[Main Thread] Not receiving League Tokens/Drops

I haven’t received any for the past 2 days

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5 tokens per hour is pretty wack too

I mean what do we accomplish with that?

I haven’t gotten any lmfao, I have no idea, but people keep saying it’s November 15th. I don’t know how some people even get their rewards early

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I am currently missing 6 skins - Soujourn, Kiriko, Queen, Echo, Sigma, Bap

After 15 hours I already had Cassidy but not pharah and echo missing the rest especially the three new heroes too

So, this is my first time watching OWL since it moved away from twitch. I watched every day during the playoffs. I tried linking two different google accounts, watching on the overwatch league website and youtube, and using two different browsers. I got nothing. No skins or tokens.

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Started watching the steams 2 days late, easily watched over 20 hours. Not a single token nor drop. Hundreds of people also having the same issue if not thousands, 100% accounts are linked and made sure i was watching the correct live. Nada, not a thing has been rewarded too my account. But we all know blizzard, they give absolutely no f**ks. I mean look at them advertising the 3000 feldrake as a twitch drop. They probably wont even give it to you , and then say well its your fault.

No tokens, no skins, nothing.

Account linked, diamond showed up, have received OWL tokens before with the exact same setup. Site not muted.


Same. I’ve been getting about 1/4 of my tokens and then for finals I got none. The bad news is that if they don’t catch us up, there’s nobody to talk to about getting them back and there’s no tracker to show to support (if there were any). All we can do is hope.

Hello, I watched the latest playoffs of the Overwatch league like I always did and I didn’t received my tokens since. It’s been over 48 hours now since I watched the first stream. Also, I usually receive the tokens within 24 hours. I hope the bug will be fixed for everyone


I came here with the same issue.

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I’ve watched every single hour of OWL content since the beginning of these playoffs. Probably around 25 hours at this point. Still only have 67 tokens. I started with around 12 I think. Definitely missing a lot of tokens.


same problem

I have no idea why this is a recurring problem with them.

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I am having this issue too. I have linked accounts and watched every minute of the playoffs and got 0 rewards so far.


Day 4 streaming the events non stop while i play and work… still have not seen one token on my account. Ive read Bliz cant do anything about people not receiving missing tokens. I hope im not wasting my bandwith for no good reason.

Ive linked all my acounts, checked, double checked and triple checked its all set up correctly.
Skins really are rough to earn in OW2…

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This was seriously the most frustrating experience trying to get rewards a game made seem straight forward on getting. Did the team that set it up even try collecting the rewards for themselves to see how annoying it was to check if it was even working right?

did anyone receive any tokens? I have yet to get any for the past 2 days.

had owl on for 5 hours, no skins, only 5 tokens. account is connected, whats wrong???


Almost all of the ‘rewards’ are not even in the game. The spray is not in game, the player icons are also not in game. How can we get anything if the rewards are literally not able to even be viewed?

Edit: Watched all day only received 5 tokens once, definitely broken as usual.