Mercy Is Balanced Now 😄


What Domqe said. I don’t know how you play Mercy, if you play her, and if, how much you played her since her nerf (which was partly reverted on her ult, Domqe explained it), I have to say that you practically don’t have time to do something other than healing. She can’t keep up with burst damage incoming on single targets. No surprise there when you have Winston outdamaging her healing (and he is never about burst). When I play her, I barely can keep up one target alive, any more simultaneous damage incoming on the team (ults, high damage abilities) and your inability to function as a main healer becomes obvious.
There is simply no time to do anything else, I manage to boost my teammates sometimes, but it became very situational at best.

Mercy is not supposed to be a burst healer, or an aoe healer, but her single target heal was overnerfed. It needs a slight buff for her to be viable in her main role.


She’s far from balanced. Valkyrie was trash with the 60HPS, so it is still bad. She still gets her ult 2% slower than when she had 60HPS. She’s terrible at healing tanks now. What they need to do is making her healing ramp downwards, let me explain…

Her healing should go something likes this: 70>60>50 with the first two levels lasting 2 seconds each. This will allow her to heal for 360 for the first 6 seconds, which was the equivalent of her previous 60HPS for 6 seconds. However, the difference is it will force her to change targets more often rather than pocketing them, plus will help ease healing low health tanks because right now it is better to find a health pack than wait to be healed up by her.


Then make your title less click baity.

Its obvious that this thread is only to stir the pot that is the mess of Mercy mains being peeved off right now.


Uhm, you seem very fond of the idea of healing as in restoring health, I think that as long as your ally is safe, no matter how you do it, if you save him you’re doing your job correctly (that includes rez too), however, Mercy is an amazing healing battery that allows your teammates to recolect themselves, of course that while in a fight your heal can be outdamaged, that’s the price for having the most reliable one! but at the same time you are saving them a trip back to spawn and/or a healthpack


Well they could probably ramp up the heals when a target isn’t taking damage for a while.

TF2 Medic did this.


They also buffed her healing, people…


That is exclusive to her ultimate… Not her main healing. So in essence, this is a partial buff & a partial revert. :blush:

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I don’t really want to make conclusions without trying it out on live so I’ll just hope that you’re correct on this. Still would prefer a new rework over anything else though. :slight_smile:

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And that is a problem, why?

The reduction in ult charge means you’ll have it more often. I’m sure you’re smart enough to know that, though.


That wouldn’t help in team fights tho. My solution would help outside and during team fights. Currently, she doesnt feel like a primary healer.


Having to use an ult to get okay healing is kinda sad considering Mercy is supposed to be able to… you know, heal well, as a main healer.

But current mercy can’t be balanced properly without making her an absolute bore to play, they have shown us that.


It’s a problem because we already experienced this buff with the added upside of 60 HPs at all times and still found it lacking.

Mercy gains most of her ult charge from healing. She heals 17% slower with 50 HPs. Her ult now takes 15% less charge. Do you not see that that buff just undoes the indirect nerf she got to her ult charge rate?


I don’t believe the the issue is that Valkyrie took too long to charge. I believe the issue is that Mercy is still unengaging, unimpactful, and unrewarding to play.

A 20% increase in her healing in Valk is hardly a ripple in the pond, even if it’s 15% faster to use. And it still doesn’t address her core problems. But you knew that right? :blush:

Edit: Forgot to add the zero.

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Do you think the devs want Mercy to be “an ideal tank healer during teamfights”?

Feels like the devs kinda want different healers to fill different gameplay scenarios, by having different strengths and weaknesses.


That’s why one reason I though my healing capacitor idea was good… we haven’t got a main healer who focuses on burst healing.

For some reason some people are very against giving Mercy a burst heal though.


Not the ideal but make her better. What I am suggesting is basically only allowing her to heal for “technically” 60HPS for only 6 seconds. She wasn’t the ideal tank healer previously so only letting her do better for 6 seconds wouldn’t hurt in a team fight.


Isn’t that what a main healer is meant to be good at? :confused: Also, they did say that she’s intended to be the go-to-pick for raw healing output. Just wanted to throw that out there. :slight_smile:

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Her being balanced will not solve anything. For many she is boring, especially her valk and res as an e.

I am not saying they should bring back mass res, but valk needs a actual change… Not just a number change to make it fun.


Lacking in Fun.

But the previous 60hps Mercy was undeniable overpowered.

So I think the devs are looking for a power level between the current Mercy and the 60hps Mercy.


I wasn’t aware that 50 hps to 60 hps is a 2% increase, so no, I didn’t know that…

I also don’t understand what you and the others consider are her core problems. I don’t see the problems with her that you and the others do.

I won’t argue about the unengaging part. I’ve felt that since invul on mass rezz.