Linux port for overwatch

i realy think should be linux port for Overwatch becaseu there going come time when windows goes away people tired windows come time when they look down there platform so you only get stuff form windows store i realy think dev team should look into more look valve what there doing they know linux is going be desktop for gaming dont tell linux no good for gaming there lot gaming for linux just people dont give try windows 10 just so bad if you would give suport linux would love you let people would buy your game i would buy other copy if we get linux support just please


Christ dude use punctuation. This was so hard to read.

That said right now you can run overwatch on Linux right now via Lutris. This was the early october build of the game. There is a subtle microstutter but its perfectly playable. I will test it again once the november build launches.

Also the sound works perfectly. I am just an idiot and forgot to set OBS to the proper audio recording so it didnt record.


im not best spell but my point there going have to do at one point.
becaseu windows going shutdown there platform soon later the rights is on wall becaseu look at valve what there doing

The issue with overwatch is that they chose to make it using directx which is windows proprietary. Porting it over would be a massive amount of work compared to if they were to have used opengl or vulcan.

Yes windows is slowly becoming a closed os and yes they appear to be trying to make it so that the windows store is the only place to get software. However the odds of this happening is super low and by then overwatch most likely wont even be a thing anymore

How’s the frame rate, i.e. what’s your setup if you don’t mind me asking? Is 144hz stable possible on good h/w?

The big issue with non-native OW (and other PvP games) on Linux is that it can’t just run well… it has to run perfectly otherwise I can’t be bothered tbh. Just load up in Windows via dual boot as always.

I use a 7700k and a gtx 1070.

Framerate is between 100-160 usually.
Id say the average is around 120fps. This is huge since the august build had the game constantly dropping to less than 10fps every fight. A consistent 144fps is quickly becoming a reality and i would say we should be at that point by christmas

Thanks! Guessing that’s CPU limited?

To be honest i am not sure. There really isnt a benchmarker in linux to tell me what percent cpu and gpu i am using. There is one for amd but the nvidia one got discontinued.

If i had to guess i would say gpu since it translated directX into vulkan or opengl in real time

No, usually Wine run games are CPU limited. You can read more about it here: Performance - WineHQ Wiki

If you don’t know, you can check by increasing/decreasing the resolution (and nothing else) and seeing if it has a noticeable effect on performance. If it does, then it’s probably GPU.

Anyways, I was just curious because I have a better GPU than you. Thanks for the other info!

I have tested at different render scales and smaller ones do net a boost. However it was minor so i really couldnt tell if one was holding back the other.

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if they realy care about still make games they port game to linux that goes for every big company becaseu windows slow become close platform for sure and give other 2 years the way thing are going

Microsoft are most certainly NOT going to shut down their platform.

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Linux users account for only 0.7% if the home PC userbase. Porting a game made with DirectX over would be too much work for not enough profit. They are a business first. They would target MacOS since they have a much higher userbase

IIRC PS4 doesn’t actually have DirectX but does have API very similar for relatively straightforward porting from PC… not sure if that means Windows API functions also have an analogue on PS4 or if that part takes a bit of work by the devs.

For Linux + MacOS (really the same effort honestly, games-wise) I dunno if it’d be more efficient to just fund the Wine devs or re-write for Vulkan / OpenGL… Either way, it’s pretty clear it’s not a priority for them. I do think they could pull in a small additional playerbase with an official MacOS version… I know some people play WoW on Mac only and don’t dualboot.

Not sure if you noticed but MacOS is depreciating OpenGL and it doesnt natively support vulcan. They are trying to push their own APi “Metal”

umm…likely not gonna happen.
There is a reason 99.9% of games are made for windows and mac and linux dont get near that kind of support.

at worst it would just be left w/o future updates and then be cracked for ppl to use 3rd party updates. (doubt this will happen in next 30years)

Linux (and its penguin mascot) are good, but windows isnt goign naywhere anytime soon.

Pretty much this

Windows has such a strong hold on the userbase at the moment and even if they start doing things such as spying on you, forced updates, and downloading stuff from the windows store (against your will) and deleting it redownloads it later on will not make many people leave. Linux is good and very easy to use, however the image is that it is not easy to use at all with poor software support.

Some may move to Mac but again it also has poor game support. I would argue worse than linux currently. But most stay on windows

A linux port isn’t really needed. If you have a dgpu to spare you can use KVM and VT-D (iommu passthrough). If you feel bold, you can use the WINE stuff and work with them to support the game. Really, if there isn’t a dedicated Mac port, I don’t think there is going to be a dedicated Linux port (barring leaning on the work Valve did with steam games, but I just don’t see that happening with a Blizzard title at least for now)

I am actually in the process of trying to get steam proton to work via lutris to try to make overwatch run better. I doubt it will work but if it does I will post an update

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Cool! I hope that works out well. It would be super awesome to use my linux box for OW.