Mercy (open dialogue)

I’m with you on that I think.

(Also this is an open dialogue thread don’t worry)

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Well I’ll be the one to say it rez and valk both need to be removed and she needs a completely new kit.

Most Mercy players already know how to evade and stay alive with her base kit. Valk just puts all that on easy mode taking away from the engagement. She’s a single target healer and Valk takes her prioritization and triage mechanics away. Besides no one is concerned when a Mercy has Valk they can just burn through her heals and if boosting is what she uses it requires her team to be grouped up… leaving them open to dragon blades, graves and many ults that could care less about a damage boosted team via Valk.

Rez on cool down just means use rez if/when its safe. No other mental games required. Is it safe to walk across the street? Yes … then rez. No… dont rez. As someone on the forums once wrote.

Mass rez was a mind game and while not manywho dont play Mercy will understand that, THIS is where the fun was removed. Not in using mass rez but the mind games that came from knowing the enemy team was aware that you might have rez and that they either needed to draw it out or kill you. Although more pitfalls could have been added with LOS and a cast time along with reductionnin damage to make the ability even more risky and rewarding if successful.

However we got an alpha build ultimate that was scraped while it was reworked with flight and too many add-ons that erased Mercy’s overall weaknesses nevermind putting that rez on CD to be reset Genji dash style with Valkyrie? Seriously how do you not look at that on paper and think… “That’s seems a bit excessive for a pure healer.”

It’s rather simple, Mercy is balanced, That I will say, but at a cost of her engagement and impact. Her Ult is lacking, her healing is not on par with other healers but she’s had 50HPS in the past and really isn’t that bad, Damage boosting is reliable but only if you can trust the other supports. The way I see it is the only thing she has going is Rez and to really be effective with it you need to hide and Rez.

She is balanced 100%…but no one wants to play her (unless you main her of course)

No other hero has that problem…thats my issue anyway…i just never want to play her

At this point I want either:

Reconstruction of how her abilities work now:

a) Base kit:

  • leave 50 hps
  • give New “E” ability (which could be projectile that perfectly landed reduces enemy’s dmg by 20-30 %, duration 2,5-4 sec, 12 sec cd)

b) Valkyrie:

  • decrease required charge insignifcantly (it takes too long with 50 hps)
  • increase the main’s beam healing to 80 hps and chains’ to 60 hps
  • tie REZ to it (0,75 sec cast-time, 1 single rez, probably on “R” since you cannot reload during valk)
  • slighlty buff GA speed for let’s say 7-13 %
  • reduce the amount of survivability valkyrie offers for example remove uninterruptible self-healing, reduce beam range to 22 m from 30 m, reduce GA range a bit

edit: I do really enjoy Valkyrie (but not now) and I think we can do without removing it.


Major Rework

She is awfull in her current state…

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Even people who once mained her loathe her now which just shows how terrible the rework was. In my opinion a straight revert wouldnt be that good but you know what just read Titaniums solution here and you will get what at least some of us would like to see.

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I’ve skimmed it once but thanks for posting!

What are your thoughts by chance?

Lmao right?
And now she’s the very thing they didn’t want her to be. Oh, the irony.

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Source pls? (20 chars! :smiley:)

I’ll also say that I think the common perception of e-rez as being overpowered is wrong. It is a good ability, but it’s not any better than that.

And I think Mercy mains know that and that’s why they are so willing to throw it under the bus to save the rest of their kit.

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12 megathreads banishing discussion about it off the main forums, seems like a pretty strong hint.

But technically they haven’t said it.

If they did say it, do you think Mercy mains would stop asking for it?

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Probably not entirely, but it would be much much less. Honestly at this point we’d just like to hear anything about the current state of the game from them.

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Fair enough.

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How about we leave mercy alone

No, bring Mercy more Ice Cream and a 60 hp/s buff pls.

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Or better idea how about we not do that

We could and she would be fairly fine…but stale imo.

But if you feel she’s perfect the way she is now that’s cool

Your thread is still open, which is wonderful news. :slight_smile:


maybe change her E to where she can dual wield staff+gun for like 6-8 sec and then change her E to an instant resurrect during valk, have her main heal at 55 and her valk heal at like 70


Thanks! The discussions have been pretty engaging too! Even as someone who doesn’t play mercy, I’m learning a lot about the subject :grin:

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