"Mercy mains are entitled" I Why this is wrong!

OW community doing their best to show just how immature and toxic they can be. Honestly some of you make me really ashamed to be associated with this game.

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And I totally get that.

Just gets me that Mass Rez or something similar isn’t the only way to make her Fun.

For instance, I got this spear idea that would be genuinely fun, without buffing her power by much at all.

And even if that’s not the best idea ever, It really confuses me why the vast majority of Mercy posters aren’t focusing on making Mercy fun in ways that the devs would be likely to listen to.

🍢 [Mercy] Spear of the Valkyrie

So you can then do what, watch a movie or something?

I think the thing about reverting is, we would rather get revert mercy than current buffed mercy.

But I’m sure, if an actually GOOD rework was done, we’d love it!

Have a discussion. Usually suggest some tweaks to streamline or make an idea more acceptable.

This mass Res version:

the removal of Res and they replace it with some sort of burst heal. Then, just buff Valkyrie so it actually feels like an ultimate and not, in my opinion, a glorified spectator mode.

𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓜𝓮𝓻𝓬𝔂 𝓘𝓬𝓮 𝓒𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓶 𝓜𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓶𝓮𝓷𝓽


Spreading positively and ice cream, one Mercy at a time.
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People are calling y’all entitled because you are not listening to what the devs are saying, you’re not coming up with solutions on how to improve valkyrie as it is but are focusing on how to bash developers’ any move if it’s not tied to bringing back mass rez (which they are clearly never bringing back). You then complain about their changes when you’ve failed to come up with any suggestions to improve valkyrie. Your solution is to demand a second rework or a revert. That’s pretty entitled if you ask me considering mercy’s not even an F tier hero atm.


You need to bring good ideas to the table and intrigue the people you’re trying to start a conversation with. So far, you’ve failed.

I don’t think you read when I said something THAT’S NOT MASS RES lol

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At least I’m trying.

From my perspective, any person who posts an idea to put in something similar to mass rez, or remove rez isn’t trying.

That isn’t an issue, at all. We don’t need to always agree with the devs if we have reason not to.

Perhaps because people who simply just don’t like Valkyrie exist in the world. We’re not required to provide feedback and suggestions for something that we clearly see as the problem. :confused:

Bashing developers isn’t a Mercy exclusive issue and there is nothing wrong with asking for mass res to return. It’s just like asking for buffs to Valkyrie; suggestions to potentially balance and fix Mercy.

Because we don’t need to suggest changes for something we see as the problem? I don’t get it. Is this just a case of you being right for agreeing with the devs and us being wrong for disliking the devs decisions?

Statistically, she is underpowered. Asking for a second rework or revert in this case is fine because Mercy, right now, is still an issue for a multitude of reasons.

Re-read it. I gave two potential solutions.


Hence why people who play her aren’t the most popular among the community. Especially when those things that are incessantly complained about included “Mercy has the least mobility of all the supports, she’s the easiest to kill!” which was downright insulting to Zenyatta players.

I don’t agree with the generalization, but there have been a lot of them that portray themselves this way. And the reason people call it out is some Mercy players call the very buff they’ve been begging for an insult; it gets pointed out because in one moment some Mercy players will complain about too many changes at once and then get upset when the devs learn from that mistake and put out buffs in small steps to avoid repeating this whole situation over again.

I also remember a lot of Mercy complaints about the nerfs she was slated for when she was OP - don’t act like it was all Mercy mains who asked for her to be toned down, a lot of them were the other support mains who wanted to play other heroes. “Oh my god, Rez is a useless death sentence now, we don’t deserve this nerf!”


I’ll be honest with you, stop trying.
You’re one of the guys who was flat out trashing mercy players a while back.
You can’t just come over now and be like “hey guys, peace, ok?”.


It’s not about buffing Mercy you didn’t read it properly. It’s about her being fun.
These are two complete different things, since let’s be honest as long as Widow/Phaara are usefull she will always be useful as well anyway.

It’s her kit not being fun that is the problem of many Mercy-Community members. Fun does not always = Buff numbers to make her stronger. Not in the case of the Mercy community at last.

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Break your posts into paragraphs, dawg. It makes it so much easier to read.

ah yes, take your lackluster selection of heroes and make it worse. Best suggestion people make.


There is a thread that you can reply too. Theres no reason to make another thread when you’re clearly replying to the thread discussing this Holy Gob…

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I’ve seen vastly more Mercy players stamping their feet saying this isn’t enough than I have people saying that this is going to make Mercy busted again.

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Should we judging Mercy mains solely based on those who say silly things?

That doesn’t make sense though? They called the buff they wanted an insult?

The rest I agree with.

Yeah, this is sorta obvious. This is why we usually say she is underpowered or trash based on actual statistics because, not surprisingly, ever since her healing nerf, she has been a trash hero.

This is mostly opinion but statistics are painting this picture as well.

This isn’t a solution at all! This is just another way of saying, “avoid the problem”. How will the problem ever get fixed with this attitude?

I never claimed to one trick Mercy and again, this is just another way of ignoring the problem which is a problem in itself since now, the problem is less likely to get fixed.

Exactly! We’re not entitled.

I rather just make my own thread addressing my concerns since it is more efficient and doesn’t risk getting flooded in the dozens of other replies in the thread, which are mostly just back-and-forth, non-constructive discussions.

Most likely the former. Valkyrie, even with 60, was still pretty lacklustre.

you are allowed to disagree with devs but it’s their game it’s their hero they chose the path they wanna take her to while you’re stuck with the mindset they’re no longer willing to entertain. You can disagree with them all you want, whine all you want but it won’t make them suddenly just give in and waste resources to pull the hero that’s close to being balanced i(f not balanced already) go through another major rework. And definitely not mass rez as they’ve had plenty of chances to do that so far but they’ve opted not to and made their stance on it very clear.

In conclusion you’re allowed to be whiny and demand what you want and devs are allowed to ignore you and pursue their own vision of how this game should be. In return you’re allowed to bash them and call them names when your exact ideas for the hero aren’t met and the rest of the forum is allowed to call y’all entitled based on that. It’s not rocket science.

In other words you need attention? :roll_eyes: