Brigitte on Release day... Are you that guy? 🛡

Its quick play. its exactly the place you would go to learn those thing in regards to Brigitte. Most people wouldn’t have tried her on the PTR and probably have no idea how she works.

You also want to play against her to you can see what works and what doesn’t

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It’s quick play on release day of a new hero. You expect people to know how to use her optimally already? Give it at least a week or two. People are just trying to get used to her and have fun. Knowing her kit but having hands-on experience are two different things.

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No Limits/DM problem solved.
That’s what I’ve been playing to try her. It’s also great for playing “counters” like reaper/phara or even other’s like seeing how mcree/solder work against her.

Weirdly enough, out of the 4 or 5 games I played, 2 of them were not insta-locks. And of the two, one of them no one wanted to play her.

So we ran our team without her. And we won.

Not that it means anything. It is anecdotal, but merely not everyone is instalocking her or even taking her.

ehmmm i thought vs AI was there for a reason e_e dont get me wrong i dont want to get salty or anything but when i started and wanted to test a new hero i went to AI because my mistakes can make the team lose and most pp dont find any fun in losing

I had a lot of fun yesterday. I started off by playing FFA DM because I wanted to make sure nothing was wonky with Brigitte and I didn’t want to lock her from someone new having the chance to play in Quick Play. I won by 7 kills vs. all other Brigittes + 1 Hanzo.

Then I went into quick play. I let others lock Brigitte. Mostly, they tried to play her like a main tank. The funniest to me was the Brigitte who kept solo pushing the choke on Hanamura over and over again, spamming “I need healing”. Of course she kept dying repeatedly. At the end of the match, she “complained” that she had gold in healing and then quit.

They’ll learn :wink:


I admire being a professional developer and still having literally any faith in your online user base. Way to go Jeff. :joy:


I’ve honestly never touched vs AI mode, to the point I forgot it existed lol. But that’s even less of a reason to care how your teammates played, no? As Kaplan said people will learn. Not as many as we’d like, but at least a dedicated minority will.


Yeah man it’s the worst when dps mains snatch up the new healers because they have no idea how to actually play support.


I love everything about this suggestion. You could use this trial period to help quickplay too by giving players a reason to practise other heroes there. I might not do that many hours but still great idea!

Or quit cuz no one wants to cooperate in this game.


You play incognito? That’s funny that Papa Jeff could be in any match lurking. lol


10/10 best one I’ve heard yet.

I’m honestly digging the synergy with some of the off-meta heroes.

Rein & Brigitte - Bash & Shatter Combos
Doomfist & Brigitte - Bash and Rocket Punch Combos.
heck, I even had a McCree & Brigitte - Deadeye & Bash Combo.

I hope “they’ll learn” is tongue in cheek and not an attempt to justify the delay in releasing her to competitive. No one will really learn until they play her in actual comps.


You know not everything has to have an ulterior motive


Given how much she seems to need some cooperation, I have real concerns regarding her at some if not all levels of play :laughing:

Too soon to be sure though!

They’ll learn yea, but you won’t.

Otherwise you would fix Genji’s Deflect Hitbox, you didn’t even respond to the old megathread with more than 1300 upvotes.

Inb4 I get banned because I criticize our Master.


If only we had a scoreboard.


Being bad aside if you are playing solo q, you are pretty much dependent on rest of your team. Havng one person not doing their role well is enough for dooming your team to lose.

The impatience around here is staggering.