Mic Issue: Unable to join voice chat (PS4)


Hello. I am currently facing this issue where my VC appears to be disabled. The speaker symbol by my name in social has a cross by it and there is no options for me to change it. This problem occurred yesterday.

Is there anybody who is currently experiencing this issue? For those who have rectified this issue, how did you do it?

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Also currently experiencing this, haven’t found away around it yet.


It’s frustrating. I’d like to play comp, but I won’t now due to this. I swear, every time the Summer Games come around, this game becomes buggy as hell.


I hear you there, just hit masters and i dont want to play without coms. I guess I’ll just play lucioball and qp until its fixed.

Also, I talked to Blizzard support on twitter and they said they didn’t know of any widespread issues on ps4 as of yet, so who knows how long it’ll be.


I’m having the same issue I click to join the social interface shows me in it but it never connects


Howdy everyone!

We’ve discovered an issue with Voice Chat on PS4 for some players and are actively investigating it now. Currently no work around for this but we will try to update this thread as we get more information.

No voice chat on PS4

Ingame voice chat doesn’t connect, reconfigured my router open ports and passthrough but still having the issue. The ps4 party chat works perfectly still.


I’m having the same issue. I’ve contacted Sony and Blizzard support to no avail. Just hope it fixes itself is my advice.


I’m having the same issue. Contacted TS and they suggested I set the DNS to Cloudflare ( and I tried that and I tried google’s ( and and no luck with either of them. The manual DNS seems like it used to be the quick fix based on old posts, but doesn’t look like that solves it anymore.


So I moved to my significant other’s PS4 and I’m able to join team chat and group chat on that playstation like normal. The Playstation is running off of the same internet and same router, so the problem must be with my specific playstation. Any ideas?


Are there any setting differences between your console and that of your significant other?


I am also getting this issue, since the summer update began, or soon after.
It briefly worked again after this morning’s server maintenance, don’t know if that’s relevant, but it’s off again


@steezOD Not that I am aware of, though I’m definitely going to check and make sure. Good idea.


Any updates anyone regarding this issue?


Any updates? Its still a problem


I am having the same issue since the Summer Games event began.


Sense the update the other day I have not seen anybody in voice chat, and it will not let me join voice chat when I am in a group.


I’m facing this issue as well and it has persisted for 3 days now. I talked to my friend about it and he’s facing the same issue to. I want to hop on comp but refuse to do so under these circumstances. I wonder if this is a widespread issue. Let me know if you have any leads.


Im having the same problem. I just have to reset the game tons of times until i get lucky.


I have the same problem.