Moira is the better pick over mercy

so please stop playing mercy in my games where the enemy team is outputting so much burst damage, mercy or brig or lucio or zen cannot compensate for healing more than 1 person (to full health without someone else dying)

pls just accept that mercy isnt as viable anymore. thank u rant over.

moira and ana/baptise comps should be the new meta with exceptions for map types and what the enemy team is running.


In an ideal world many heroes should be viable, if they aren’t then further balancing and/or a rework is something that needs considering and not instead to leave a hero eventually abandoned and/or ignore community feedback/ideas for some of the following reasons (at the very least, I’m sure there’s more):

  • Because the hero was overpowered for a while, due to poor balancing and not fault of the players who liked and/or played the hero
  • Because the hero is generally hated and should remain unviable or very niche
  • Because the hero isn’t meta, simply

While Moira and even Ana are likely to deliver more impact individually, compared to Mercy who is a fair bit more reliant on her teammates, that doesn’t mean Mercy should effectively be left behind especially given how few heroes there are in the support category (main healers).


Both can be used in specific scenarios and has strengths and weaknesses


tough, I play what I want


It really depends on the rank, but, it is what everyone is thinking anyway.

Where Mercy is good, Moira is WAY better. Where Moira is bad, Ana is way better.

There is no place for a Mercy now.

I mean, people can still play her, but, there is usually someone better to play.


What if I want to play Mercy for damage boost and resurrect?
All Moira can do is raw healing and orbs. As well a laser attack.


Then go for it, having someone who WANTS to support is rare enough, I won’t be upset at anything they want to take :slight_smile:

A Mercy OTP is better than a DPS who doesn’t want to be there on Ana.


really the only time mercy is viable is for pocketing pharah or ashe. even in dive, she isn’t as good (as someone who has played mercy for nearly 400 hrs, i’ve since quit after the 50hps nerf)

but i played her recently for dive in comp and it was a mess. we won but it was close

Yeah I understand, which probably also means Mercy’s kit should be looked at again if all she’s really primarily useful for these days is being a pocket to a damage dealer.


Mercy is strong and viable.

She has the best mobility, most reliable healing, and possibly the best utility between damage boost and rez.


I have that 400 hours too, and I left at the same time, I ran other supports for a bit, but ultimately I left for Mei, what are you running?

Viable, but I won’t play her outside of a 6 stack with friends. It is just, horrible to play now.

She used to be the most loved of all the supports, but, those days? they are LONG gone.

People will play Ana over her in Silver, they know they can’t make Ana work, but it is more fun than Mercy is now, so I don’t blame them at all. The situation just gets worse as you get further up, since, Ana becomes more viable, and now just “not garbage to play”


baptise has better utility than mercy. 20 (?) sec immortality ability > 30 sec rez


depends on the comp and skill level.

For below plat and/or goats, you’re right.

Moira and Mercy are strong in different situations.

Mercy favours DPS heavy comps.
Moira favours Tank heavy comps.

But, if you have the skill, you’re playing Ana or Bap anyway.

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Honestly, play what you want, but moira’s raw healing can prevent the deaths mercy would need to res, and she can deal enough damage to make up for the lack of damage boost, no?

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That isn’t how Blizzard does balance. Blizzard has historically done pendulum balance where different things take turns being OP. They’ve done it that way at least as far back as the original Starcraft series.

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i’ve been playing ana and moira ofc when i need to. zen if i feel like discord and trans will be helpful for my team. and whenever i’m not filling, i play mei and zarya as well.

overall, moira is the go to healer now

Unfortunately this is true, although this isn’t how a game should be balanced either.

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To OP:

there are circumstances when Mercy is the better pick, and there are circumstances when Moira is the better pick

A team will be generally be better off with an experienced Mercy over an inexperienced Moira as well, even when circumstances are better for a Moira


That sounds about right. I played around with all of them, and then settled on Mei.

I have a lot more fun playing now, so there is that going for it :slight_smile: