"Moira is overreacting"

To avoid damage and perhaps there’s a Lucio, you could use speed boost to either get away or push in during that time, while avoiding a ton of damage.

it will deal 720dmg at max :smiley: it deals 120 to each. the other one i don’t know where the number comes from lol. 1350dmg… how is that possible with 60 dmg :smiley:

Similar tech is all that was.

I remember you specifically bragging many times on this forum about how you don’t mind if they nerf Moira, since you’re so good you’ll adapt. 12000 posts.

As a Moira main it was always very strange to see.

it is goind to cleanse at the start, but not the end. so i think this is kinda fine-.

I still don’t get this argument that 100% all orb dmg is less reliable dmg then say 50-70% and that’s a guess, could be lower.

Ya but you can’t apply all kinds of nerfs and changes to that rhetoric. Like, let’s be reasonable about it and realize that when OP said nerf they probably didn’t mean this.

Get away from Moira!
blizz, Want to fix someone? Nerf RANDOMzo and reflect-blader. Also one shot hook

No, it keeps dealing 60 dps to everyone in range until 120 damage has been dealt to the person it latched onto, meaning damage reduction will increase its uptime.

If it latches onto an Orisa who is using fortify, it will deal 120 damage to her, but 240 damage to everyone around her. 240 * 5 = 1200 + 120 = 1320. And sorry I made a mistake, its 1320, not 1350. :slight_smile:
edit: i forgot it’s limited to 3 seconds, so it’s actually 180 * 5 = 900 + 120 = 1020. Still ridiculous damage for a support to be capable of putting out with minimal effort.

And suppose you had this clairvoyant ability… you’ve now just popped up in the exact place where your teammate is going to die, with 8 seconds before you can hastily relocate. In essence, you have have now subjugated yourself as the new primary target and will be dead shortly.

I disagree with people who claim Moira did not have any utility and thus needed some. Her survivability is utility. Ability to stay alive and provide good heals & consistent damage as support is very valuable. There’s a reason why I switch to Moira when supporting for an uncoordinated team. Because she can survive and multitask. Now they are giving her this “utility” at the cost of her own survivability… and nerfed Reaper too in the process. Lul.

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I like the changes, moira is boring and annoying to play against for me. This might help.

Interesting take. I never thought of utility like that. I usually think of something like boosting ally stats (Lúcio speed boost or Orisa ult) or stuns/cc to set up kills. Never have I thought that being a healer who sustains themselves to keep healing would be considered it’s own unique utility.

Well played

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They made an effect for it. It was fairly clear to me they were stuck on the idea because actual art assets were created. By the point that happened they weren’t going to readily drop the idea altogether.

Correct, you misunderstood. Orb is limited to 120 dmg, so if there are two people then each will get damaged by 60.

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Incorrect, it does 60 dps to all nearby targets until the person it has latched onto has received 120 damage. It does more than 120.

…ok, you have no clue how the game works if you honestly think that

Seriously, that was the opinion of most of the Moira players at the time.

It sounded super strong but just really wasn’t at all.


I love how pretty much everyone was like “The only good thing about fade is now we can counter Nade.”

Blizzard: “Oh? There was something good about the changes? Better fix that!”


remove the damage immunity and add the cleanse!

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