[Mei-gathread] Does Mei feels balanced and underpowered at the same time?

“Activision can’t let a hero be to mobile, have decent long range damage, do pretty good damage in middle range, AND be able to fight successfully fight at close range.”*

*Except for a stack of 3+ heroes.

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Finally i did it: i reached Gold (2005) in a day (after deranking yesterday) and i also bought the gold weapon for Mei. I never thought to be able to reach this rank, even more using a 4:3 low end CRT monitor (92hz, 720p stretched) and an Intellimouse 3.0, but one thing helped: staying chill, flexing in the good occasions and making choiches basing on maps. Next step: road to Platinum.
P.S: i setted back Snowball for profile picture, IDK how much time will require to set it in the forum


Log out the forums and sign back in.
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Gongrats on reaching gold.

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I think Mei could offer more with these changes/buffs:

  • If the blueprint of her wall could be visible to teammates, teammates would know where are you placing it: this would allow them to coordinate to reach higher places (so better places for snipers and hitscans) and would contribute to prevent wall trolling

  • The ultimate would be more effective if doesn’t disappear when you get stunned and the drone it’s out of your hand. This would make the ultimate more reliable

  • Increasing the fire rate of icicles would allow to shoot the same ammount of icicles in less time, so more DPS

  • Fixing the damn cryofreeze favoring the shooter would make this ability more reliable, making Mei able to survive in some situations.

Also, let me know what do you think about primary fire. Personally i think the two buffs didn’t fixed the main problem of Mei, because usually you use more icicles than primary fire, and rarely enemies engages you in close quarters, and rarely you freeze multiple targets (could be more easier, but with a barrier you have to go throught, and you will get for sure stomped)


The first buff was added to make it more reliable to freeze versatile heroes.

The second buff was added to make her freeze enemies easier without having someone else body block you. Not to mention that it can help freeze multiple enemies faster in her ultimate.

These buffs did not made her a lot more viable, but I don’t think they can buff it more without making it too oppressive. It’s an unfun ability for others after all.

I do agree with you that her ultimate should be addressed. It’s the most unreliable ability in her entire kit. I would love to see it’s cast time significantly decreased.

Increasing her fire rate would help a lot as well. Having a hero who’s primary role is CC will always be subpar to DPS’ers who can just kill enemies. But we have to be careful that she will not replace McCree’s and Hanzo’s role. If her fire rate is increased, then her damage might need to be adjusted as well.

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They clearly want to make her primary her focus, I do agree that there isn’t much they can do to make it better without it being too oppressive. Personally, I feel like they need to buff the rest of her kit to make using the primary worth it. You say about the concern of her replacing Mcree and Hanzo if they increase her fire-rate, however, because the game has much better, largely risk free C/C, like Brig and Mccree, they in-turn replace Mei. I don’t think her fire-rate needs adjusting, I do feel like the damage could use a slight buff, or a slight drop in the fall-off.

In regards to her primary again, they need to work the rest of her kit around it to make it feel worth using. Make ice-block more responsive by fixing the bug already. Tweak the wall to make placement more fluid, where we could quickly place the wall in a particular direction rather than needing to cycle. Easy for them to achieve on PC, and could make it an option in the menu on console. It might be the case that she needs more health so she doesn’t get burned down so easily when trying to freeze someone in range. I think we need to keep in mind not just Mei replacing other people, but in what ways they replace her. I also think this is why Blizz have pushed focus on her primary fire, as this makes her ult stronger and its charge rate slightly faster too thanks to pierce. With that said, they need to double down on the buffing the rest of her kit while keeping her primary fire in mind.


The problem happened a long time ago. They moved away from making this a game about balance and teamwork, to designing characters that could stand apart from their teams and be very effective. Mei is part of the old thinking. She needs her team to be really useful, yet they don’t address the bugs that keep her from playing her role better. There is nothing wrong with that beyond keeping her in an old mind frame and outdated structure of the game.


TBH I don’t really think fixing her bugs could improve her enough to the point of sufficiently viable. She still wouldn’t have a role that she can fill well.

In the past I’ve suggested a few “classes” that Mei can transfer to wth her kit and style. This time I’ll try to suggest roles that she could fit in. I think based on her current kit, she can be reworked into a defensive control DPS(which might get rid of wall) or a strategist that fills a support role(which might get rid of cryo)

One way or the other I think they will have to rework one ability to improve her self-synergy, allow her to be a overall more valuable pick, and reduce her reliance on the wall and the wall only.

I’ve got an idea? Why don’t give primary fire a Damage over time? So, you start freezing someone, if he doesn’t freeze completely he still takes damage over time, this IMO gives more possibilities to the team to have picks

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I don’t know.

The damage output on her freeze is already low with 45 damage per second. But to be honest, I don’t think her freeze should be addressed anymore. Giving it too many buffs can make Mei easily very oppressive. No to mention it’s an unfun mechanism to deal with as the enemy.

I’m afraid Mei will never be viable with her current kit.

  • Her freeze is unreliable with fast moving enemies and is best used on tanks, which Mei does not have the damage output to deal with btw.
  • Her secondary fire is strong, but it has a lot of setbacks. (Cast time, travel time and falloff damage.
  • Her ultimate is useful in overtime, but it is not a very reliable ultimate. It’s easy to cancel, has LoS, Genji can deflect it, Dva can absorb it, enemies can easily avoid it and enemies can easily escape it.
  • Her Ice-Wall is great, but that alone will not make Mei viable.

She might need a rework with a more clear role in the mind other than being a hybrid defense/tank with CC whose biggest strength is stalling.

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For the record, I never said that fixing her bugs would make her a super solo soldier. Just that the bugs hinder her enough that it makes playing her harder than it needs to be to be useful. AKA she can’t be as effective in her role as possible with this current build.

That said, the two heroes they are working on behind the scenes are defensive heroes, Torb/Sym. I think that should say something about the current stay of that class.

They made a mild effort to move beyond the trinity of dps/heal/tank but didn’t really commit to designing something that can stand apart from the rest and be viable on the field.


Well, this is just sad:

Mei even sobs at the end of the new interactions between Moira and Mei.

still don’t really understand why some animations just cant seem to get headshots while the enemy is frozen


Yes, really good example there.

I’ve sort of become accustomed to getting in position to get a proper head shot to register. Why though? If we see their head, aim at it, and shoot we should be hitting their heads. Moving to get directly in front because of poor coding takes extra time when we should have been shooting already. That in turns gives the enemy a chance to thaw more than they would if we could actually get headshots from any angle, which also helps their teammates react as well.

Its minor stuff like this we’ve had to deal since… forever that really drags Mei down.


Lets talk about frozen enemies?

Would people be upset if they made a default stance/animation for frozen targets? Instead of stopping people in the animation they are in, have them “reset” and go into a default pose? Reasoning is that some of these poses have odd hit boxes in places they shouldn’t which means you miss headshots that you clearly should have made.

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Mhm, i don’t know exactly. I think the hitbox should be more adaptive to the frozen enemy (the hitbox adapts to the moment the enemy is fronzen).
P.S: Do you think Mei needs other buffs? Sometimes i think these last buffs hasn’t been enought to make her more useful for the team.

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She absolutely needs something else. While the last buffs helped her feel better overall, she still isn’t quite there. I personally feel like they need to revert the ult loss for projectile ults like Mei and Tracer, and I think they could lower the fall-off slightly on Mei’s secondary fire. This is of course in addition to the bug fixes.

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I’m not really talking movement. When someone is frozen during an animation, their hitboxes are all “wacky” because they track with the animation and then stop. Sometimes the edges of the boxes seem to be blocking your line of sight.

An example is dva. If she is firing her gun at you, her arms are stretched out in front of her holding her pistol. I’m assuming her hit boxes are stretched out too. Depending on the angle, when you are firing upwards, you’ll actually hit her “arms” (her arms’ hitbox) instead of what you think you are aiming at. You can miss her head, even if to you you have a clear line of sight. Just an example to help illustrate.

In my change, instead of standing with arms stretched out firing, D.va would be standing in a “frozen stance” with her arms to her side as a general pose.

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Anyone else having problems with the wall as well as iceblock? I’m finding myself getting killed a lot when putting the wall up. Today I’ve had a dead-eye, a Widowmaker headshot, and a Hanzo arrow all shoot me through the wall while it was up.

Same, i felt the icicles could have more DPS, i think reducing falloff and increasing slightly the fire rate could increase her DPS. About the ultimate issue i still think it needs to be addressed ASAP, because it would make the ultimate more reliable, also the cryo should be addressed.

I’m experiencing more often the cryofreeze issue, with the wall i’m not sure. Also i feel like i could get hooked more easily

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