[Mei-gathread] Does Mei feels balanced and underpowered at the same time?

I’ve always had issues with the wall and netcode priority, “Either I died and my wall does not go up, or I live and my wall saves me, pick one Blizz” is something I’ve type into game chat more than a few times.

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All the time.
In some matches actually most deaths are immediately after I triggered cryo freeze or placed a wall.
There’s also a weird delay when placing a wall directly after coming out of cryo. Sometimes I even need to mouse-click multiple times until the game accepts my input and puts up the wall. Needless to say that this timeframe is often enough to get one-shot or spammed to death without having any control about that whatsoever.
It’s a really wacky implementation (or net-code prioritisation) if a defensive ability can’t be used reactively in a fast paced game with a lot of one-shot abilities.


I have a question: is true on Reddit there are more chanches of getting noticed by players and devs?

Yes and no.

Players tends to post funny highlights and PotG’s on Reddit instead of having a discussion. Bugs are sometimes a hot topic as well but not always. Bill Warnecke replies sometimes on Reddit, but he also replies on the forums. If you want developers and players sees it, then it would be better to post on both sites.

Is there something you want players and devs to take notice?

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From devs i want to have a reply about the cryofreeze issue fix, if the cast time of the blizzard will be fixed and if they have intention to reduce falloff to icicles.

You could help me in this

  • A developer already commented on the Cryo-Freeze bug. To be honest, I’m not sure if it is fixed or not. I haven’t encountered Mei getting pulled out of it and having the ability on cooldown.
  • The cast time on her ultimate isn’t broken. It’s intentional. And the reason why the ultimate sometimes dissappear mid air if you are stunned is because of latency, by I too would love to see a developer comment on projectile ultimates in general.
  • she is a close range hero like Reaper and Sombra. This is how they are designed. But I believe this is also the reason why they aren’t viable. Why pick a close range hero when long range heroes have better survival chances?
    I doubt they will tweak her Icicle to be honest. It has some decent damage and the falloff damage is quite close to McCree’s falloff damage. I doubt they want to see the return of MeiCree (which she was in the beta).

How can I help you?

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Also Tracer is a close range hero, but she’s viable in good hands and can often synergize with the team better, i think also Mei should be more a medium-short range hero

Spreading and asking about the cryo, the blizzard and other Mei issues on Reddit, if you want to do it

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Tracer has something Mei doesn’t has. Mobility. Tracer is a character I like to see as a glass canon. Mei isn’t. She has 100HP more and other ways to survive a battle.
In most FPS games will mobility always be king. This was also the case in TF2 (until they nerfed all of Scout’s weapons).

What do you consider as the maximum range of a mid class hero?

Mei’s Icicle start having damage falloff between 22 to 45 meters. Beyond 45 meter will Mei’s Icicle deal 22 damage instead of the usual 75 damage.
(McCree’s damage falloff starts between 22 to 45 meters. Beyond 45 meter will he deal 21 damage instead of the usual 70 damage.)

O, I haven’t stopped. And I haven’t stopped testing it either. I do keep posting about it to raise awareness about it. But like I said before, I’m not sure if it is fixed or not.

If you, or anyone else, encountered the bug where roadhog can hook Mei out of Cryo-Freeze and put the ability on cooldown, please let me know.

Just getting hooked out of it and not having the ability on cooldown do I consider not a bug. The same thing can happen with Tracer’s blink and Zenyatta’s ultimate. Latency is the cause of this.

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20 character meme

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im pretty sure its not because i’ve tried some 1v1s and i kept getting dragged out of cryofreeze just to be insta froze.

tbh, her cast time and the time it takes to freeze people ultimately work against each other and make her ult simply useless if except for AOE denial.

imo, mei should just be given the ability to inflict that freeze effect onto enemies with her alternate fire but cannot outright freeze people.
The reason im saying this because Freeze stacks so if u nearly freeze someone and then throw ult down, they’ll freeze quicker than someone who wasnt pre-freezed.

Mei is like one of the best designed heroes in this game tbqh.
Her falloff damage is quite too much tho.

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Something like this?

What I want to know is

did your ability (Cryo-Freeze) went on cooldown?

Like I said:
Just getting hooked out of it and not having the ability on cooldown do I consider not a bug. The same thing can happen with Tracer’s blink and Zenyatta’s ultimate. Latency is the cause of this.

