Missing Noire Widowmaker skin from merge

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now. With the community talking about over priced skins, shouldn’t people be talking about this? The Noire skin is basically priceless and it’s just gone.


I’ve opened multiple tickets for this, I get told there is no time frame for a fix but I should go to the forums. I go to the forums and get no Blizz response about it, go back to tickets since someone at least responds and they stop responding lol. I’ve no idea why this is such an issue. If your entire business model is based around cosmetics now, then that along with gameplay should be your focus. If they aren’t going to restore this skin, or the new ordeal I’ve ran into not compensate people watching their streams with the rewards promised then what is the point? I’m not even complaining about the price of the skins I just want the ones I earned.


I’m flabbergasted that this still hasn’t been fixed.

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I completely agree. How hard is it to reinstate a skin that we own!? That skin is so rare/expensive I wonder if there is legal action we can take.

Still dont have my Noire skin!! Blizzard is not answering my Tickets. What the hell?

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I just got this response from a ticket that was in for 3 weeks.

Greetings -,

We are aware of an issue where some Overwatch 2 skins have not yet been fully integrated into merged accounts. You can keep an eye on our Blue posts in the Forums for any updates here:

“Many players who merged their accounts should be seeing their full collections, but we still have a number of lingering accounts in queue to be resolved. Players affected by this have not lost any of their collection or progress.”

Game Masters are unable to grant missing skins in Overwatch, nor do we have any specific ETA on when the problem will be resolved. If you were affected by this bug, we would ask that you wait for a bug fix from our Devs. We apologize for any inconvenience.


wow, they just basically wants us to “wait” and forget I guess


At least the response I received is getting a little more customized, so maybe it will be ready soon…


I hope you are having a good day, thanks for contacting us about the problem with the Overwatch Origins skins like Widowmaker Noire missing after the console and Battle.netmerge and thanks for your patience while waiting for its resolution.

As a player myself I know how annoying this situation can be, especially when you just want to play but find yourself without these cosmetics.

This is currently a known issue and developers are working so those skins will be added to your account, but it will take a bit more time check: Overwatch 2 Known Issues - October 25, 2022

I got that exact same response, word for word. Not so sure about the “customized” part. But hey, at least they acknowledge it!

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same response here, even when including the preorder transaction number, in-game screenshot on console of widow skins, and in-game screenshot on pc. “Our customer service department is unable to grant unlockables… but our developers are aware of the issue and keep checking back for updates”

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Yeah, this was actually their response to my response…the first email they sent me was more like yours, but prolly because I mentioned the OWL drops problem.

So they’ve updated the instructions for PC players missing Noire Skin after console merging located here Missing Widowmaker Noire Skin After Patch on Consoles - Blizzard Support

However the article they link requires you to login to okta. I’ve tried logging in but nothing works, Anyone else manage to get into it?

That little response they posted is just for those folks who didn’t realize it was an add-on…And also kind of a quick way for them to say “we’ve thought of a fix” even though they still have to find the root of the problem. The steps they provided do not work for most players.

Yep, I’m just getting the “unable to log in”.

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all my info is correct and still “unable to log in”.

what is an okta account, wtf?

I made an account on octa and it didn’t make a difference. But it says that one should log in via your Blizzard account anyway.

Pretty much what i received as well.

I mean they could have added that octa link after actually making it accessible, damn. Now we just have to keep trying and trying until someone notices that it finally works.

Same here, I’ll keep trying till it works