Linux port for overwatch

Players will often do a web search about a certain subject. Try searching WyomingMyst on Google sometime and see how many random forum threads show up in the top listings.

Sometimes players will refer to my Developer Post Archives and find older threads as well.

sneaks back into the government facility, location [UKNOWN]

Blizzard forums are highly optimized for web searches, especially for long-tail keyword searches.

And I don’t think people look at the date when they click on search results, they just read some posts and reply.

The date is displayed right underneath the the last post. Surely they should see it before replying

What people don’t understand is necrobumping is a thing.

Well it could also be some players are bored and decided how far back they can necro a thread, and how many people will reply before realizing the thread is older than Jesus.

It could be a drinking game! Necro a thread, and the number of genuine replies before someone calls out the necro gets a shot each.

I need oxygen from laughing so hard…

I bet you are one of those people who installs Linux so they can emulate Windows…

I don’t think there is any standard rule upon Necrobumping. But I consider 1 month too long and is Necrobumping.

I seen threads shutdown earlier then that though here on the Overwatch forums and was considered “Necrobumping”