[Main Thread] Overwatch 2 crashes after a couple of minutes

YUP thats the same powershell error iam getting!!! ok i’ll try giving full access to EVERYONE in that folder

Sorry to hear Overwatch still crashes after several minutes after you start playing it. We have received multiple reports of similar problems from players who have CPUs with 2 cores / 4 threads. So it is quite possible you are experiencing the same issue. It is currently under investigation and is being discussed in the following thread on our forums: [Main Thread] Game freezing with Intel i3 / Dual core CPUs - #553 by Jambrix
Hopefully it won’t take too long for our QA/Dev teams to identify and fix the problem. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

This is what support told me

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I did the filename.bat command, it launches the game, asks for the email & password inside the game, but still crashes. anybody have the same problem?

I can’t even finish one game tonight. Goodness…

try using ggos, it workd for mE

Same problem here, still unplayable

guys I finaly got it to work!

i did 3 steps what fixed the problem at my side. First I updated my bios to the newest version.

the second thing I did was, go to windows update, advance options, optional updates, and installed the windows update. (version 22h2)

the last step I did was updating all my razer apps.

after doing this my crashing issues got solved. I’m not sure this will also work for you guys, but it did for me.

I’m on a ryzen 9, and a RTX 3080.

My game freezes after 5 some minutes. now i got banned from season. i never quit for purpose.

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Fortnite has the same exact problem for me and since there support team has time to respond to tickets they are trying to fix it for me on fortnite and the fix should work for overwatch. ima post the fix once they can figure it out.

The first time I got the -75% xp debuff, I just started playing with AI to test my fixes. Just so what your are describing wouldnt happen.

I have iCue and tried uninstalling it, it didnt help.

funny thing is there still are some syntax errors there , like i have to put a forward slash in front of overwatch.exe in order for the script to work

windows uses backslashes for paths.

Can you please make it simple? get rid of everything except for Launch and Game settings preservation?

the whole functionality of the script stays the same, i just added a first start experience.

and I still can’t get that powershell thing to run

that’s a user issue kind sir, the only reason i used powershell there was to run the game as another user without the annoying password prompt.

Can you please make it simple? get rid of everything except for Launch and Game settings preservation?

that’s literally what it is. just moved the settings to another file lol.
why don’t you stop being so entitled and do it yourself?
i shared a script completely free of charge and you’re complaining like if i were blizzard…
you can always use my old script i posted earlier or go to revisions in the gist to find the same thing.

Fun hypothesis on what causing this “crash” and why creating new user helps:

  • Blizzard includes paranoid anti-cheat Byfron
  • Anti-cheat is being tripped by literally breathing at it: RGB keyboard resident, NVidia Experence, discord overlay
  • Anti-cheat marks your user as sus
  • Anti-cheat intentionally crashes the game in 3-5 minutes :slight_smile:

That’s why new user works, but only once

Long version:

I am also experiencing that problem and what striked me as odd is that I always get the same stacktrace:

EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION executing 0xffffffffffffffff

which doesn’t look like an regular access violation at all. By doing some websearch I found that Byfron may indeed force crash

Again, it is only my speculations, but it has some confirmations. Plus since the launch has also several more bugs, this can be the reason for only part of the folks


have you figured out a fix to this, I think I might be having the same issue because my specs are 100% enough I have a ryzen 5 5600x and a 3070

For anybody still experiencing this issue I can confirm it’s directly related to Byfron (the new anti-cheat component they implemented). This is why when the game “crashes” you don’t see any event in the windows event viewer, because the game isn’t actually “crashing”. Byfron is closing the game because something on your system triggered one of it’s many heuristics. I suspect in my case it’s happening because I use the IOT enterprise edition of Windows and something about this version Byfron doesn’t like.

I can only hope Blizzard works with their 3rd party vendor and actually tries to resolve these false positives.


My game crashes for no reason and now i’m suspended for leaving, I’ve nerver left a single game on purpose… Blizzard fix your game, honestly.

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same dude I can’t even get it to launch. Crashes on startup

I knows whats the problem is
try set your Frame rate to “automatic” in setting → Video
this method fix me

Changing settings does not do anything. Performance is not the reason for crashes. I have a perfectly good system ryzen 5 3600 / 2070s which runs this game with ease. Never had this problem with OW, or OW2 beta…its literally happened since OW2 fully released. It is a problem on their end. I’ve monitored task manager and nothing is spiking. Clearly a database error or something with their new anticheat needing a few tweaks.

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Why the game Crashes for many of you:

Overwatch 2 uses a new anti-reverse engineering protection known as “Byfron.”
But because that protection is so new, it causes “false positives” for some users.

The crash happens because “Byfron” thinks falsely you are “illegally” modifying the game and crashes your game after 1-5 minutes. Byfron will then ban your “SID” which is the main reason you can’t play anymore without crashing.

I know this sounds completely stupid to believe but this is actually the reason why I and 4 of my friends with the same issue weren’t able to play anymore, even tho we never cheated in this game.

So, how can you fix this:

You can read more about how to fix that at my thread here:
[FIX] Do this if your Game crashes

I hope I could help you with it, have fun playing :slight_smile: