive then…? There’s other modes.

If this were over all ranks that affected most of you, the forums would be in a riot.

It’s just “suck it up” because I’m gm and you this isn’t a problem most of you will ever face.

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the casual / lower ranks have (mostly) adjusted to the many hero changes based on grandmaster, contenders and league play and feedback. even if there was an outrage (which i can see and do not refute) slowly but surely people would adjust to it, should they continue to the play the game.

you make it sound like you’re never going to enjoy your time playing again and that it’s the end of the world because you’re reduced to only one other member. if you all still play as religiously as you do, and are close as you imply, then it should not be an issue (if it’s just a mix of a duo between the three of you.)

if the other modes aren’t fun to you, i’m not sure what to tell you. if this truly is the deal breaker, then it’s time to move on.

Who wants to play a team game at a high level with randoms?


My friends are scared to play with me because of my high level.
Turns out that the higher the level, the more difficult the games can be for lower levels (casual players).
High level as in high level not SR. just to clarify

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Did I miss something? GM can only solo or duo que now? What about six stacks against six stacks? Because if you can do that you can just take your 3 stack to LFG and pair up with another 3 stack.

Post earlier today about it.

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That’s unfortunate, I’m not in GM but I can understand the reasons why they did this. Maybe they can implement a separate que for 6 stacks in GM to go against other 6 stacks. And the other que can be for solo and duo que?


Actually competitive should have two separate-modes

“Solo&Duo” for most of the people without a premade.
“3 stacks & 6 stacks” for people with teams like you.

Playing on a premade of 3 people is a huge disvantaje vs any soloer in any rank


Friends? In Overwatch? in GM?

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Obviously not my real life friends, but they’re friends I made through competitive gaming that I now spend time in real life with. Happens a lot at the top of any game, even in Siege I play against the same people every night. You make friends.

They really need to make a seperate Q for 3+ stack or something… maybe consolidate some servers or something, idk. This does seem sort of odd, considering it’s a online game and everything.

Absolutely this. I do not know why everyone prefers solo solo queue advantage over stack advantage.

Because a lot of people are allergic to teamwork