Moira is the better pick over mercy

Maybe the off healer should try contributing something in that case?

Also, Mercy is the second best healer in terms of raw healing, even above Ana. She heals a lot better than she gets credit for.

Yeah, she is viable all over. Not the best, but not bad.

Her pick rates are now indicative of how fun she is to play, which is… well, not as great as she once was.

I’m just happy to have someone who wants to run support, so I don’t get upset at any support picks.

I just don’t play her now myself, because I don’t like how she plays these days.

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I see this comment being made a lot. And I think Animetic herself said it best.

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I think that now all are better of Mercy.
Also a Brigitte that continues healing, makes more <.<
Also because they’re going to dmg too

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I mean, if Mercy drastically underperformed other healers, she’d have a terrible winrate, but she doesn’t.

I don’t find her fun either (never have) but I’m not going to complain about having one as a teammate. The stats say she’s as viable as anyone else.


And soak damage on the shield as well!

Brigitte is a damn good support in so many ways.

Moria and Ana both stuggle to heal in dps heavy comps.

Moria over heals dps and she ends up running out.

Ana struggles to hit dps and her nade is only really good if you’re ground up. So poor for mobility hero’s.

Mercy is more reliable, can heal dps better and damage boost for supporting dps.


I think if you look at it in a vacuum like that

Mercy still beats out Ana due to Valk healing


Umm no she isn’t.
Once when she runs out of healing she has no use for the team.

You must be referring to Animetic then, which is where I have referenced my quote.

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Oh yeah, Mercy is the DPS enabling support for sure. If she was in a better place, I’m not sure we would have so much goating going on in the higher ranks.

I’m more just I guess, kinda sad at how fun she is to play these days. I really loved her old flowing style, and it just makes me a little more down on her than I should be.

I used to love playing her, but those days have long gone.

You are right though, she is viable, even good in some setups.


I think the cause-effect on that is a little more in the other direction - DPS are weak, so you don’t see Mercy played. Mercy is not weak in ways that affect DPS.

The problem with DPS and supports in general these days is that TTK is so fast that DPS die before they can be healed, so in general supports don’t make much difference to them.

what are you trying to say?

Historically, whenever she has been in a bad spot compared to other supports, we would have a tank meta.

Currently Ana is picked over her in silver, which, literally has never happened before in the game.

Sure, Ana’s win rate is really bad, but people still would rather Ana than Mercy, which, I think is a pretty good sign that something has gone wrong there.

I think that she isn’t fun any more, so people would rather lose than play as her. A more friendly view, might be that she doesn’t feel as strong as Ana, even when she is stronger in some ranks.

Either way is a problem.

Yeah, which I think is why they are looking at making her damage boost stronger, since that WILL have an effect.


Mostly useless because healing is the least useful part of a support in such compositions.

People have always gravitated to Ana even when she’s bad. She has an extremely appealing gameplay style, particularly to DPS players who have to flex support.

Mercy has had the lowest winrate percentage among supports for the past 6 months, only beaten by Ana.

She still currently has the lowest winrate among supports, only beaten by Ana.

Looking at the stats, it’s important to consider that Ana maintains nearly double the pickrate percentage Mercy has had for almost a half a year now. To me, that means that even if Ana performs worse, more people are finding her more fun, engaging, rewarding, and impactful to play, over Mercy, which is also a problem that I think is worth the devs looking into (which from what we know, they’re currently at least considering at the moment).

In short, people are just not playing Mercy as much anymore and have seemingly started playing Moira, Lucio, and Ana instead. I’d include Baptiste, but it’s still too early to include them in the study.

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Even during the 3 tank meta when Ana was crazy strong, Mercy’s pick rate in the lower ranks have completely over shadowed Ana.

This is seriously new. I’ll go dig up the pick rates.

http s://

This is just after the Mercy rez change I think, but her pick rates at lower ranks always looked like this. Crazy high.

There wasn’t a moment in Mercy 1.0’s entire existence which didn’t look like this in the lower ranks.

Was she crazy strong? Not really, Lucio had better win rates for most of it, but she was fun on a stick.

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I mean realistically, why would you want a Mercy in a deathball meta? She’s not designed for that and she never has been.

Mercy shines when she can make the most use out of her mobility and consistency. In a Deathball comp where you’re playing Ana, Moira or Baptiste and you can virtually just LMB + W since you’re bound to heal SOMEONE, yeah, Mercy isn’t going to get much value.

But the tides are changing and higher ranks are moving away from GOATS and more towards Snipers, Dive Tanks and Flankers, and Mercy is correspondingly seeing an uptick as her synergies are being played more and more.

This week in GM she is the 5th most played hero, and if the meta continues to shift the way it currently is, expect her to take a bigger and bigger slice of that support pickrate pie.

Why is Symmetra listed as a support lol

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