[Mei-gathread] Does Mei feels balanced and underpowered at the same time?

That guy is one special kind of hypocrite.


I used to think Your Overwatch were bad and toxic for the game in an influential position, but boy was I surprised when I checked out Stylosa. He’s even worse than them.


Well, ioStux roasted Your Overwatch, analyzing their “coaching”, this is sufficient to know about them. Stylosa IMO feels like vapor, i mean he tends to take news and to dedicate them a long video

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Stylosa is without the doubt the worst of all of them.

He is extremely biased, spreads false information and, well, he’s a massive tool.

Please don’t watch his videos.


I respect you for meining and providing your standpoint but I can’t take an opinion seriously that attempts to wear blinders as soon as a conflicting argument comes up that could require reevaluating or refining the opinion.

Objection and discussion is not a “negative vibe”. It’s something positive we all can benefit from.

Good news everyone!
Geoff Goodman just announced that Mei (and Reaper) get buffs on PTR!

Awesome. It seems like she will be buffed to fit more in the upcoming tank meta. I’m curious what they will change.
(I hope her ultimate.)


Wow, probably it’s the cryofreeze problem and something else. Berlin Wall meta incoming?


I’m having some sort of new thought on how Mei interact with dive. Is it consistent enough for Mei to wall off a diving in Winston? I haven’t tried it before but it sounds like a totally different style of play and I’m not sure would it work

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IDK, i feel more she will get ultimate and cryo fix, and then some tweaking. I can’t wait to see the PTR patch

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reaper getting buffed? Maybe I’m just too good with him, but he definitely did not feel weak too me, especially compared to heroes like mei and symmetra. He actually feels like a hero that is niche and also doing very well in that niche with good usability outside the niche.


But they will prob nerf her after a week, just like bastion and sombra


If players will complain, we will defend her with our forces

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Didnt work for mercy, and the mercy mains on these forums outnumber us 625482:1

Nothing on Mei in the official patch notes for this latest update… Do you think the hook through cryofreeze fix they were working on is going to be linked to their PTR changes?

naaaaahh, really the devs working for Mei?..naaaaaah

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I keep saying it, but if genji or tracer were on mei’s or sym’s level and would get a buff to their current level, everyone would cry for nerfs. Instead blizzard told us to “deal with it” and “git gud”. So we did. and it worked. Yet every other hero needs to be nerfed because “they get picked a lot now and are everywhere”.smh…

I also think genji and tracer are not balanced, and if anyone is properly balanced it’s soldier.

here come the yearly buff: 1 mts to ice pillar’s height, next year we gonna get the 126 hp heal one guys, be happy … ha ha.

The sarcarms… it hurts

I will remain forever partial to the idea of resource based Cryofreeze. It doesn’t have the same total deletion, mobility, or spread of defense matrix so I think putting it on a similar system wouldn’t be anything totally broken, and it would add a lot of defensive versatility to what is currently an obnoxious “stall 4 seconds, receive immediate headshot” button or way to heal yourself out of combat while your healer is off who knows where.

i beat your literaly right)

Have just written two posts on “combat triangle” and the importance of CC heroes. This get me to think about Mei as an actually CC hero instead of the brawler and stuff that I’ve talked about before.

Theoretically, Mei falls into the “mage” type of heroes, which are mid-range heroes that has a diverse toolkit, but lower throughput. This got me thinking on “does Mei fulfill this role?” and I come up with a Mei idea that truly fill this “ice mage” role. Something like the following :

  • Freeze ray range increase
  • Icicle range reduced, potentially higher fire rate
  • Cryo trades half of its defensive power into CC / damage
  • Wall is weaker with lower CD, such that it is better for personal use
  • Blizzard trades half of its area denial into CC / damage
  • Only have 200 health

This sort of Mei would be really hard to dive, but can be easily taken down from range. She would also fill the role of control DPS much better, while significantly weakening her sustain and supportive power. I don’t know if this is good for Mei, but it sounds interesting to myself and is “kind of” fairer to fight.

btw, if you wanna check my posts on the subject I mentioned at the start, here are the links. I’ll copy the parts after /t necause apparently everyone can’t post links.

  • /t/why-dive-is-so-strong-introducing-combat-triangle-concept/37002
  • /t/ccs-are-necessary-to-counter-dive-and-are-counterable/39706