Muted on PS4 (Gray Symbol Next to Username in Social), Need Help


I already called Blizzard & PlayStation and I know/found out the following…

  • Changing the DNS didn’t work
  • I’m not banned from the mic on Blizzard or Sony’s ends
  • Changing my settings to default didn’t work
  • My mic works just fine & I’ve been able to do voice chat prior to recently

Is there anything I’m missing so I can fix this problem? I just want to coordinate with my teammates on Competitive.


You may need to check your router firewall ports as well:

However this is an issue I have seen reported frequently in this thread:


Isn’t that for PC instead of PS4?


The instructions apply for all devices that have firewall features. On PCs there is a Windows Firewall, but you also need to check your modem/router for these port configurations as well regardless of the device connecting to that router and modem.


I’m using a Mac & am unable to find a way to configure the ports mentioned in the link provided. I also followed the directions for macOS & it was already configured in the way specified in the directions.


Please refer to the instructions that come with your Router/Modem to access that device’s port configuration. Chances are this involves opening your web browser entering a local IP like or http://home. You will not be configuring the ports of your Mac itself. If you are not familiar with exactly how to do this, I recommend not continuing and instead check out the follow up thread I posted.


It’s not just you, ever since summer games on ps4 I haven’t been able to join voice chat/group chat


Same here, & I’ve done everything possible to get voice chat working again.