"Moira is overreacting"

The messages I received last time I was on.

But here we are they continue to want to nerf Moira even though she is not in a good spot in the higher ranks.


I’m never coming back to this game honestly, you always buff/nerf the wrong heroes and gut heroes that don’t even deserve to be gutted.

Just a FYI this was a CONTENT creators discord idea with the orb. PROOF they are getting all the say in this game just from special treatment.


this change is a buff lol


How exactly?

Damage Biotic Grasp significantly harder to use with no upside.
Damage Orb’s max damage reduced by 80.
Damage Orb made much less useful vs heroes who can dodge it.
Damage Orb made much less useful vs tanks because it just dies on barriers.

Unless I’m completely wrong, Moira will cease to be a fantastic duelist if this change goes live. Arguably she won’t be any kind of damage threat at all… which is really bad because at present, she brings massive heals and damage and that’s it.

Unless the group fade thing is crazy good… it is a very very hard nerf.


No. It’s a huge nerf. We saw it last time, fading allies barely has any impact at all, it is too hard to use effectively.

Her primary was nerfed, Damage orb got the halt treatment and was basically removed from the game, and fade got nerfed. Those are the changes that will actually have a meaningful effect.


you mean you actually have to aim?

imo the utility will be really good thats why I think its a buff

is it that bad??


I thought they already went over those fade changes and agreed they felt horrible.

The orb changes feel terrible. Everything about it is so restricting

I’m tired of them putting out new expirementals about Moira that make her feel terrible to play as.


The fact that you think this is a nerf shows just how little you actually know about this game.


Huge nerf for a hero that’s already been trashed. This is just pandering to the #deletemoira crowd.


The fact that you think this is a buff shows just how little you know about this game.


I mean… You kinda are LITERALLY overacting, right now, by definition. So they were right then, and are probably right now?


doesn’t sound too bad after reading patch notes again. have to try the change.

The only “buffs” in the Experimental patch are the Fade damage immunity and damage orb gaining a negligible 10 more DPS, except the rest of her kit excluding ult was pretty heavily nerfed one way or another. I think you need to recount what you think buffs means because that ain’t it.


It’s more along the lines of… current Moira doesn’t need a whole ton of aim (for very good reasons) but to balance that, her “gun” has kind of low raw output. They’re making it so she needs to aim quite a bit more… but… still has the same kind of low raw output.

Isn’t that how skill elitists claim things are supposed to work? Hard to use = Better output? Well, Moira just got harder to use… where’s the better output?


It’s a massive nerf. The day MT with barriers comes back to life, Moira’s dead on her orbs.

The fade extra stuff isn’t currently worth the value of losing escape to 2 major tank ultimates and the extra cooldown without the cleanse. Even less for reaper’s viability.

On the other hand, since everyone likes complaining, think what it means, support-wise, this might be a major Brigitte buff as the orb can be nullified on the shield.

Brig might actually win in range of Moira in a 1v1 scenario I think.


No, you should unilaterally hate and judge any change at first glance, without giving it any kind of chance, dammit! What do you think we are, reasonable people, here?


alot of people do this on the forums


People are just d :duck: cks. Best you can do is ignore them unfortunately.

4real lmao.

And finally, I can agree with you that Moira will not be in a good spot if the changes go live. Never thought I’d see the day tbh.

y tho? utility seems good and isn’t that what alot of moira mains wanted?

Moira one tricks be against change even though their hero is currently dumpster tier and could use the change.


I’m not a Moira main, but this is my general opinion:

  • Adding utility to fade without giving her drawbacks on healing will just turn her into Baptiste 2.0, or like any other hero with buttloads of utility.
  • Reducing attach angle in itself is fine, but then she needs a buff to damage her as raw damage output still sucks. Only reason her damage was very good beforehand was because you don’t have to aim.
  • New damage orb changes I actually don’t really know, but they sound okay on paper.
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