[Main Thread] Overwatch 2 crashes after a couple of minutes

The password is whatever you set as password, you need to create the account first.
Open an command prompt as administrator and type:

net localgroup administrators USERNAME /add

Replace “username” and “password” with a name and password of your choosing.

then as Xinzzz wrote above, you can run overwatch with the “runas” command and never have to actually switch to that new user account.

You can simply add the “runas” command to your battle.net shortcut, be it on your desktop or in your startmenu, this way you don’t have to enter your overwatch login in overwatch since it can launch from battlenet.

For this, find the battle.net or overwatch launcher shortcut, right click → properties
Find the text field labled “Target”, it should contain the path to battle.net.
Paste this before the path, and add a whitespace between the end of your username and the beginning of the path that was already there:

runas /savecred /user:USERNAME

Where “USERNAME” is the username of the new user you created.

Mine still crashes unfortunately.

Why would creating a new user fix the crashing. This makes no sense lol.

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Now I’m suspended for 15 minutes and have time to rip on blizzard. How many crashes do I get before I get perma-banned from this crapshow of a buggy game launch? This is twice now, that the game has completely frozen since I started playing it a few days ago. The first time it froze was when I was previewing a skin in the hero gallery. Then again just now when a competitive match was loaded.

This is utter bull crap that you are enforcing such a long suspension on a unstable game, full of bugs.

I’ve been playing other games during this period with zero stability issues. I am running stock clocks on all of my hardware and all my temperature probes are reporting good temps. The rest of my system remains responsive and I can simply kill the game from task manager and re-launch. I also have not updated anything, OS or drivers on my system that could have caused a change in stability.

A crash a new program is acceptable, the competitive penalties for your shortcomings in testing and development is infuriating!

I still have 1:30 left in the suspension, so I’ll keep going… and give you even more of an eye full of my disdain for this lame and incredibly sloppy excuse of a game launch.

This is spaghetti code excuse of a “AAA” game is not the blizzard standard. It is really telling about the state of the team and lax-quality that has come about since jeff kaplan left. I hope your execs see this too and realize how big they messed up by rewriting the entire game just to put a number 2 on the logo and a few GUI updates, while the content all remains the same.

This is so half-baked it staggers the mind, it was a very bad idea to push this when it’s underlying engine won’t be needed until PvE content and skill trees are added. This is not the blizzard standard.

You wouldn’t even be reading this if you hadn’t imposed unfair penalties inside of a beta release game…and yes, this is still beta when compared to the traditional reputation of your company.

Ok guys here is the solution

i have tried this with a multiple friends that they got the same problem i am talking about FREEZING and specially CRASHING without error and it seems to work and been tested for 24 hours and they still can run the game , what happening is that we don’t know what is the causes of this issue even with high spec PC so definitely it’s not hardware issue it’s a program or a file or an extension that keep crashing the game and we can’t find it yet so what we did is a simple method that WINDOWS 10 provide it to us i am talking about Reinstall Windows

By Resetting PC and should not take more than 30 minutes, take a note that it will delete all files that didn’t come with windows 10 so if you want to save something save it before doing these steps :

NOTE : i have tried this with 4 of my friends and it worked it might not fix the issue you have but i will say %70 it will , also i am not technical i am just trying to solve this issue and it worked, you need to BACK UP your device before doing any reset to insure there is nothing going worng also i encourage you to watch YT tutorials

1- Type and search [Reset this PC] in the Windows search bar, then click [Open]

2- Click [Get started]

3- Select [Keep my files]

4- Select [Local reinstall]

5- Once the process is complete, Windows will show you a list of Applications that are going to be removed from your computer and it will also save a List of Removed Applications on your desktop

6- Follow the remaining on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

Once the process is completed, your computer should be free of all glitches and problems that you were experiencing.

I wouldn’t call that a solution. That’s what I would call a headache. I can’t believe this is still an issue since at least October 5th.

