Linux port for overwatch

The C# key would be too OP. Needs Nerf.

But running Overwatch with emulator layers (like Wine, PlayOnLinux, Lutris) is bannable? Because i would like to play Overwatch on Linux, and start to ditch Windows

look a few posts up my dude. its not bannable

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I hope so, i kinda fear the ban.
BTW should i use Debian or CentOS? I plan to use MaXX Desktop (IRIX Desktop Environment recreation) or Window Maker (NeXTstep Environment) anyway

I read that it isn’t supposed to be bannable, but those that were getting banned can appeal and have it reversed.

Thsoe getting banned on windows emulators is unintended. if you got banned you can appeal and have it reversed.

Lutris can run OW now using DXVK, but sadly it seems overwatch cheating system is detecting it and banning players for cheating.

To be fair its pretty rare. Ive yet to be banned and ive only heard of two cases of said banning happening. They were able to get unbanned

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Ehm… Don’t underestimate them ;o

They essentially did that with the launch of the xbox one.

There’s a million other things they do that annoy people to no end hehe.

I can’t say I know many people who don’t hold some kind of grudge against Microsoft, for me that would be(among others) “age of empires: online.”
They really botched that one and took it down, without the option to play it offline, it’s just gone forever ^^
Including your money spent.

P.s., despite the name, making it available offline shouldn’t have been much of an issue, it was in essence still an age of empires game.

you should consider making a low rez version of Overwatch. Made to look something like StarFox (SNES) or Virtual Fighter (Sega). this would increase the player base and make Linux support easier :slight_smile:

lynx 17 confirmed :v

What about macOS?
You already have BattleNet there. Only need to update your code to work with Metal

What about Mac? Any news on that? You guys have a history of realizing on Macs, but choose not to now for some reason.

I learned a hard lesson about Blizzard on the Windows platform.

I didn’t get banned, nor any type of disciplinary action.

What I did get was some insight in how the “Warden” program works.

I have three computers at home with Overwatch installed. All of them had installed on them, but only 2 had ever run the program. The last computer had the program installed and exited but never run again.

Somehow each of the three accounts that play on each computer were given the cease and desist email regarding It makes sense for the two computers that ran but the final account is a mystery.

Obviously the Warden anti cheat software was doing 1 of 2 things it should not have been doing. Either it was snooping around my hard drive, or it was cataloging my registry. Neither of these is allowed within the Terms of Service or End User License Agreement.

This infraction was where the last bit of trust I had with Blizzard was eliminated. My decision moving forward is that I will continue to stay with Blizzard, as long as I can utilize a Linux OS. Blizzard can watch my RAM all day long if they want. Now that I know their software is criminally intrusive I will no longer use their software on a Windows platform.

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You make quite a leap there…
all 3 computers would have the same IP/location for starters so it’s possible it wasn’t snooping/searching

I’d be interested to know where in the ToS of EULA it says that and/or Overwatch won’t check for unsanctioned software?

We still want linux port, may be a 4 year old game now but blizzard could make huge strides forward in the gaming industry by making their wonderful game open and available to casual linux users. We have overwatch one the xbox one, ps4, windows, and the dang switch. I for one would be willing to open up my wallet and pay another $70 for a 4 year old game

:nail_care: Hush linux users. The only people who use that OS are hackers and dark shadowy government people. Construct a gaming pc using widows and keep your hacking tool on your personal computer.

who still uses linux

You would be surprised

Yaaas lets revive this once dead thread! Honestly how do y’all find these?