My friends and I are being punished because we're GM?

That should work for you.


There should be an organized team league for six stacks to play each other in.

You’d have to schedule games, though.

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LOL, liar … i play against GMs all the time …


‘Primary friends’ that is pretty concerning and excluding of other fellow players.

Definitely not saying you, just saying in a general sense : what if…the players that strictly only play with there stacks are now going to fall in to lower ranks because they can’t maintain the rank they always have been able to with the friends. Now, solo que individuals are going to rise up in the ranks a bit more and stir up the pot?


to be fair i don’t think majority of gm+ players will shed tears over not being able to multi stack anymore, in fact i’m willing to bet vast majority is going to be rejoicing. :smiley:


They could just have it like LoL’s system (I don’t actually know if it’s the same anymore). Teams are organized with set players on the team that you can queue with. Go up against other teams of similar skill rating and advance and fall as a team.

I think having scheduled tournament events would be fine. Scheduled games would probably be a bit too much to ask your average player of though since different groups will want to schedule their own times to play. For instance, I have two friends from Alaska I play with late at night because that’s the only time we can play together. They have a 3 year old and other things to do that limit their time we can play together any more. I’d love to play with them, but if games were scheduled there’s a good chance of me not being able to play with them in a setting like that.

Solo players ranking up will just be a byproduct of lowering the efficiency of teamwork required to reach grand master.

It’s a freaking team game, it isn’t a solo game.

Even as a three stack, I consider going up against a six stack of top 500s a privilege. It’s the privilege of grand master to be playing against the best, using the dominant strategies, the closest thing that a normal every day player like myself can get to competing at a top level.

For the record it’s not like my rank is going to tank from this, I’m not complaining about that. My rank will go up if anything because I’ve never six stacked.


Wait, you aren’t allowed to play with your friends in GM ? wtf ??? Since I only solo Q I wasn’t aware of it O.ô

I just want to put out there, just because you’re a solo player does not mean you’re automatically not working as a team with whomever you end up with. I think it should still be possible to reach GM alone. It’ll obviously be harder because your teams aren’t going to be as consistent (five randoms instead of four or fewer for instance).

It’s a new change starting this upcoming season. Here’s the quote.


They’re reducing the max GM stack to 2. Its basically impossible to matchmake a 6 stack of GMs.

I’m surprised they’ve done this but they still won’t implement a true solo queue for ranked, not really sure what’s stopping them from doing it


It would destroy the ability to play in anything but a 6 stack. Nobody is going to go into the regular queue solo if the solo queue exists.

Eh, you will probably drop anyways and then you can play with them again. And yeah, at that point, I guess you avoid going over 4k.


Oh wow ! This game is getting better and better with time…
“In an effort to have higher quality and more fun matches for everyone” OMEGALUL

More fun for who ? The low level players ???

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People have complained about high rank stacks for years. The matchmaker can’t find a good match so it gives up and sets up a really uneven one. It sucks for the victim team.


It certainly has it’s downsides, but it sort of makes sense. When they put a stack versus a bunch of solo players they typically give the solos a decent SR advantage. One side has more organization but it’s semi balanced out by the other team having statistically better players. When you get to the upper SR range it’s tough to give one team an SR advantage as there just aren’t higher SR players available.

More fun for[quote=“Buttsmasher-21145, post:31, topic:338404”]
? wtf ??? Since I only solo Q I wasn’t aware of it O.ô

I would benefit from this elo wise since I’m only losing 33% of my team over the 66% that six stacks are.

Still think it’s terrible, even if beneficial to me.


Definitely - there is always someone that will be abuse the system and mess it up for everyone else. Sorry you and your buddies are getting effected in this way.
Maybe you and your friends should take your strats to OD and then to contenders :stuck_out_tongue:
On a side note, I wish they would add a standard/wild competitive ladder that could make the most of both worlds. One ladder could be strict 2-2-2 solo/(maybe duo) que where the other is unlimited variance. My favorite note from Calvin when being asked about multiple accounts in top 500 is “earn it.” They all had to grind through the ranks too - just in a quicker fashion because they’re used to playing at such a high level all the time.

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You know, I’m not sure the playerbase is quite large/skilled enough for that to ever be true. Getting to grandmasters as a solo-queue doesn’t require any sort of communication, nor mechanical skill if you pick the right hero. Being in the top 1% of OW players is still… not that impressive when you compare to the top 1% of other shooters.

I don’t really see the point of this change, as it wasn’t true before the change and it will continue to not be true after the change. All it does it prevent those who want to play the game as it was primarily intended to be played.

I could see being a solo-queue player as a reasonable requirement for holding a t500 icon, and that wouldn’t bar anyone from playing competitive as a team because they like competitive. You’d just sacrifice the icon.