Yes, i tried pressing a second time but nothing. It was on cooldown

Then the bug isn’t fixed.

Do you have a recording of this? If not, then I have to try record it myself.

The thread about it that has a developer responding to it:

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Unfortunally no, i was playing for my own and i din’t recorded nothing

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I’d like to talk about drinking coffee in my comfy pants, is that what goes on here?

What do you mean exactly?

It is broken “intentionally”, i.e. the currently intended design and balancing just don’t work out/make sense. Not the first time this happens. Not that it is a big deal since balancing is a hard job and doesn’t usually start off perfectly.
But it becomes an issue when ignored.

YOU may not consider it a bug. I do.
Just as with Tracer’s blink and Zenyatta’s ultimate.
Latency is of course a big factor in the cause of this. Doesn’t mean it’s the only one and in fact the video on their youtube channel where they elaborate about OW’s netcode even suggests that it is not even a crucial factor but either a design decision or not even intended.
They mention the favor-the-shooter principle they use. Which guarantees damage will be applied to your target when the bullet/projectile hits it on your screen, except there was an ability involved that can mitigate the damage, e.g. Reapers wraithform!
See these points in the video where they mention this:
h ttps://youtu.be/vTH2ZPgYujQ?t=66
h ttps://youtu.be/vTH2ZPgYujQ?t=582

And frankly, if you think a bit about it, this intention of the netcode behavior makes sense: If your character has a defensive/evasive ability, you shouldn’t be punished for reacting fast enough on your screen. It makes no sense to have a defensive/evasive ability which has a smaller and smaller time window to use effectively the higher latency becomes - up to the point where the attacker can just bypass the ability because latency makes it logistically and literally impossible for you to react.
So why isn’t cryo freeze and the ice wall in the list of the exceptions to the favor-the-shooter principle? It should be apparent to anyone who played Mei for a few hours that they definitely fall victim to this principle.


What I meant with “not broken” is that it’s not a bug, but rather bad balancing.

I rather see the changes reverted. I don’t understand how transformation ultimates aren’t affected by Stuns but projectile ultimates are. That’s just backwards.

I don’t know why they are ignoring this subject for so long but it needs to be addressed. Projectile ultimates shouldn’t dissappear mid air. That’s just unfair and inconsitent.

I was talking about Mei’s ability going on cool down if she was hooked out of it. It’s already bad enough you can get pulled out of it but also having the ability on cool down is just overkill.
Mei getting hooked out of it is something I do consider a bug.

I’m even the one who made this thread which got a response from Geoff:

I’m sorry if I phrased it wrong and wasn’t clear about it.

But I do want this bug fixed. It has been in the game for too long.

You’re talking about favor-the-defender, right?

Any shot mispredicted against a dashing Genji, Mercy, Tracer or Doomfist is deliberate. A handful of other abilities exhibit this behavior as well (Winston/Pharah Leap, Sombra translocate, etc.) We have rules in place where we will not favor the shooter if your target executes one of these maneuvers. This is a trade-off that we have made to accommodate the realities of the internet.

I never understood why Mei’s abilities doesn’t has that. Roadhog can pull Mei out of Cryo-Freeze so it’s clear Mei’s Cryo-Freeze doesn’t has it. It’s a defensive ability, but it seems only the mobile abilities got that treatment.

I know Mei’s Ice-Wall doesn’t has it, but has shields like Reinhardt’s shield, Zarya’s bubbles and Orisa’s shield favor-the-defender?

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Yeah, I think I know what you’re saying. I just wanted to stress that it doesn’t really matter if it is intentional design or an unintentional bug.
The single most important thing is that it comes across as broken. Whether their game design department thinks it should be that way or not or whether their coders implemented it as designed or slipped in a bug.
Neither is better than the other.
Neither mitigates the problem or makes it somehow ok for it to be in the game.

I agree.

Yes, I know.
I was talking about the situation where it doesn’t go on cooldown, but you are still hooked out of it or killed AFTER you triggered it. I do consider that absolutely broken, whether intended or not.

Yes. I think that would be the suitable term for it. In their video they just addressed it as “exception to favor the shooter”.

I can only guess but it doesn’t sound too unrealistic to me that they didn’t give Mei that treatment just because of the old argument of “people think she’s too oppressive and don’t enjoy being frozen by her. Since people already think she’s the devil, we better not be fair towards her”.

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