Linux port for overwatch

Well I will give an update within 24 hours

any sane person should avoid that :expressionless:
any company that makes it hard/impossible to maintain your onw PC w/o paying “official” ppl to do it for you should never be encouraged.

you need to rememebr that Apple has (and iirc are doign again) soldered RAM into motherboards.

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Why i used the word “some”

I agree with avoiding macs. However some of the less savy people will look at the image of macs as virus proof, simple to use, and doesnt slow down. The will pay just for that alone. Others are under the impression that they must have one in order to be good at music, photo, or video editing. They are sadly just misinformed

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Ok under further testing it is definitely the CPU holding it back.

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Actually they really don’t have to do anything for Linux. The Linux community is perfectly capable of getting things to run on their platform, which are not natively running there.

And Windows will not loose its overwhelming market share on operating system over night. There is nothing that needs to be done here.

GUYS!!! I got it working in Proton!!! Holy crap this is huge!!! I gotta record a video ASAP. Holy crap the microstutters of the previous builds are gone! I am about to do a quick play test now. If it works then the linux version is just as viable as the windows one

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I’m curious why OW isn’t on OSX. Most of their titles are on that platform. Linux would be great too but Blizzard hasn’t ported to any of the game to that platform. It would be great too see Starcraft & OW on Linux someday.

BEHOLD!!! Steam Proton Linux Overwatch in all its glory!!! This is the best version on Linux yet and I am the first to figure it out and post it. Mwahahahahaahahha


I assume they are referring to Microsoft discontinuing support for win7 ( I do believe they are going to continue support for a monthly fee if I recall correctly lol)

And a lot of people don’t like win10 and refuse to use it so…

Ah, reminds me of the good old days when Microsoft announced they were dropping support for Windows XP. So many people were against it, but honestly as a Win10 user, I much prefer it to Win7. It has a few oddities you have to learn but otherwise it’s a stellar OS which is planned to be continually updated and supported for the foreseeable future.

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I use it to and have no issues, but each person has their own preferences.

XP heck I still remember every one freaking about how all the computers would shut down when the old calendar rolled over to the year 2000 lmao

Good old Y2K bug. I remember how adament I was about not wanting to give up my floppy disks.

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Meanwhile I was watching Nickelodeon and they were telling us to blow up a paper bag, make a wish, and pop it at midnight. Good times

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Still not good enough for me (I’m picky…) but thanks for the update! Only watched a couple mins of the vid, but btw if you haven’t already set it you need to disable mouse accel on Linux. By default it’s enabled, same as Windows. If you did set that already, maybe there’s some weird input lag still (which you might have mentioned later in the vid, apologies if so).

Don’t follow the Mac world and didn’t know this. That’s sad… just when some game devs seemed to be getting on board with Vulkan, too. Making the split with *nix is not going to encourage devs to develop games for Mac… they already have to deal with PC/Mobile/Xbox/PS.

Not to turn this into a Win7 vs Win10 discussion… but there can be driver and legacy program compatibility issues. For ex, old MS webcams that work on 7 but not 10 lol. I’ve also noticed a disturbing number of under-the-hood-hidden-from-the-end-user errors in the logs of installs. And any kind of tinkering will more often than not cause Cortana/Start Menu to permanently **** its pants beyond the point of diagnostic tool recovery, requiring a fresh user account. But otherwise, yeah it’s by-and-large the better O/S IMO.

if you dont think going happen your not look at bigger picture they will lock down there platform why do you think valve make such big push for all game be able to play linux microsoft slow make push you wont see till hit you trust me

As long as software can be distributed to paying customers there is no problem for Blizzard here.

What gain would Microsoft have by not allowing Blizzard titles to run on their operating system?

becaseu they want control how every thing is they want make cut what you make if you look microsoft history you would know what talk about same way what apple try do with laptop just microsoft doing with software

Why would you want Linux?

If windows didn’t come preinstalled in so many prebuilt PCs since so long, that would’ve helped.
But I am glad Valve is pushing more and more to help Linux. Hopefully one day it’ll grow big enough to have all games natively running.

becaseu linux is future of gaming as said befor becaseu micrsoft is going lock down there platform it only matter time becaseu they want be gate keeps of all softer this why valve push is hard they can becasue gabe knows what micrsoft is up to he knows going happen this why blizzard should take page valve book suport linux they would gain lot happy people heck i would buy other copy overwatch just for that all the other comapy that dont support linux will be going crazy when micrsoft lock down there platform no can download softer where form any where else it will happen