Main vs Off Tank Separate Role Q

They’ve kind of done that… Rein being the lone exception. He needs his shield dropped to 1400, maybe even 1200…

How would that work if having a barrier will always be better than not having one?

There’s 4 [5 if you count Hammond] tanks that can be ran as main tanks.

Not Reinhardt or Wrecking Ball.

That’s I think the eventual goal. No saying how easy it will be, especially since the playerbase tends to gravitate to building their own metas, anyway.

WB is definitely in the middle, Rein needs his shield dropped, then it will work. They didn’t nerf his shield enough tbh.

I’d use the term Anchor tanks instead of Main tanks. It gives more the impression that a Tank is capable of initiating an engagement than Main Tank.

This is fair and understandable, but we can only hope that they manage to hit a good balance at some point. I can’t imagine the task of balancing is as easy as the dev team wants it to be or as easy as we think it is.

I seriously, honestly don’t think they try. They stir the pot. They deliberately dump the previous leader and make another hero deliberately meta every so often.


Thank you so much for the response! I definitely agree but wanted to get opinions on it, so thank you so much on giving your input, it’s great to hear from a dev on this subject.


Now this thread will blow up XD

You’re definitely free to think what you like. :slight_smile: I won’t argue with that. And I also won’t argue that all of their balance choices have been totally great. But as someone who’s taken classes and done student projects to design games (I have a degree in Game Art & Animation), it’s worlds more difficult than I think some people realize to design and balance and implement everything developers would likely like to.

I honestly did not expect Jeff himself to reply, I’m legit shaking from excitement lol

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I think that using 2 off tanks is viable, but problem is you gotta have more of a cautious approach of going in and out more often, because you don’t have enough damage mitigation to engage and stay for longer, that’s is disadvantageous because the game has a timer to accomplish the objective, so using an Anchor Tank or Barrier Tank buys you time to stall the objective, but if we had more time for off tank duos to work or more utility to destroy the barrier faster or Barriers gave less sustain time advantage, off-tank duos would be more viable.

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No question about that, I have to agree.

Role lock, hero pools and map pools are interesting mechanics for OWL that bled their way into ladder play.

The game would be in a much better state if those rules were OWL/Contenders only. Maybe Competitive, because that’s where you are supposed to mirror tournament rules, but definitely QP should had been excluded from it, like they excluded it from hero and map pools.

I’m all in for adding more strict ruling for OWL, because those are pre-made teams that are training together for months, they can adapt to the new rules to shake the meta.

Ladder just want to play the heroes they like and see how far they go on the ranks based on that.

I’ve definitely have had times when two off tanks have worked given at least one stayed with the team and acted as more of a protector. But I’ve also had times where both are trying to flank on their own, given I’ve had main tanks do that too

Hello Jeff wouldn’t any easier way to ease que times would maybe be to relax the parameters for how a fair match is found? Also would it be possible in the begging of a match say one person leaves can’t we just insert someone who’s been waiting in the que right away instead of restarting the whole process?

Yeah, it is viable, but as a major strategy Shields or Tanks that are good at engagements initiation and kills set ups (like Winston and Ball) are more prone to be meta in organized competitive teams.

jeffy daddy could you give us some insight or opinion about Moira? do you think she’s fine where she is?

So about moving Mei to the Tank role then…

Wouldn’t that reduce the time?

(She practically is a Tank)

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