OWL Token Drops

i am in utter confusion of how OWL token drops work. The Stream today went well over 7 hours of play, just games. How is it that 30 token were only rewarded. Are they from yesterday stream. Because i sat through the entire stream yesterday and was only gifted for the one hour mark of 5


You are not the only one, me my friend and this dude from blizzard forums [Main Thread] Not receiving League Tokens/Drops all have the same issue.

well. i havent recived annything, and every thing is connected and tripple checked it to be shoure. i watched 17 h of the league. absolutly noting recived


From the Overwatch League Perks website:

" In-game items and Perks will appear in your account on or after November 15, 2022."

I’m not sure about tokens, but this definitely applies to the skins.

But why do some people are already receiving skins and tokens while others do not?

That’s the part that worries me.


I wasn’t aware of the fact that people are already getting skins. Hopefully they keep track of watch time internally and are just having issues dispersing the rewards. That’s a little too hopeful though

If you click on the topic CP43 posted, he has already gotten 3 skins and tokens but less than what the has watched in hours…:S

also make sure you’re not watching it on TV youtube. It has to be on a mobile or PC I think.

every one is suposed to get all the rewards around november 15. so dont worry, you will get them.


If other people are getting coins, then DO worry. They won’t fix it after the fact if it’s not counting you.

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I switched my google account and I’m wondering if there a down time on when I can receive rewards on the new account because I’ve watch over 20hrs of live streams at this point and still don’t have the tokens or skins, I’m connected to my YouTube and I’m wondering if this is happening to anyone else?


And it’s been three days

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I am the same. I’ve gone on holidays to Eu for a month and have, at great personal expense, made sure that I have been at home to turn on my streams. Many times I’ve been home from sight seeing early and for the first three nights even slept on the couch to make sure each stream (for my partner and I, on two different laptops) was uninterrupted.

We have even been sure to watch each stream fully, twice when the encores have been aired as weren’t getting tokens.

Some promotional skins have been awarded, some have not, there’s no indication that grand finals rewards have been proceeded, or even on their way. This is the most unsettling part. There should be a way to know that your rewards are coming rather than being blind to the process.

One morning all 1,200 of my owl tokens disappeared for 2 hours.

I would like to believe that everything will be rectified by 15 November but I haven’t received any rewards in almost four days.

Is there any word from blizzard about why?


Obviously not, as there is any word about skins not shared on all platforms of the Waypoint, or the free skin given away on Xbox last week that has not been unlocked in-game (to anyone, apparently)

Edit: I correct myself, it looks like a moderator said they are investigating (in the other thread)

so i have 175 owl tokens but i have only received skins upto the 18 hour mark its just a matter of time before the other skins unlock i think 15th of nov is when the bonus rewards start appearing.

And have now recognised it as a critical Issue. Patch is delayed until fixed. Good job Blizzard and OW2 teams.

I still haven’t received my cosmetics watched 30+ hours got until 12 hour mark skins and until 26 hours of tokens


15th of november has passed and ive not has anything either

ive only received a bit of my rewards and didnt get the rest even after watching the owl and some of the encore and nowthe thunder doomfist skin isbackk and i dont wanna play league tokens when i have them just havent received them

Yes, one week after they said we will be getting them, and I received the Junker Queen spray today and that’s it. Still missing skins and league tokens from anything over 9 hours of watching and watched the ENTIRE thing from beginning to end plus some encore of good matches. Can’t get anything in League store because I am waiting on tokens. WTF Blizz get your head out of your azz and give it out.