[Mei-gathread] Does Mei feels balanced and underpowered at the same time?


Let’s see

I mean this: movement abilities get a debuff (for example Genji travels less if he dashes, Tracer travels less if she blinks, Widow’s grapple is stiffer, ecc) when you’re frozen
Also if we apply this we should get rid of freeze, otherwise primary fire would be OP, we leave instead only the slow down effect


i don’t really mind most of those movement abilities since they move a “set” distance with the help of tools, genji’s dash is debatable as it’s himself moving but it’s still a set instant distance he travels. They all also mean that they had to waste a valuable cooldown on escaping.

With mercy it just doesnt feel like she’s wasting an ability to get out of there, which is i guess why i find it so annoying.


They actually did it!


WOW, can’t believe it. Let’s see if she will become a MeiCree again or if she will be more useful. What else we can expect? The fix of the cryofreeze’s favor the shooter and of the blizzard cast time issue?


at this point i’m not sure if Blizzard is actively trying to make every hero ridiculously strong or if they just keep making bad decisions


I’m getting hacked through cryoblast, both by normal hacks and EMP. anyone know if that’s a bug or intended?


as i thought Mei counters Hammond pretty hard. good times are ahead
Also yeah they changed sombra so it has a bit of leniency on her part again, honestly they just need to make cryofreeze a top priority in the netcode already.


It’s a bug.

Sombra has lost the leniency on her hack that allowed her to hack enemies in the invulnerability abilities, behind shields or behind walls at the last second. This means that as soon if you use a invulnerability ability or an ability that breaks the LoS of Sombra’s hack that the hack should be interrupted.

Most invulnerability abilities doesn’t use favor-the-shooter but use something that I like to call favor-the-player. Mei’s Cryo-Freeze doesn’t seem to have this. This allows Mei to get killed or stunned in the first few milliseconds when she used her ability. Especially Roadhog is known for pulling Mei out of Cryo-Freeze.

This also allows Sombra to finish her hack as soon if you enter Cryo-Freeze despite the LoS getting broken and Mei using a invulnerability ability.

About the Mei buffs and bugs

I can see Mei working against Wrecking Ball, might even make her a viable pick in comp.


I cannot believe they removed the damage fall off. As someone who plays a lot of Mei when I want to play damage, this is insane / awesome.



So they couldn’t fix the LoS checks on it so they just added the leniency back?
It is a good fix to the hack problem, but this also means that Mei can be hacked again because her Cryo-Freeze has favor-the-shooter.


i’m pretty sure that’s what they did, as it looks like it’s happening to rein shields as well. Not gonna say i’m 100% sure though


Although with the emp, I was in cryo freeze for a whole 2 seconds already while getting emp’d


Well yeah, that’s the point. Wouldn’t be fair on Mei if the enemy could fight back after she froze them. They have plenty of time to escape and or kill Mei before she freezes them, and she has to maintain the freeze, requiring aim for a couple of seconds. It’s got nothing on a flashbang or shield bash.


Here is the part of the patch notes where they try to explain the drop off changes. We’ve said it in this thread I’m sure, that Mei’s secondary had to many limiting factors to it. So I’m glad they’ve removed one but kept her other restraining aspects.

EDIT: ALSO I personally don’t think this was the way to go… I mean Mei can build ult even quicker now… and Low HP heroes better watch out even more.

Now please fix cryofreeze. Jardio is up to 431 deaths since he started tracking…

Developer Comments: The goal of these changes is to slightly reduce the impact of damage falloff on mid-range weapons. While assessing falloff mechanics across the board, weapons intended primarily for close-range combat benefited too greatly from lowering their falloff restrictions. We also normalized a couple of outliers in that Mei had a long-range travel time projectile with falloff applied and Widowmaker’s automatic fire did not have any.


this always irked me.

delayed firing and travel time yet had falloff…
idk how a dev ever thought “this seems liek a good idea”


From the Overwatch Beta Patch Notes – March 17, 2016:

Developer comments: Since last patch we have seen Mei perform significantly better across the board. Even though her overall power level is in a much better place now, too much of that power is coming from her alternate fire. This change moves some of that power from her alternate fire to her primary fire.

Mei was a better McCree than McCree thanks to her self healing and Ice-Wall. Not to mention she could snipe with it. This is why she was called MeiCree back then.

They nerfed her icicle damage by adding falloff damage to make her primary fire stronger. They wanted Mei to focus more on CC and less on damaging.

My guess is that they reverted this because Mei is not a defense hero anymore but a damage hero.


Is this the first time Blizzard actually reverted a change?


It could be.

I remember they reverted some nerfs for Ana, but that happened on the PTR.
And I’m not sure if Increasing Ana’s damage to 70 after it was nerfed to 60 can be considered a revert.


I mean, long range pistols aren’t USUALLY a thing in games. Not that they don’t exist. They do here in Overwatch though so why not Mei’s “pistol”? Other than quicker ult charges… Tracer being brained from across the map… and so on. :wink: