[Mei-gathread] Does Mei feels balanced and underpowered at the same time?

Why don’t add a column to the wall and make it a bit higher? Also making possible to teammates to see the blueprint would be very useful.
BTW i can’t keep up the cryofreeze bug: it literally means “press shift to die”. Also did you noticed she charges the ultimate in base of how much heal you gain from cryo?

When Mei gets knocked down/slept, why does her head have to stick up for an easy head shot?

I can understand the stun, but if you’re asleep how is she keeping her head up? :stuck_out_tongue: seems like that should be redesigned.

I think its just an unfortunate consequence of her tank on her back. Maybe if she fell on her side or something?

I’ve put in a chunk of time as Mei and I think she’s a really fun character, love her lore, and her kit is fun. But what hurts her is her mobility and the fact that her Icicle has falloff and the weird delay.

I’ve been pitching this since I started playing her but she really needs to do what she can do in her highlight intro thing and slide on her own ice with a speed boost. This would be really good for her mobility.

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Unpopular opinion, but I actually like the delay. That is mostly just because I’ve grown used to it though and can aim pretty good with it. I take issue with the fall-off though, it’s too punishing considering how small damage she does compared to every other dps.


I’d be fine with the delay if the fall off was lessened.


Right. She shoots a single projectile, but they make her feel like she is shooting a shotgun.

What I mean is it feels entirely useless to even to bother to attack anyone at range and try to want to actually do any real damage because of the falloff. Much like a shotgun. (Not that shotguns have falloff. I do understand their dmg isn’t concentrated after long distances))

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According to Overbuff has Mei currently the highest winrate this week in GM despite having a pickrate of 0.46%.

Did Mei always had a high winrate in GM?

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Nope, that was always Symmetra and Torbjorn at the top Win%. It’s impressive that Symmetra lost her throne hard in the past week (but only in GM, she stil have the overall throne)

I still don’t really buy into the idea of just reducing her falloff. Her reliable predicting range is exactly 26.7m, and reducing the falloff only just encourages spam while doesn’t help her to contribute in her intended range.

If it is for her mid-fight potential in mid range, I think we should change a few things along side with the falloff, maybe something like this:

  • Increase RoF to 1.33~1.5 (in combination of reduced delay)
  • Remove Falloff
  • Reduce Projectile speed to 60~66

The point is to improve mid range reliability, while avoid increasing her spam and long range combat strength

The further up you go, the less her pick rate will be but more her win rate will be.
It is because at those ratings players who can play Mei well will not pick her unless the situation allows her to be ran which highly depends on map.

Ofc this meta she heavily punishes the enemy team at certain chokes but she is hard-countered by Hanzo but then again, who ain’t hard-countered by current Hanzo.

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We can’t remove falloff for this reason: it was added because Mei was deadly as a sniper (here’s the pun MeiCree). The best thing to do would be adjust it to make icicles efficient up to medium-long distance.
For the RoF i agree, this will make her able to shoot the same ammount of icicles but in less time, so more DPS.
Isn’t the speed 120m/s? I remember in the past was 88.88m/s; it’s a bit unsure and confusing this value

I don’t think icicles should be effective at mid-long range. Like you said it is exactly what Mei-Cree does. For this reason the falloff removal must be in combination of reduced projectile speed. Her reliable range would reduced from 26.7m to 19.8~18m (for 66~60m/s), which reduces a good amount of her long range reliability and spam potential.

Of course this for “if we really want to remove the falloff” because like many of us said, her icicles has so many constrains(which is ironic because it was too reliable on itself, linear projectile with the highest speed). In the end I’d still prefer shorter range with higher DPS than longer range with lower DPS for Mei. It is a trade-off IMO, we cannot have 26m range while having higher DPS.

Currently I think it is still 88.88m/s, this is where 26.7m effective range comes from.

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Well, i say, bring about the buffs!
Give Mei the Hanzo treatment and make her a unstoppable goddess.

I mean, lets look at Hanzo, he’s great at long distances, but also will beat the strongest close range heroes in the game easily in melee range like Mei, Reaper and Junkrat and he has incredible mobility, no reload and very small hitbox and utility in the form of sonar arrow.

I believe the lowest pickrate hero in the game for the longest time certainly deserve some spotlight. After all, why not? They turned a hero that was stronger then Mei and had much higher pickrate then Mei into a god with 4 extremely large buffs while Mei only got 1 minor one.

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What long range combat strength? The actual damage you do at a long range is laughable and not even worth wasting the ammo as it is.

That particular post is about “how to balance for removing falloff” though?

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Why would you remove falloff? Well, to increase Mei’s damage potential at range. So to tweak it but not do anything to make it worth using ammo at longer distances defeats the purpose doesn’t it?

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Well, what do you mean exactly? She needs more mobility or something changed?
Personally i would like to see the icicles more powerful, and to see her with more mobility. Also sometimes i feel like the primary fire is not very useful: you use more icicles than primary fire in most situations

I think her Icicles are fine. I mean, they do deal 150 damage with a critshots. The falloff damage is high, but without it could she snipe with it. I wouldn’t mind to see the falloff damage decreased though, but I don’t think it’s necessary.

I also think Mei doesn’t need mobility. Not all heroes need mobility. Zarya, McCree and Ana doesn’t has mobility as well. It’s true that mobile elusive heroes are stronger, but now can they be countered as long if there is a Brigitte or a Sombra in your team.

Her icicles are more reliable than her freeze. It deals little damage and enemies can escape it.
Icicle deal way more damage.
Icicle has cast time, travel time and falloff damage, but freeze has a way more counterplay to it.

I don’t think Mei will ever be as viable as Junkrat or Soldier. Mei is a close range hero with falloff damage, no mobility and is all about crowd control. I don’t think she is unbalanced. It’s just that she is more about CC and less about damaging. Because of this is the best part of her kit her wall. I think the only way to make her more picked in games is by making her OP or with a full rework.

Right now is the only change I want to see to her ultimate. It’s easy to interrupt, to ignore and to evade. I mainly use it to kill slow target(s) or to clear out a point in overtime.

That was a follow up on a previous discussion. Maybe I should add a quote to avoid confusion then.

I got this theory around but I’m not too sure if it is right. I suppose non-mobile heroes should be either resilient, sustaining, has high damage, or is control-based to achieve similar combat power. Right now Mei is…really none of the above. She really has to focus her power on one or two aspects to be on par at fight

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