"Moira is overreacting"

I agree, but the change hasn’t gone through yet. I think it’s obvious they want the fade changes to happen, but the orb change… we shall see.

Yeah, they basically made Grav and Flux ultimatums for every hero now.

So when they said they’re mostly balancing for GM and OWL, they basically meant they were balancing certain heroes for GM and OWL. Because this Moira change will add nothing at high level and will make her a lot worse around Gold to Diamond.

Remember how I said it’s not just about counters? We’re talking about barrier-to-entry, accessibility, and skill scaling. A 15hr Moira exhibits all the carry potential of a 70hr Moira. There are almost no trickshots available in her kit, except maybe fading CC with healing orbs and body blocking low hp targets as part of your upkeep. Getting the most out of Moira (from an algorithmic complexity standpoint) literally comes down to body blocking crucial dmg/effects registration.

It’s flat. And Moira mains are almost indistinguishable. Who wants a flat hero design with flat hero progression and flat skill differentiation? Maybe the accessibility crowd does - but 4-years into this game it’s time to leave Epcot Center.

That said, the fade changes didn’t feel like enough compensation. I tried many times to fade e.g. riptires or dva bombs for my team - and the timing margin was so thin they still wiped. Muscle memory played a big part, and 9/10 times I was forced to use fade to relocate for a heal on someone low hp and exposed. So probably not the world’s best balance proposal.

Oh no, now you actually need to look in a proximity of the enemy to deal damage? My god!

Imagine trying to shoot down Genji with Sym’s alt fire and you probably have a good idea of how this new orb will work.

trying to fix a hated frustrating hero to make the game better for everyone.

for the sake of consistency.
theyre prolly using the same code on moira’s fade.

1 moira main less PogU

And fading into allies was very unintuitive because it was always an escape ability. If people hated dps Moira already now it’s only dps Moira. Even worse Moira gets ults faster by dpsing rather than healing which only further enforces a dps play style.
And the fact that both reaper and moira can’t escape grav/flux is just dumb, the game is more and more inconsistent about what heroes can do and can’t in different situations.

I love how you only took the Biotic Grasp part and ignored the rest.

Did you seriously think they would just leave you alone? After all you did to their favourite heroes? After you were pain for Genji players for a while?

Nooo, you won’t get away that easy.

Change isn’t even close to a buff.

Experimental Moira in a nutshell:

Effectively removed damage orb from the game (bad value to use because of the risk of a 0 value outcome. Remember it shares a cooldown with healing orb which means you have to evaluate one vs the other. There were many reasons to fire a damage orb over a healing orb previously, most of which have now been removed).

Orbs hit barriers. Only bounce once.
Fade CD +2s.
Biotic Grasp Nerf.
Fade can’t escape gravs.

100% damage reduction for 1 second to Moira and team after fade ability ends. No cleanse.

The utility is a non-factor when applied to Moira’s escape ability (now with increased CD). Moira can’t afford to use her escape for a chance to save a team mate from an ability. She lives in the ability dangerzone where stuns, displacements and high damage output resides. There’s no cleanse effect anymore, it’s just a 1 second damage reduction / block. 99% of the time this utility will be useful will be by accident, when Moira happens to fade to escape something, lands next to a team mate at just the right moment when a Hanzo arrow comes in.

Honestly, it’s actually a negative change for the game as it will only add frustration for other players when Moira blocks something with complete luck.

Sure, top level players may be able to time the skill to save someone proactively, but top level players also know how important fade is for survival and probably will not go for this type of move very often.


Yeah this essentially removes damage orb from the game unless it’s in a corridor with no shields or your Zarya gravs the enemy team.

Yup. You can also fire it at a spawn door for ult charge at the start of a round, but it’s not that beneficial because the enemy team gain ult charge healing it back up too.

Very rare to get good enough value from this ability now compared to saving the ability for when healing is required.

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Just as you all told Mercy players to get over with Mercy 2.0 and every nerf after that, you can get over this.

No sympathy for your feels.

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There should be easy heroes so that those who aren’t very skilled can contribute.

How about not implementing such discrimination?

you didn’t read Molly’s post nor the patch notes closely enough:

Now, it cannot cleanse negative effects or easily allow people to escape Sigma or Zarya ultimates

bro, theres no use talking sense in the forums, just leave.

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Pretty much EVERY place I’ve seen discuss these changes agree this is a net nerf for Moira. The forums, /r/overwatch, heck even /r/competitiveoverwatch users are saying this is a net nerf.