[Main Thread] Not receiving League Tokens/Drops

I have watched over probably over 16 hours of the League finals the last two days and have not received any tokens. I have my Battle.Net account linked to my youtube account and it feels like hours have been wasted, logging in to OverWatch to see I have not received any League tokens at all.


Same, I have watched around 17 hours but it gave me only 35 tokens and 3 skins for watching three hours.


I had the same problem both day 1 and day 2, yesterday 9hours stream watched all (can see it on YouTube the red bar under videos is complete) but only 20 tokens. Missing 5 hours of watchtime


i have watched like 17 hours and havent recived anny tokens or skins. and yes, every ting is connected, i have tripple checked every thing, bot on YT and battlenet


I got the same problem. I watch every stream full time on the official OWL page, with green dot all the time and on youtube app connected to blizzard but I got like 20 tokens.
I do not know what to do. I really want all the Skins at the end…


I watched the full thing Sunday and maybe 4 hours yesterday and I have not received any tokens or skins for any of it. I have all my accounts linked but I’m not getting any rewards for this


be careful you’re not watching it on the tv youtube app since that doesn’t give any drops. that being said i haven’t received anything either, i hope they come through and actually reward their viewers as promised


I’ve been watching all of the games off the Overwatch League website and I always make sure I’m logged in before the matches

Same i’ve watched all the OWL streams on youtube with the Connected Diamond thingi and got so few for 17 hours watched i don’t want them to be wasted please i get it which proves that its connected but its so less

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same with me. i lost +12 hours of farm and i’m stacked in 180 tokens and not reciving the new skins


Same. No progress has been made at all today and yesterday didn’t give out hardly anything despite being glued to the cast from 2pm to about 10pm.

what browser are yall using, ive switched from opera to chrome because a buddy of mine said that may be the issue but nothing still
ive been watching with sound and on a second monitor so its not minimized and have yet to get anything. been watching since halfway thru sunday if i dont get anything ill be upsetty spaghetti

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this explains it for you guys…:slight_smile: so dont worry. you all will get it :slight_smile:


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Thanks Th3Prime.
I think bliz needs to change the “tokens may take up to 48 hours to claim” info away and stop all the confusion.

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Classic blizzard incompetent to fix issue since June. I watched around +25hours and only got rewards from watching 6 hours and some tokens. If i dont get remaining rewards after 15th, i’ll be very unhappy :unamused:


I don’t feel like the event tracked correctly had owl on phone all week only got the 12 hour rewards is there a way to check on your watch time or something?

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15th of November it’ll be delivered

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Hope so as well to get all the gray skins and stuff cause I watched the entire playoffs since day 1 started and watched the whole Grand finals what an amazing game.


Why are we getting sporadic tokens here and there? If this were the case, wouldn’t we get none and then all of them on the 15th? Even if that’s true, something is broken on Blizzard’s end bc I got about a 1/4 of my tokens.

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