Matchmaking is a joke

look, this game is great but im genuinely sick of playing with diamonds. i was 100sr away from gm and got nothing but low diamond games for 2 days. i dont mind the odd diamond game every now and then but i get more diamond games than ones in my own rank. its pathetic.
i know its to shorten dps queue and to be honest i dont care at this point, i dont know what they need to do but they need to do it fast because im sick of my progress meaning nothing


Excuse me, but matchmaking is not a joke, it is broken. Please refer to the list:

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I don’t know if I’d say it’s broken since it seems to be a choice, i just really don’t agree with said choice

LoL if you think you got it bad, try playing with me in bronze. I’m a zero SR player who’s against teams 4x his skill level EVERY GAME.


Matchmaking has been irrevocably ruined by the prevalence of smurf accounts.


They really just need to get some layoffs going.

Would probably draw more viewers than an OWL homestead. Vlog of several of them boxing things up and being escorted off the campus.


Well it certainly is broken. But its better now then it was before 2/2/2 at least now we aren’t getting stuck with 6 DPS


That was never the fault of the matchmaker, though. That was always the fault of poor player choice.


It was because the matchmaker didn’t care if it put 6 DPS mains on the same team or not.

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One thing I notice with the matchmaker… I played Brig for 4 in a row games, won 4… I hadn’t played Brig at all that season (about 100 games into the season)… and I never saw the enemy team have a Brig at all with 100 games played, literally, not exaggerating, enemy team didn’t play her once… on the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th game, the enemy team has a Brig main every game ! Again, I’m not exaggerating.

The same thing happened when I tried it with Widowmaker, I played and won 5 in a row with Widow, popping, enemy team never had 1… then 4 out of the 5 next games the enemy team always had a Widow, who was pretty damn good, literally it was battle of the Widows all game.

I swear that has something to do with the Matchmaker… profile was on private so it wasn’t like enemy team could see my win % with them and decide to mirror me straight away.

Matchmaker is a joke I agree. I hate it because it’s not transparent and tries to force fair matches… competitive shouldn’t be fair.


Lower playerbase = worse matchmaking.

Things will be better with OW2 or if a new hero releases.

For now, try to play during peak hours.


No, it was because 6 people of around the same SR & MMR all chose to play DPS.

The matchmaker cannot be blamed for their choices.

Hmm, i started suspecting something like this recently too.

I picked up Ashe, improved my aim quite a bit. Instead of ranking up… i start noticing the enemy team now has a hit scan with better aim than i ever remember seeing in the past.

Then it hit me… “that player is there to counter me, and make things even”

So, i improved but didn’t rank up. I’m just playing harder games now at the same rank. How hard can you force an even match before every single player is at exactly 50% win rate, and never ranks up or down?


“Things will be better with OW2”

Tbh, I do not think that things will be better with OW2. Instead of fixing and balancing the game, they are just bringing another game or should I say “Addon” and not releasing heroes. Mark my words: If Blizzard do not fix this game or if OW2 will flop, Riot games new shooter game will destroy this game. Overwatch is not even fun to play anymore (since Brig release imo).


Which game is that??

This is in regards to better matchmaking, which if we had a larger and more active playerbase from before then there is no reason why matchmaking wont be better. OW2 is a new release meaning it will bring a heck of a lot of players back to this game so by default matchmaking will be better.

I’m not talking about balancing or all that other stuff, only matchmaking.

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Yep. So if you’re a silver rank player and you perform like a gold or plat in 2 3 games in a row… the matchmaker will then match you against smurfs or people who are the same skill level as you but in the wrong rank. So you’re effectively playing against diamonds/plats but in gold tier. (Example) so you’re basically playing against the next tier or 2 levels above from what your current tier is… so you’re playing at your level but in the wrong tier. That’s why it’s so hard and grindy to rank up. I hope that makes sense. I’ve had a few beers lol. But it’s like a paradox.

I’m diamond. I find gold n plat on my alt the hardest games simply because of the reasons I’ve stated. I dont think the matchmaker is rigged. I dont think it’s broken. I think it’s working as intended. I think its intentions are wrong. Imo. Reason I say that is because games go from 1 extreme to the other too often. I understand the game. I know 1 ult or 1 bad play or 1 bad decision etc can decide a game and theres certain times ts where you get snowballed and you just gotta try to regain control… what I cant stand is the having a team that is all popping and effectively better than the tier they’re in. Then next game it matches you against players who are also better than the tier they’re in. So if you’re in plat and you play like a diamond itll match you vs players who also play like a diamond but are in plat so you’re basically playing a diamond game in plat… should be the other way round. If you’re playing like a diamond in plat it should match you with plat or gold level players. But it doesnt. It tries to make it “fair”.

Apologies for rabittibg on. Gonna go grab another beer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Peak hours are way worse. I get the best games during the week from 12-2pm PST.

To be fair, I think of myself a decent McCree player, those who have watched my stream, probably out of pity since I mention trying to get out of silver, in chat I usually get a, “How are you in silver? Your aim is better then this elo.” Now I’m not saying I can’t improve, as I said they only said my aim is gold tier and I’m fine with that, I make mistakes at times and I certainly need to keep working on myself, but for example my last game before I hopped off for the night in comp.

We play on Rilato, and I play my normal McCree gameplay, just to kind of test the waters, and I find myself just dominating the enemy team and just making picks left and right till we capture the second point, then I start getting pressured more and I start to see the enemy solo ulting me any chance they get, fine, I’ll take the extra heat, but my team still couldn’t do much. We only made it halfway to last point and my team asks what our DPS is doing. I shrug it off, start second round with McCree again and again I’m making picks, but I’m still getting pressured super hard, noticing in a team fight I have multiple enemies targetting me and I keep calling out for heals just for my supports to ignore me and focusing on damaging the enemy. We end up losing and my team doesn’t blame the DPS, they just blame me and say they are reporting me for throwing the match. The enemy team seeing them type that in all chat go, “But he was carrying you? Why are you reporting him?” Card comes up and I have 35% of our team damage, and yet my team is still throwing insults my way.

Now don’t get me wrong, as I said I am not trying to say I’m a GM player, I shouldn’t be there, I just feel like I am starting to get some harder games where I get teammates that don’t have the game sense to realize that, if you have someone on your teammate who is getting focused, you may want to try and keep them in the team fight, even if it is a DPS because it allows the rest of the team to make a play while that one player is getting ganged up on. I will say at least usually when I lose with those teams, I find someone who will say, “Hey McCree, good game, or nice aim.” Those of you who say that, thanks. It certainly makes me feel a bit better after a L.


Lol, I noticed this too, since I play Soldier! :open_mouth: I’m gold and there’s never a Soldier in gold games, ever. I started to win games (one game I had 50 elims and 20k damage), and now suddenly the enemy always has a Soldier, or a hitscan who’s at least 2 times the better aimer than I am. And I start to feel f**ing useless again… :frowning: