"Moira is overreacting"

its not a net nerf

making aiming harder is not really a nerf, considering getting 100% accuracy when tracking with her is still not that hard

damage orb was always useless

fade changes are 100% a buff

The overwhelming majority of the Overwatch community disagrees with you, but go off

It’s… It’s called Experimental for a reason.

However, I think they’re on the right track with her S U C C beam and Fade. The Orb change was just dumb, oopsie.

IMO, compared to Live Moira they should:

  • keep Fade as it is on Experimental, that is a great change; all Support characters should have UTILITY TO HELP OR SAVE ALLIES THAT’S NOT JUST HEALING.
  • S U C C B E A M attach angle reduced by 20%, but self-heal increased to 25hps (possibly even 30hps, since she will have Fade less often per match).
  • Moira’s Orbs will need a functionality rework eventually. It’s a fun mechanic for it to be a bouncy bawl in a brawl. But it’s an unfun thing to deal with; same with anything else that has auto-aim so that’s to be expected. This should be done at a later date, since the Fade/Biotic Grasp touch-up would be enough for one update.

The team Fase doesn’t cleanse. It is only a 1s fade and Moira loses her escape m, placing herself in danger to Fade a team mate.

The damage orb gets deleted by barriers as if the barriers were defense matrix.

To attach an orb it must be almost in line with the target hit box. It’s stupid easy to dodge at anywhere beyond close range.

With only one bounce it is gone more often than it hits.

If it hits a single target in the open it was better than live. If it hits a single target in cqc it is worse than live.

Moira gets most value from group heals. The current “meta” and direction some people want this game to go in makes group heals useless in most situations.

So, Moira can’t use her escape if she wants to maybe save a team mate with 1s of fade which is not likely to be a huge impact in game play like the dev noted say they want.

She is less effective at doing damage with her orb over all.

She is les effective as a healer.

None of these changes helps her find a place in the current game.

I’m fine with the damage beam hit detection. However,

Less grouping men’s less effective healing means using more healing to keep multiple team mates alive which means having to use fade more to reposition to another team mate to get in range to heal them.

This men’s her group fade is not being used. It also means she uses more healing juice in general.

Meaning she has to duel more often than live just to keep up.

All thee changes are counter productive to their stated goals.

Last time i knew 720 damage insted of 200 damge from the Orb was a massive BUFF.
Also having moira not fall out of Sig’s ult makes a counter play card for the moira to fade out the damage from the ult.
As it is right now fade is only usefull for moira and having the ability be usefull for teams would make moira better over all.

I do not understand how you guys think this is a nerf in any way.
The orb does 120 to the player that it is stuck on, and that damge is delt within 2 sec of the orb hitting the player.

Also the orb does 60 dps to ALL players around the player that is stuck by the orb which in turn if you have
(6 players inside range A at 60 dps per sec in side of range A and the ability lasts 2 sec = 120 damge delt to each hero within side range A = to 720 damge )

So moira is less spamy, deals more over all damge to a team but has to aim and hit her target with the orb.
That is a very fair trade off in my opinion.
Having it only be able to hit one wall before it dies is also a trade off to the damge out put it can do.

The old orb did damge over a long time and it only could do a base damge of 200. This was also spred out among all players so the over all damge of the orb if it was on 6 players was 33.33ect per player.

The orb dying to shields i think also is needed, having the orb be able to go though shields has always been something that i disliked, yes i can block the orbs damage with my sheild but being able to kill the orb is much more counter play for main tanks and not having to relay on Sig/Dva to eat the damge orb.

Also having the fade be able to be a skill based ability means that good players will be super good with the hero and lower skilled players will not have a broken hero to play doe to the ability being skill based again.
Also not having negative effects not be cleaned off of heroes when the ability is used drops the power spike of the other change we tested from the last Card, in the last card that was the biggest problem with the buff.

So ya i have a different opinion on this 100%, i think it is a good idea but like the Devs said this will not be going live as of right now.

This is meaningless when you could step to the side for half a second and stop taking damage. If a single person ever took more than 50 damage, they made a stupid mistake for one reason or another. Meanwhile, if you ever were getting a full 200 damage out of an orb, you were literally just throwing it into a group for trash damage to get a little bit of ult charge, and never for the pick potential.

Now you’re guaranteed to either take out half your opponents health or force a CD they would otherwise save for someone else, or for an actual escape instead of dodging an ability they could easily just walk away from before.

She is straight up more threatening in duels now. The trade off is she also needs more skill to put out that threat.

The only thing I would say is buff the move speed a bit more to be more in line with other projectiles like rockets or arrows. Right now 25 m/s is the same as a Sym orb, which doesnt exactly win her prizes. (Its only acceptable because of how often she can throw them out, and even then… Eh)

Why are they even touching her? There are 20 hero’s who need looking at before she does

Well this content creator isnt paying their wages so they may want to rethink


On paper, it really doesn’t seem that impressive. A good Moira isn’t really using the damage orb to attack the enemy team in a group, though she might toss one out before a team fight to get some quick ult charge. It’s really there to fend off a fast Genji or Tracer diving her. It’s SUPPOSED to be easy to aim, because hitting those characters at point blank is absurdly difficult with a traditional aim intensive hero, especially when she’s simultaneously trying to heal her team.

Same with her beam, which already has low DPS. This makes it harder to aim with the same low damage. It’s a net nerf.

Fade is used to ESCAPE damage. The invulnerability change would require you to dive into damage to work, which is pointless when someone like Baptiste can do something similar while remaining OUT of danger. And a one-second leeway may be fine for, like, OWL players connected by LAN, but for most of us that kind of narrow timing is borderline useless online, any lag just messes up the timing. And they increased the cooldown. AND, again, Baptiste can do something similar for far longer.

Looks like a net nerf to me, and she’s not in a great place already. Plus it apparantly requires Reaper to be nerfed as well to work, which is silly, he’s even worse off.


It’s not that hard to understand. They’ve said it before.

Moira fade is consistent with Reaper wraith. If Moira or Reaper get a CC change to wraith/fade, the other one will as well.

Damage Biotic Grasp significantly harder to use with no upside.
so ? you require skill to play moira now r u mad ? Moira was the hero that required no aim, now you at least need to be able to trace like at least on a zarya beam level. Why would that be a nerf ? Thats just how it should’ve been always.

Damage Orb’s max damage reduced by 80.
Stop lying to yourself, now it does damage more reliably, old orb was rng / dependent on enemies walking inside it.

Damage Orb made much less useful vs heroes who can dodge it.
Same as the old orb, if you throw old orb at heroes who can dodge it, they would take 25dmg and dodge, go away. Now at least if you actually hit it before they react and dodge, it just sticks free 120 dmg instead of 25. I don’t get what is your argument here ? It’s not like old orb sticked to enemies who dodged it.

Damage Orb made much less useful vs tanks because it just dies on barriers.

So moira got reworked/buffed to reward your skill. And you have a team fade, which adds even more skill ceiling to character. She had none before.

This post is literally joke, " moira requires more skill now ??? WHY ??? "

the card says its not going live or at least (most likely these changes will not go live)

I think these changes are interesting but the damage orb feels so weird in experimental. Maybe they could test damage orb with all the changes without the damage and stick mechanic. I mean with:

  • The Orb is destroyed if it hits an enemy barrier
  • Reduced max number of bounces to 1 or maybe 2
  • And the same projectile speed 20

The limited number of bounces is working with the fact it latches, the dmg orb as it is needs to bounce to be effective as it can rarely deplete by just passing by.

It would be interesting to get it stick to shields with the same mechanic as tracer’s sticky.

Still one of the easiest “primary” damage abilities to land.

Only if it’s used on a single target and that target is a literal bot stating in orb for the full 200 dmg, otherwise it’s a dmg buff because it’s guaranteed 120 dmg when stuck unless cleansed which currently only zarya can do and up to 720 dmg when hitting multiple targets, especially potent in grav.

This is were orb is nerfed, it’s not consistent free value anymore which is mostly seen for ult charge by throwing in the vague direction of the enemy team or getting a random kill across the map. However, those same hero’s would at most take 20-50 damage before the orb sails off or the step to the side as opposed to 120 damage if you actually hit the target, that consistency was exchanged for a more potent damage orb that honestly has far better uses than just free ult charge.

Only if you play her like a bot and throw it Willy nilly or the tank outplays you, which counter-play was added because again the orb is more potent now, sticking it on a tank is especially good seeing how most tend to stack on their tank allowing you to take full advantage of that aoe.

She’s still a good duelist just harder to use but arguably stronger when used correctly. They’ve raised her skill ceiling and added more potential which is a good thing especially for higher ranks who didn’t see value in Moira but can take advantage of these changes more consistently. Also they’re looking at adding more than just dmg/healing with her as we see with the fade changes, however where I do agree with the apocalyptic Moira’s is the cleanse should have remained on the fade ability and would give Moira much better utility whist adding another source of “cleanse” to the game which is needed.

Zarya doe 95 dps with 0 charge. You are making Moira aim for 50 dps. You are supposed to be rewarded for aiming, you’re not. Making somebody track for the lowest dps in game

No because you could use bounces and the fact that it goes through barriers to deny entire areas where enemies were. You know this game has these things called choke points where they were basically unavoidable. Now it’s easy to dodge, it has a 1 meter range, that is smaller than a quick melee range of your hero.

a 33% increase in CD that is your only source of mobility and disengage tool for 1 sec of damage immunity after which you’ll spent 8 seconds stuck in a danger zone without it. Woooo!!!

I think Moira could have used the TEam Cleanse effect on Fade instead the team FAde effect… That way she could hard-counter Ana.

Blizzard clearly wants supports to sacrifice themselves more often. I were not doing that on Mercy and not going to do that on any other hero.

Blizzard interns really dropping the ball here with Moira orb.


I think the interaction with zarya barriers is the most aggravating one yet. If your orb just happens to hit a zarya, she can bubble it for charge and the orb remains stuck on her and doesn’t deal damage. But she can also just pre-bubble and vanish your orb completely.

Sombra translocator and Tracer recall don’t remove the orb either. :joy:

Who the heck is coding these things? And who thought this was a good idea in the first place?

I just keep trying the orb changes :

The projectile is too slow and too visible to be skilled at more than 20m distance where any noob can avoid it. To get latched as this distance you have to have suddenly lost your hand, be drunk or unaware it’s a damage orb. The only bounce and the fact the latching radius is so small wont allow any trick shot by rebound (or it can but with a huge luck).

It has to be used at very close range or in the middle of the fight, praying that dva wont accidentaly dyson it, zarya don’t put a bubble, sigma decides to grasp or anyshield goes up in general. And if you land it in the middle of everybody, it’s no more skilled than throwing the actual orb in the middle of the crowd.

Same when you duel some one, if you’re not melee range, chances are the ennemy dodge it by accident, because the latch radius is ultra precise and you get only one chance in 10 sec…

This orb is ultra punitive for random low value result.

I should try more the orb interactions with props tbh (but i guess it’s a bug, not a feature lol)