I managed to play this game when I first installed it for a good 3 hours with no problems, however next time I started the PC to play, I couldn’t even get into a match without the game Alt+F4’ing itself after a few minutes.

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7 days since I posted and I’m still having the same issue, the game literally freezes and there’s nothing you can do about it. PLEASE FIX, BLIZZARD!

OMG blizzard pls i tried everhting now and still have the issues !!! it crashes 10 times in placements so i hope i dont get on bronze or i get banned i dont now !!! we do all the stuff what blizzard page said and have still issues so pls hel the people who paid 4 the game and cant play it.

Thanks a lot for your time, it’s been working quite nicely for a bit, had a few crashes here and there but usually fixed after rebooting the pc.
Still i’m wondering, is there any way to start the game with DirectX11 with that method by any chance ?

My laptop is getting old and dx11 definitely helps me having a tiny bit more FPS.

Kitty’s method allows to launch bnet as another user, which therefore launches OW as that user, but it doesn’t prevent the crashes for a reason i’m ignoring.

Didn’t do further testing, but it looks like launching the game without bnet is part of the equation.

This thread has 7.9K views but still hasnt been fixed. Shows how much they care

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What about this one…

Do someone have Corsair Icue 4 Software downloaded? Im not sure if that might be causing something

Finally got it to work!! the initial one which @Duxe posted where you have to rename the file to “filename.bat” works beautifully , been playing for an hour, no crashes.
Just dont’ do what others are telling to , making net user account or whatever. This script of his already makes the user, it doesn’t remove it though you need to do it urself by going into “user accounts” in Windows settings - the only issue I am facing now is the game settings , they dont get saved. The second one @duxe posted on Github is just messed up , I dont know what was he thinking :stuck_out_tongue: first one was simple and second one is just as difficult to understand. Can you please just get rid of everything else such as “drag the overwatch.exe to this window” i mean come on who needs that!!! I still couldn’t figure it out so i just deleted that whole part and simply kept the OWPATH= \game path where the exe is// funny thing is there still are some syntax errors there , like i have to put a forward slash in front of overwatch.exe in order for the script to work , and many minor stuff here and there which need to be fixed, and I still can’t get that powershell thing to run. It clearly seems it was rushed out terribly :stuck_out_tongue:
Can you please make it simple? get rid of everything except for Launch and Game settings preservation? we dont need that CLEAR or CONFIG change or DRAGGING EXE’s To CMD window and everything else. Just the first script + settings pls if you read this. I am going to go look up how powershell works later, right now i guess i’ll just fire up the original “filename.bat” and run the game again and do the settings once more.

i have iCUE, synapse, steelseries GG, MSI mystic darn light, NZXT CAM and all the m0ronic stuff you could ever imagine :stuck_out_tongue: they are running always and i also use MSI afterburner , so no its not because of any of that, game was working fine couple of days back and it should even now, its just this new anti cheat thing burfon or whatever which is not properly implemented, it gets paranoid whenever the PC does something in the background and triggers an anti-cheat thing which kicks you out.

Tried this but keeps saying “Access Denied” inside the cmd Prompt, so it never starts running the game. I run the bat as admin but still, same Error message.

Start-Process : This command cannot be executed due to the following error: Access denied.
In line:1 character:1
+ Start-Process -FilePath 'D:\Spiele\Overwatch\_retail_\Overwatch.exe' ...
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (:) [Start-Process], InvalidOperationException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : InvalidOperationException,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.StartProcessCommand

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Launched the bat as Admin Permissions but still get “Access Denied”. Kinda weird?

Start-Process : This command cannot be executed due to the following error: Access denied.
In line:1 character:1
+ Start-Process -FilePath 'D:\Spiele\Overwatch\_retail_\Overwatch.exe' ...
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (:) [Start-Process], InvalidOperationException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : InvalidOperationException,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.StartProcessCommand

The filepath where Overwatch is downloaded does not have permission

But how can I change that?

Go into overwatch folder and right click on the folder and then properties, go to security and set on full access